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@mscz, yes, all such settings apply only to current tab (probably we should make it more obvious, but it's hard to do that properly).

Full GM support requires some more work:
@Reginald, I've fixed crash related to Passwords Manager shortly after releasing weekly 175, but I'm not sure if it's the same issue, and there will be no new binaries until weekly 177...
@rhubarbpieguy, I've talked about that with Chocimier and it seems that we can give it another try when we will be done with that never ending actions handling rewrite.
It turns out that we just need to add algorithm to use custom text for actions, we have to mark selected letter using & and shortcuts will be handled by Qt automatically (including menu bar).

Quote from: Frenzie
(Also, I thought that Otter used to show tabs + addressbar when you went to the top of the screen?)
At first, yes. It was soon changed to be more like old Opera.
With current master it is possible to show that toolbar also in fullscreen mode.
@rhubarbpieguy, I simply forgot about that issue, I'm not using that workflow myself...
About Alt shortcuts for menu bar, I'll discuss that with Chocimier, perhaps we will manage to add at least some basic solution.
@wutian2016, you can try QtWebEngine build too, these are located in experimental folder, these are based on Blink engine (used by Chrome).
But note that these have some issues.
@Borut, I've analyzed that about:blank issue and proper fix will require changes in how we are handling requests to open new tab, but there seems to be also a way to apply quick fix, by preventing history clearing when WebWidget::getRequestedUrl() is not empty.
I'll try this approach for weekly 173.
@ovas, does it happen when using --portable argument?
From the screenshot it appears to be crash caused by some specific page.

BTW, I'm considering moving Windows binaries to Qt 5.9 beta, there is important bugfix that eliminates crashes related to cache (QRingBuffer crash).
@Freeman, probably that won't change until weekly 174.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
@Freeman, done, these errors will use custom header form now on.
@Freeman, thanks, it seems to be closely related to Error 301 then, but it's pretty weird.
@Freeman, check if there are any messages in Error Console (Ctrl+Shift+O).
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
@Freeman, uhm, it is sort of correct, but what would you suggest, some dialog asking what to do?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
@Freeman, I see, I'll check that soonish.
@B.X, what do you mean exactly? Icon in address field or something else?
Defaults haven't changed much for years, so it sounds like some customized toolbar, unless it's that icon mentioned above.
@exley, sure, you can already select styles that way, the main blocker for similar UI for icon sets is native ZIP support.
And the main issue with style (not icons) under Windows is how to present choice between variant with extra fine tuning (basically white toolbars under tab bar) and old one, and if it makes sense to give such option at all (the proper solution is to fix remaining cases so toolbars under tab bar will pick right color, the one used by handle of active tab).
@exley, the issue with that approach is how to show choice to user and make it look sane. :-D
These enhancements improve it for sure under 10 and... XP, but Vista and 7 (possibly 8 and 8.1 too) need some more dedicated work.
@Borut, homepage action apparently broke again as part of that redo (it definitely was working again correctly for some time :-D), I'll try to stabilize that in time for 173.
Addons Manager should get some more love after tab bar.
@Freeman, perhaps it was linked to that 301 error issue.
@Freeman, my guess is that they changed something on their side, we are still waiting for new TP that contains fix for that freeze.
@wutian2016, not yet, right now only User Scripts are supported.
I'm not sure if such tool is doable as User Script, but you can always ask authors.
@Mike, I'm not sure why exactly that happened but it's normal in case of weeklies.
We may have temporary issues with applying translations to actions since they are being rewritten right now.
@Freeman, please try 172 first, there were some changes that might affect that.
@Freeman, uhm, could you check Qt version used by weekly 164? Maybe it's side effect of moving to Qt 5.8 or some change in QtWebKit, which was updated at the same time.
@Freeman, as usual, check with test-qtwebkit.exe first. ;-)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Error 301
Good news everybody, I've identified what causes that issue and I'm testing fix which will be available in weekly 172.