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The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Syav -

You read comics from the newspaper.
The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Last post by Syav -
Call later. 
The Lounge / Re: What have you just eaten or drunk?
Last post by Syav -
Tea .
The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
Last post by Syav -
9:22 pm
DnD Central / Terrorist OK from America re Google?? Weird
Last post by rjhowie -
It seems that Google does not object to sellers of Provisional  IRA sweatshirts, etc  as that lot are not listed as a terrorist organisation in the USA.. Kind of mind blowing that matter.
DnD Central / Re: "Proportional" reprentation
Last post by rjhowie -
must say that ensbb3's answer is more sensible than constant hiccup OakdaleFTL. Yakking on about "us" on voting. Can I say if you are not sozzled that at5 least voting has a point here! Was interesting to know that going on wearing Stetsons is not typical any more  than us wearing kilts everywhere. 
I auto-piratized the messages on Type Like a Pirate Day. This was one of the more successful results:

Cool. Reminds me of China around Macao. You are driving in a high-density urban environment, with 30+ floor buildings on both sides, only that according to Google Maps you're in the middle of the ocean.

Cool.  Reminds me o' China aroun' Macao.  You be sailin' in a high-density urban environment, with 30+ floor buildin's on both sides, only that accordin' t' ghhhhhhhhhgle Maps yar in th' middle o' th' wide blue.

(However, it's missing one of the array of randomly appearing explications.)
No idea what you are talking about. For me posts still look like posts and quotes like quotes in every browser I am using. I will be sure to tell when there is noticeable change.
They could get more hardcore, forcing a quote to be an actual embedding. Most smoothly with version control.

If I had:
Scripts often have trouble handling quoted text correctly (the above quote should have been rolled back as well).
and you wanted a trimmed version:
trouble handling quoted text

That would be a substring of the full quote. If I later edited the quoted text you'd still have "trouble handling quoted text", but as a quote from an earlier version of the quote.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Last post by Luxor -
I think the reading screen on the watch is too tiny.
I wouldn't think it's good for your eyes if you were to do it regularly.  :eyes: