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DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
I need a map to the treasure.....
Viva la revolucion!!!

 :zzz:  :zzz:  :zzz:  :zzz:

DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Frenzie, the "Great Leader" is teaching the masses the beauties of Holland language. Dutch language is good because you can't be accused of knowing German and you can't be accused of knowing English, that's their dream, being both while being nothing.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Good news at the silly season, I like to read the technical posts at the Otter forum that I don't understand. (not sure if they do...)
Much better than being massacred with celebrities "life".
"Trump doesn't seem to understand what an alliance is, and doesn't seem to consider his ally when he says those things," said Lee Byong-chul, a senior fellow at the Institute for Peace and Cooperation in Seoul, the South Korean capital. "No American president has mentioned a military option so easily, so offhandedly as he has. He unnerves people in South Korea, few of whom want war in Korea."
Fire and Fury, says Trump.
A simple slap will be enough to him to shut up.
Another slap to the North Korean idiot will serve as well.
Capitalism, nothing but capitalism.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Earth Overshoot Day

755 American "diplomats" expelled by the Russians.
I have no memory of such hostile act.

Beautiful answer to Trump's babbling.
I wouldn't sell mine. There are no laws preventing its misuse.
Course not, there are dollars for quietening your remorses.
Russian RNA samples, only from Caucasian population, only already collected. What a strange thing to buy.
I wonder how much they pay for it.

Well, maybe next will be for DnD posters RNA samples. I'll sell mine for a million Euros, it's a precious Ribonucleic acid.
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
Battle tanks per 100K inhabitants

Quote from: By the map'ś author:
Other interesting contenders from around the world:
USA: 1.8
China: 0.47
India: 0.33
Pakistan: 1.49
North Korea: 19.78
Syria: 24.54
Israel: 31.48
Jordan: 16.77
Saudi Arabia: 3.49

One man is enough to stop a tank. Besides, tanks are cavalry and cavalry always arrives too late.

Images from the last battle in history between the Cossack horse cavalry and the German tanks are impressive. Maybe a couple horses escaped, the brave Cossacks never had a chance.
Wonder if anyone on these forums could top such a dumb statement?
No one is better than you for that. Assume your ADN and stop babbling about being the humanist dear Arian.
A monarchist Russian is equal to any Republican foreigner.
Monarchy is a mater of equals, not foreigners.
They sure had their fun by bombing a defenceless Libya...
The more they bomb some defenceless place the more they protect Europe, it has always been like that. Do you think that Europe is what it is because of what?
Now we have Germans speaking about bombing others...
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Animal infrastructure
A 2 km viaduct between mountains with a high of thirty floors, costing around 150 million euros, was built in a highway in North Portugal because a family of wolfs could not be disturbed.

With that money one could lodge each wolf at a luxury hotel, eating fillet mignon everyday for the rest of their lives. It would be less expensive.
As for the price, we can always steal them... it gives more adrenaline to go 300 with a stolen car  8)

The Bugatti is impressive with those 450...
Not allowed by whom?
By common sense and for the sake of the world.
Nothing changed and financial power is enough for German pretensions, you need no bullets.

From all European potencies only France gives guarantees of a moderate future European Army command.
France spends many billions more than Germany.
Yes, Germany is not allowed to have an army and look how much they spend with what they don't have...
I tried once to hit the 300 mark
Not too many cars, or motorcycles, can reach 300.
It seems there's no more Caliphate anymore..
The need for an European army made it's first victim, chef d'état-major des armées, Général Pierre de Villiers, has resigned because  he has no money from the idiotic politicians to stop an European army dominated by the Germans.
All the French military are at his side.

Thanks to Trump, Europe finally starts dealing with the important things for our survival...
When I speak about a Philipine or something like that, an American and a Scotish-British ansewers..
Perfect. No difference indeed.
DnD has plenty of candidates to CIA director but not me.
I support rjhowie for CIA director. Or that other guy that doesn't speak English and posts a lot of bullshit, can't remember his name.
The first ally of America was... Marroco.
I saw the treaty.