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I saw mr Trump saying that his wall between Mexico and the USA will have solar panels to produce energy and pay it for itself (oops, since Mexicans whants him to fuck, now the Sun will pay the wall....)
He added that the higher the wall more the panels will produce energy. Closer to the sun, of course....
Than he started laughing a lot - Am I not a genius??

I think Hitler was a much more serious person. Americans elected The Joker.
I note that youth unemployment in your Iberian wee corner is massive!
Massively less than yours...
you would enjoy the colour and music.
I prefer the naked women at Moulin Rouge. Or Lido. Or any other lousy cabaret surely much better than any protestant insuportable parade.
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
Yes, idiots took one hundred years to understand it.
Thus I don't expect the others to achieve much by 2030, but three steps forward, two steps back.
The contrary of going three steps forward, two steps back is to go two steps forward, three steps back.
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
I can't see any Portuguese brand.
That's because we turned Civilization™ free for everybody. Six hundred years ago.
Is the above the same institution you are referring to?
Yes it is.

The European Lotteries Association from where you're quoting "Who we are"  is just that, an Association of European Lotteries regardless their institutional nature. It's because SCML to be a member that it represents Euromillions for Portugal.

Another failed attempt to misquote and discredit.
The correct "Who we are" can be read here

Well, six hundred years ago they put Jews to run businesses like that, because Christians must have nothing to do with usury.
Like that, like what? Jews never did charity. Usury was their specialized game.

Santa Casa was founded by Queen Dª Leonor, wife of D. Manuel, known amongst many other things for expulsing the Jews from here.
The odds of someone filing for bankruptcy after winning $150k - $1M within the first 5 years are as high as 60%.
Good idea, let's make lottery only allowed to the already rich...

In Portugal, lottery, as well as other money games like sportive bets, are a monopoly of Santa Casa da Misericordia, (Holy House of Mercy) a six hundred years old charity instititution that spends the money won with gaming into social causes.

There's a twenty percent tax over the gaming prizes, you receive the prize already without that tax money. I believe it to be completely abusive such tax.
People need to realize that not everything in life must pay taxes.

If we decide to do a lottery amongst D&D posters why should the state to charge a tax? the money used to lottery has already paid all the possible taxes that exists.
I was not clear, when the sun is vertical at Syrene is simple, when the sun is not vertical in Alexandria also simple but how two different observers, one at each place, knows that they were observing those phenomena exactly at the same time?
That's the key factor, both knowing that they are exactly at the same time without instantaneous ways of comunication between 800kms.
All the rest follows.

The only way I see to be possible is by an imaginary experiment. Let's imagine that, at exactly the same time, [...] than the Eartth would be round.

Formulating an hiphotesis that couldn't be veryfied at the time happened many times but it doesn't mean that a scientific discovery has been made. The same happened with Galileo.
Only later, by other people and with different instruments, these hiphotesis turned into scientific knowledge.
Need more Prots.
He wants to come in... nope, not possible. Prots are at the end of the list. Sorry pal.
on the first Saturday of July I will be up at the front of a parade in my city with 181 Orange  Orderlodges and 56 bands behind us
Is that supposed to impress anyone? rats over rats.
Vanity, arrogance and disdain toward other cultures at its best.
It's called Civilization. Without your extermination policy, concentration camps and genocide.
Better to you to stay quiet.
my questions remains... theres' no way of knowing the same time 800km away back on those times.
That was a cruciall point to determine all the logics.
Of course, they are the little monkeys to do experiments...
Your little monkeys...
lotteries are a tax on dumb poor people
Lotteries are not a tax. If you prefer, life under Capitalism is a tax. You have enough.
Lotteries are voluntary, therefore not a tax. Cappice???

Americans can always bet at the Euromillions, 100.000.000 euros. You just have to pay a mere 20.000,000 euro taxes.
80.000,000 are for you, tax paid.

Sometime ago, the Euromillion's prize was annouced withouth the tax value. Now is not.
Europeans thinks that it is more fair. I think that game has not to pay taxes.

Taxes are over production, not hazard, heritage and a few other things.

The economy grows more than 3%, the unenployment is below 10%, those are good numbers for any European economy.
We're at first with tourism growth and quality of life. At the top at health systems and life expectance. Food and wine have no rival.
Anything else? :)

In fact, we need to build a wall to stop more Europeans that wants to live here. And they're gonna to pay that wall.  :king:
The Earth is flat for rich American idiot blacks, round for European idiot whites (so I'm not acused of discrimination) and the belly button of a God for a few others.

It's very interesting how the first Greek (I forget his name this moment) realized why the Earth is round. He just measured the different shade lenghts, at the same time, in different parts of the world.

How could he have such a mechanism to measure the same time at different places, never anyone asked about.
Course it cames with a calculator, Frenzie just enjoys to say those things when he's bored from his linguistic studies.
Your "country" is the biggest prostitute that ever exhisted. Old Bitch Albion.
Again, you're selling yourselves to the one who pays more.

Who cares, you are History, Little History.  Long live to modern Scotland and Ireland. You, you stay under Trump's orders.
Such is life.

Just wait for the EU's bill. That Merkel  is enough to put you in your knees, to make you pay. And she would do it, oh yes... she will.

By the way, your begging bowl is a thousand times bigger, starting with paying to people as yourself. They/you are for the millions...
We have nothing like you.
an English clergyman over a cup of tea as I had noted he was wearing a dog collar. He was quite categorical that the Roman Catholic Church now had him as a priest in charge of a church as he was one of those  several who were miffed at female clergy then later Bishops. He also sat  with his wife!
You can never trust English clergyman or anyother Englishman.
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Chinese are really very annoying people, worst than insects.
I wonder what they think about Europeans. The only thing I know is that they say we smell as butter.
We need a Chinese poster, oh yes...
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
Reality was less pretty but much more useful. :)

These are just the main important roads. In the Portuguese area more than 300 different roads exhisted.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Everything Trump equals to everything America.
We have enough threads about it.
These clergy were allowed to keep their wives!
I like to see rjhowie asking for the intransigence of the Caholic Church Laws...  :)

Where such people married by the Catholic Church? course not, so they're not married. Anyway I'm not sure if they are considered Priests, meaning being authorized by the Church to give the Sacraments.

Now speaking about important things, Pope Fancis made significant changes about accelerating the process for declaring a marriage nullity.
Declaring a marriage nullity it's not the same as to nullify a marriage. Religious marriages can't ever be nullified.

By declaring it's nullity, it's meant that the marriage never happen because it didn't satisfied all the required conditions. An example would be a very young boy and girl that got married basically because the girl got pregnant, not because they were fully aware of the meaning, rights and duties or consequences of their religious marriage.

Those processes took decades to be concluded and were very difficult to achieve (except if your name is Caroline of Monaco :)  ). Now the all process it's much faster and agile.
I agree with Pope Francis in this matter (as in many others).
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Chinese are really good... they only need a couple street signs for all those roads...