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Anyway I would say to you Belfrager that your ideas on who decides on sainthood and such is not my corner whatsoever.
Course not. Nobody asked your opinion.
You've destroyed so much that you'll never be perdoned. You'll pay for what you've done as sure as two plus two to be four.

You're a sinner as all the others (and all of us) but I'm not too harsh on that. Your very destiny will punish you for your herectic acts and there's no assurance that my destiny will reward me for mine. Or vice versa.
Oh? Polytheists and animists have updated their beliefs?  :)

For Oakdale "updating" is the demonstration of superiority. Very much Trump-American.
Moral relativism at it's best. The way up for the lower social intelectual classes, "updating".

When I get older I want to update..
Like the Beatles, when I'm sixty four....
Does anyone knows the diference between a Blessed and a Saint? Sainthood can only be declared if in a presence of a proven miracle.
Some canonical processes took hundred of years, others are a bit faster, miracles are not an exact science... :)
(Don't you wish your language had a word like that?  :)  )
We have, ennui means exactly enfado.
Maybe you find the double "n" exotic to you but I find the enfado sonority much more signifying and meaningful than a word that finishes with such "ui" sound.
Quote from: OakdaleFTL
I think that still matters, since Islam is about 700 years behind us!
By that reasoning, Christians are several thousand years behind politeists and animists...
According all international analysts, the White House turned into a lunatic asylum.
This is no good.
A saint-inflation, so to speak
Since Breton Woods we need not to have a gold counter part for Saints. :)
So, like Americans, we print them the most we can.
I suppose you might be connecting the socialist-Catholic proclivity for multicultural appeasement, better known under the misnomer of respect, with the overall pro-migration vision of a liberal(-democrat).
And what the fuck you mean by that, atheist leftist multicultural pro homosexual northern relativist?
as convenient as MS updates
MS updates are everything but convenient.
The law does say that the President can make temporary, acting, interim appointments to the position of FBI doesn't stipulate how many or how few.........1, or 2, or maybe even 5..........& the Senate doesn't get to say anything about any of those appointments because they aren't presented as permanent appointments.

That's a's sort of a loophole in the process, & one President Trump could have a field day with!!

Chew on that one for a while............
Smileyfaze it's playing at the children garten.

At any democrat European regimen such idiotic, child brainish expedient, would be punished with impeachment and probably jail.

A fantastic visit from Pope Francis to Fátima.
Not a visit of State, a visit as an humble pilgrim.

Since John Paul II to Francis, all of them knees to Our Lady of Fátima.
The only thing going on in Europe is France, so please stop about invisible, irrelevant, Dutch and the sort.
The future of France will determine the future of Europe.

With the obvious exception of Portugal that needs France for nothing.
What's happening in Brasil is so much more important for the world than all Trump's stupidity.

As the rest of the world, not even myself understands very well what's hapenning.
Since I don't answer to pagan, money lovers heretic northern protestants, there's nothing to answer at the above posts.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has made Saints those that received the visit and were touched at their hearts by Our Lady of Fatima. One million people were there.

Even Muslims made the sacrifice to go in their knees to pray and thanks to Our Lady.

Dogs barks and the caravan passes.

DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Then I hope your garden is a continual joy.
My "garden" is a revolution.
Everyday people joins it.
This idiot Trump is more dangerous than Nixon.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
that trash named "Eurovision Song Contest
That trash named "Eurovision Song Contest" has classifyied Germany in last place with zero points.
Fiftie or more countries in first of Germany, Portugal in first.
It happens. It's a message.

No doubt why the Reich complains so much...
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
Interesting India to have so dense population numbers along the Himalayas, against the typical litoral/interior scenario.
A market place is not a place where there's a market or people simply trade. A marketplace, at it's current definition, meaning "liberal" capitalist definition and vision, it's a place were market rules above morals.
That's what globalization tries the entire world to be.
Playing the pedant poster, I implore you all to discuss Trump (or America) in another thread.
My dear Lampião, you're right. I suggest all threads to be deleted and to restart the forum again with new threads.
Now on with thematic order and discipline.

Order and Progress, Brazil's national slogan...
There are indications that the Neandertals were trading amongst themselves. If that were the case Europe was a market place long before the first humans of our kind arrived.
Trying to use ape-like creatures to justify "liberal" capitalism against what makes European ideals unique and ahead the rest of the world, dignity of the human being, a fair redistribution of wealth and a sustainable development.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
The Eurovision contest song will be next saturday in Kiev, Ukraine.
Europeans knows about the bullshit I'm talking about.

A country in war holds sissies singing in contest.
This is worst than the Titanic.
About Eurasia, there's not Marco Polos anymore these days.
There's no Eurasia as a togetherness.
The EU as the All-European marketplace of [...]
That's your problem, you don't understand that Europe is not, never was supposed to be and should never be a "marketplace".

Anyway this is about France. Solely.
Trump is a tweeting monkey.
Tweeting gorilla. His dream is to have a beautiful lady at one hand while standing up at the top of his towers.
Tweeting Godzilla.

Who cares about an FBI director. Who cares about his boss.