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DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
A sense of humor is truly the best armor! :)  I personally refuse duels when the weapons are broadswords... Usually.
Hey, RJ, what do you think about this guy?
Animosity is your only it seems, lately...  Are you close to death and think that the last rites will absolve you? :)
That's too bad.
* I'm trying to write English the way you understand it, Bel!
As frequently happens, Motl has an interesting post on his blog... :)
If this country needs to break apart ([...] California [...] I'm looking at you) - I'm for that.
There are some people who think the state would be better served were it two or three states; their arguments are cogent. But the US Congress has the say about this... (Need I mention that the Democrat party would never allow California's influence to be diluted? :) )
Puerto Rico's recent plebiscite has no force in law; it was "advisory". But they, the voters in that territory, have interests. The question is, will our Congress pay attention? There doesn't seem to be an opinion that has won a majority: Become a state, become an independent country, or remain a US territory...
Returning to California's problems:
When Jerry Brown dies, his legacy of neglecting our infrastructure -specially his father's signature programs- will remain long after the silly bullet train boondoggle and the tunnels to send northern California's water to LA are just jokes told by Democrats who don't have competent aides.
I will never understand why the state of MS routinely ignores demands for a state lottery.
Maybe because state officials recognize that lotteries are a tax on dumb poor people? :)
It's reported that the Torries --keeping May as PM-- will form a coalition government -- with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party! (And, of course, the SNP took a substantial it's not all bad from RJ's point of view.)
Come what May... :)

I assume RJ is in shock! And feeling none too pleased with his nation's "wide democracy".
DnD Central / Everything Trump…
Too lazy to create a new thread, after earlier (IIRC) pointing out this thread has expired?
:) Yup!
But of course people need a place to vent their spleen... So, consider this an open-ended receptacle.
:) It's almost as if you'd read the piece, ersi!
I appreciate your point of view. But your take is much the same as that of the Main Stream Media; anything that can be spun anti-Trump is acceptable! :)
Yes, I believe more than a few in the administration are in favor of the Paris Accord. A few in Trump's family... So?
The phrase "domestic tranquility" does not mean that your immediate relatives and close friends agree with your policy decisions -- specially when you're the president of the United States.

Trump's remit is clear. (You don't think so...or, at least, don't think he understands it.) He's done what needed to be done by pulling out of the Paris Accord; next, I'm anxious to see which of the various mechanisms he invokes to finalize that decision...

I'm of two minds: What I'd like best is for him to Just Say No. But there's good reason to give it back to the U.S. Senate, which needs a 3/4 majority to approve a treaty; it's their job, after all.
I assume you mean the Saudis? Or perhaps you mean the Israelis?
Do you mean to say that neither of them buy your vegetables? Truth be told, I don't think you know what you mean; and you dare not consider it... Inconsequential pundits residing in inconsequential States which occupy inconsequential status in an increasingly inconsequential part of the world say inconsequential things regularly! What else can they do? :)
A word for Manchester, terrorism will never win.
At such moments there's no divergence between us.
Momentary "solidarity" is no salve...
I suppose this qualifies... :) (Arithmetic doesn't seem to taught anymore. It's still the "first hundred days" for most Democrats; it will stay that way for years! Most leftists in Europe -have we any posters from anywhere else that the U.S., Europe and Great Britain? [Sorry, Broohaha, I didn't mean to sleight Brazil...] They agree with "the Opposition" here in the States: Trump must go!
President Trump has decided to take the U.S. out of the Paris Accord (on climate change...).
The Paris Accord is a typical EU slight of hand move: Capitalism -- Bad! America -- Bad! Western civilization and progress -- Bad!

What actually happened? The street-performers haven't lost their audience. But they've lost their most lucrative passers-by who'd throw a coin into their hat or guitar case... :)
BTW: I saw a recent picture of Angela Murkey, and wondered when Paul McCartney became the Chancellor of Germany? :)

By that reasoning, Christians are several thousand years behind politeists and animists...
Oh? Polytheists and animists have updated their beliefs? :)
Thanks for the correction. Yes, he's a Republican...

Alan M. Dershowitz has an interesting article: Who Will Stand up for Civil Liberties?
atheist leftist multicultural pro homosexual northern relativist?
Hey, Bel, couldn't your spleen have spewed a little bit more? It seems like you're suffering that southern malady, ennui... (Don't you wish your language had a word like that? :) )
Mind, Frenzie, I'm not saying I disagree with Belfrager's characterization. I'm just noting that he doesn't seem to understand that we both inhabit the same planet. I think we can get along, 'tho we disagree about a lot; he seems to think we can't.

