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I do try to make allowances for you being a yank who doesn't know much about outside the ex-colonies but bordering on the stupid poor man?? If the Tories have the most MP's it will be her and party and if Labour that nutjob, Corbyn. Two General elections we had a coalition government and something that couldn't happen in corporate controlled America. I will be surprised if Mrs May and her Conservative & Unionist Party does not win the UK General Election (as do most pundits). Our system has a broader political embrace than your semi-democracy and even smaller parties have MP's on Commons Standing Committees.  You lot talk about democracy whereas we have it.
Britain killed for pleasure and profit, Oakdale? You old religion has came back and a load of old cobblers.. May I remind due to your lack of history (when it doesn't suit you) that there was an attempted revolution in Ireland in the 17th century when large numbers of non RC's were done to death and at Portadown the river did in fact flow red. In 1797 there was another attempt and the rebels carried black flags with a white cross and the initials MWS. That stood for murder without sin. Thankfully my newly founded organisation two years earlier became Militiamen and helped the army put the terrible antics down. The RC Church had made it plain at the time that such a declaration was fine!

As for the potato famine that was no thing conjured up by the British Government  at all. May I also inform that there was a similar thing happened in the north of Scotland as well but rarely mentioned due to the carped propaganda about Ireland. The problem in Ireland were far too many large families too when the incident of the famine occurred and not in a modern society like now. The Church did not help as producing big families in such a society was standardly demanded. The famine also affected many people who supported the British corner too by the way.  With too large a population and a restricted food situation one cannot use the thinking of 21st century stuff to back then and it has been politically corrupted.  Ireland today is a far better place due to education and reducing the power of a certain church that used to control everything but has been pushed back. And the stupidity of saying that the modern terrorism is more justified and right is not just stupid but painfully ignorant. Even a former Irish Prime Minister John Brutin has came out and said on tv that there was no (damn) need for that stupid 1916 Easter Rising. We had already said at Westminster that there would be a government for Dublin but the 1st World war had broken out delaying that.
Oh I think Oakdale that the UN should be in an investigation process.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
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They might patiently wait until he is sober before noting much.
DnD Central / Re: "Proportional" reprentation
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Sorry to be a disappointment Belfrager but my younger brother has visited the Algarve in your place and seemed to enjoy it!
Unfortunately this change of stance from what is said in election campaigns then about facing once in the White House is sadly routine.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: [weekly171] Facebook feed (JS/AJAX)
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@Freeman, check if there are any messages in Error Console (Ctrl+Shift+O).
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
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@Freeman, uhm, it is sort of correct, but what would you suggest, some dialog asking what to do?
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
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Iran already has some transnational infrastructure, we can expect that to increase greatly. Iran is politically among the least risky among all the countries in between. That said, infrastructure can go both ways, it can make the region more reasonable, or it could lead to local blackmail and warlordism.
@Emdek, encountered it again. Lesser than in build 171, but still exists.