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@Mike, do you have some sort of public link that could be used for reproducing this issue?
Starting with weekly #189 old actions used for adding "Open with" menus were replaced by generic Menu with parameters and options, example (open current page in external application):
Code: [Select]
"type": "menu",
"identifier": "OpenInApplicationMenu",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"
"mimeType": "text/html"
urlPlaceholder parameter is used to determine source of the link, currently available:
  • {clipboard}
  • {frameUrl}
  • {imageUrl}
  • {linkUrl}
  • {pageUrl}
  • {selection}
mimeType option is used to decide which applications should be listed, filtering them by supported MIME type.

Initially I've planned to drop them during migration of keyboard shortcut profiles but these three stopped working after recent overhaul of our actions system anyway...
Most likely they will be still included in that migration, when it will be ready.
@DaveH, not yet, but if you unpacked it over old files then it could explain that (in case of HTML5 multimedia).
@gracious1, Windows XP was still supported until recently. ;-)
So you are getting crash after using both that outdated package (14.04 uses very outdated Qt version...) and fresh AppImage?
Please check if you are still getting crash with AppImage after renaming configuration file.

BTW, which OpenSSL versions do you have installed?
AppImage uses official Qt bianries which expect 1.0.x as (or with some suffix), OpenSSL 1.1 is not backwards compatible.
It also requires GStreamer 1.0.

About backtrace, AFAIR that Ubuntu version uses the most bogus QtWebKit package imaginable, using some snapshot from Qt 5.1 together with Qt 5.2 (due to issues with their failed phone attempt, AFAIR it was mentioned in changelog of that package or elsewhere).
Anyway, any QtWebKit version older than 5.4.x is pretty unstable and all versions older than 5.212 are outdated.

You should focus on AppImage.
You can try to extract it and try gdb again (run first).
@gracious1, interesting, BTW, you should mention that. ;-)

For now you can rename ~/.config/otter/otter.conf and wait for solution.
@dim, window geometry belongs to session and I don't see a perfect solution, the sanest seems to restore last session after all, just do not remember anything else other than geometry when it is saved.
Separate option to keep geometry is a bad idea (and I don't see such option in Opera, at least not in about:config), we used to have something like that in beginning, it has own set of issues.

For now you can try this command line option available in every Qt application, but I'm not sure if it will work in our case:
-geometry <width>x<height>+<Xoffset>+<Yoffset>
For example:
-geometry 300x200+50+50
@gracious1, try running AppImage from terminal and copy output, note that you usually need to mark it as executable first.
BTW, that version of Ubuntu is kind of outdated...
@gracious1, Tools -> Content Blocking..., just enable whatever lists do you need and save changes.
@cantanima, apparently they were moved to stable updates now.
@cantanima, no idea, I'll let you know when I'll get reply from maintainer.
@Elgoog, we need way more integration than just that basic stuff. ;-)

Microsoft and Apple are interested in it, they have resources and influence for this purpose.
Yep, thanks to these efforts by Apple (and others) QtWebKit is progressing too.

To make it clear, having platform specific backends could be useful as addition, but not as replacement.
@Elgoog, it would still require a lot of work to implement all functions, and probably many of them would be simply impossible (so far QtWebEngine still cannot offer the same level of integration as QtWebKit).
If someone would like to prepare (and maintain them later) such platform specific backends then we might consider adding them, why not.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: save to...
@MisakanoMikoto, that is why it is still open. ;-)
@Elgoog, one word: QtWebView, it wraps native web views where available.
We can consider adding such backend in future, but it would be extremely basic...
Wrapping each one separately is way too much work...
@DaveH, yeah, for now, once I'll find some time to create proper configuration using OpenH264 it won't be needed.
@DaveH, you can also try mixing lib folder from with weekly, that should produce more complete multimedia support (just remember to re-enable that option).
It seems that plugins lookup might be broken due to this:
@DaveH, you can try disabling multimedia in about:config, you need to disable QtWebKitBackend/EnableMedia, maybe that will help.
Note that it should be possible to bring all required codecs but it requires preparing special configuration to make it legal (H264...).
Stop working flash player from folder "plugins", it works only installed in Windows.
Huh, I wasn't aware that it ever worked that way, note that 183 was the last weekly using legacy QtWebKit for XP (now it uses the same version as other packages), perhaps something changed in default search paths.
But we can control them now, so I guess that I could add it too (it already looks into directory containing main executable, apparently it doesn't check subfolders).

Folder with translation is missing at all  :)
Indeed, it will be fixed for next release.

On YouTube, trying to watch the video is a different error.
That one should improve in near future, we need to test some plugin configurations for GStreamer first.
@cantanima, yeah, I've got that information from maintainer that is working on bringing that package to Fedora.
@Otto Lutrinae, just in case, it ended up as Sessions/DeferTabsLoading.
@cantanima, it looks like incompatible version of HarfBuzz.
Obviously the simplest way to fix it should be simply build from scratch. ;-)
You should be able to find revived QtWebKit in updates-testing repository.
@Otto Lutrinae, yes, you can switch Browser/DelayRestoringOfBackgroundTabs in about:config.
But note that this option is about to change name (most likely to Browser/DeferRestoringOfBackgroundTabs) this week.
The point of that option is to save resources, icons issue will resolved in different way.
And still nothing under Windows 7, maybe it has to be some specific file or at least some specific size or type?
I've tried with both our source packages from and repository checkout in form of ZIP archive.