If I recall correctly, we got here via the presumed (by me, at least...) divide between Moslem and (used-to-be) Christian civilizations.
I think that still matters, since Islam is about 700 years behind us!

But -seriously- do you think Islam is capable of a "reformation"?
The basic error with this as grounds for firing Comey is that it vaguely resembles juridico-political reasoning. Trump doesn't do that sort of thing.
What you meant to say is that you don't understand how our system of government works...You seem to think it's all about the personality of who's in power.
I grant you, we're getting closer to the European model... But we're not there yet!

Haven't you folks grown up enough to reject Freudian psychologizing yet? :)
You Oakdale have been fighting wars sine 1945 and may I also remind you that the main RC-Prot thing was essentially the 16 and 17th centuries.
Ah! But you didn't stop there, did you? (Ireland had different ideas until quite recently...)
The "Great War"? The Suez kerfluffle? (What, btw, happened in India?) Indeed, religion has been sometimes a bane... So has the Protestant money grubbing -- which you elide, being a poor Scot!
You'd never murder people for money! Unless the Crown pays you to do so... But not you, personally: You'd rather hike through the woods, eh? :)

Let me ask ye, bonnie Howie: Is Patrick a saint, by your lights? Or Moore?
Thomas Aquinas? Augustine? Paul?
Either take the stand that there are no such thing or admit various sects can elect who they want to that station. Or go back to war...which is the natural state, for even almost Europeans.
According all international analysts [...]
Are they all or only mostly LGBT activists? :)
What "international analysts" do you refer to? And why?
When you refer to "all" you only mean all those you agree with you... Who the hell are you, Belfrager? A citizen of Portugal. Anything else?
Do tell!
Are we now to accept any Photo-Shopped pic as "news"? :) Have we all become Democrat Party members?

If anyone is still interested: The commission of an "independent" counselor egregiously muddies the waters...
The original investigation was of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. By making such a criminal investigation, the Justice Dept. has rejected an intelligence investigation. (Lots of special safeguards apply in criminal investigations that are moot in a counter-intelligence investigation...) But maybe a "counselor" is not a prosecutor? :) Of course, the average Democrat won't know that!
Mueller is an honorable man; a competent man. (And a Democrat.)

The Dems seem to be backing off of almost everything. Why?
Because they -having burned the candle at both ends- now realize that the flame, at long last, has reached the center: There's nothing left to burn.

Onward to 2020! :)
Because "rigging" the DNC procedures to "select" Clinton was not a crime... The "election" you refer to was the party's selection of a candidate -- something not under the control of the government. The DNC is a private organization, and they refused the FBI access to their servers. A better question is what were they hiding from the Democrat voters and the public in general? :)
Certainly, many consider it unfair. But there it is; and it remains the responsibility of the party to handle.

The source of the leaked emails is pertinent to a crime within the remit of the FBI, hence the investigation continues.
I thought that so were you?  :)
Not any form, Frenzie!
What exactly did Comey do to aggravate Trump so that he ended up fired?
As Scott Adams said:
My opinion of Comey's handling of the Clinton email issue remains the same. I believe he sacrificed his career and reputation to avoid taking from the American voters their option of having the leader of their choice. If Comey had pushed for Clinton's indictment, the country would have ended up with a President Trump without a "fair" election. That was the worst-case scenario for the country and the world. Comey prevented that disaster while still making it clear to the American public that Clinton was not guilt-free with her email server. He let the voters decide how much weight to assign all of that. In my opinion, Comey handled the Clinton email situation like a patriot. The media is spinning the situation as "making it all about himself." That's true in the same sense that a Medal of Honor winner who jumped on a grenade to save his buddies is "making it all about himself." I don't disagree with the characterization that Comey was trying to be the "hero" because that's how it looks to me too.
Comey did technically usurp -with the help of President Obama and Atty General Loretta Lynch- the AG's role...
to be overgenerous with apparently classified information
ersi, why post a link to a story you haven't read? :) (Or is it merely a case of having a deficient sense of humor?)
Is it any wonder the Caths and the Prots fought wars for centuries? They're both insane!
Might I mention again: Islam is a faith diametrically opposed to any form of democracy? And the faith cannot reform...