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I felt no need to get a driver's license until I was 21 and even then I mainly did it because it can can open up a few more job opportunities (although it hasn't yet). Similarly, and perhaps incomprehensibly to some, I haven't felt any particular desire to acquire a gun permit, but to say that I'm therefore disarmed (as in kept from owning a gun if I wanted to) would be deceptive.
A gun permit or a driver license are not too much different and both have nothing to do with the Constitution. Simple local administrative bureaucracy.
Relating guns and constitution shows well what a farse of constitution they have. Still at the 19th century, hanging around killing Indians and exterminating bisons. Course they need a gun.

It seems their police is at the same level. Shoot first and ask later. The justice being no different, judge Linch school still at its best.

Finally this is turning into a problem, the world tired of far-west wanna be cowboys.
Well Peter was no Pope
Do march at your silly parades, refrain yourself to enter into important things.
DnD Central / Re: Living in a Farm...
Anyway, I have direct experience with two socioeconomic orders and with the anarchic transition period between them.
Indeed. So do I.
You're right, Americans don't.
I'm against anything pro Che Guevara and the marxist-revolutionary folklore.
I'm also against many other things.
Why should not Americans be allowed to have guns?? let them, it's their problem.
They can't carry it for any civilized place in the world, that's for sure, so why don't let them kill among themselves happily?

I'm totally in favor for Americans to carry fire guns.
So don't keep complaining with blá blá massacres, nobody has more patience for that. It's a right they have. At their home, nowhere else.

Catalonia is not some kind of another Portugal able to defeat Leon and Castille (Madrid) continually for more than one thousand years.
Catalonia will never be independent.

Catalonia is a product of EU funds injected by Madrid to them, they will collapse the moment the funds and companies, both industrial and financial,  leaves the place. As it happens right now.
Bye bye "independence".

A collapsing Spain is too much good to be true. And at the same time the biggest danger and horror Europe has ever faced.
Better to keep it as it is.
Moderator note: Personal attack deleted. Attack the ideas, not the poster
What ideas?
Catalonia is a complex problem for me.
At one hand, anything bad for Spain is good for us but at the other hand I can't support such an imbecility and have to stand for Filipe VI.

Well, it's not the first time Madrid gets our help.
Amoris laetitia regards the problem of divorced people not being allowed to the sacraments of the Holy Church.
I agree with the Pope's approach. Francis has remind us of the basics and the basics are Love, Forgiveness and Redemption, not punishment.

The conservative faction of the Church seems to forget that Jesus Christ chose for making His Church a man that had renegade Him for three times.

@Krake, I have Benedict XVI in high regard (but for the abdication). From times to times something good comes from the Anglo-Saxons. Rare, extremely rare, but it happens occasionally. (Is it a miracle? :) )
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
Another lie.
Actually they do, a lot. Prior to the anniversary of the Reformation, the Pope has been very busy to get all sorts of Protestants to agree to the Joint Declaration on Justification, so that hardly anyone would properly celebrate the Reformation. Have you noticed any celebrations? The Pope succeeded. He cares a lot.
The Pope succeeded because there's nothing to celebrate relating the reformation.The Pope has been very busy doing real important things, you are looking for a non existent insignificance Ersi. Only protestants may believe they are enough important to be discussed.

The real important thing relating the criticism by some factions of the Church is to realize that Catholicism is an hierarchical, centralized religion, with its own adequate institutions to solve and decide doctrinal discussions.

The Pope has been too much soft. I'm curious to see until when he will allow this to keep happening.
It's a curious problem, conservative factions are using progressive techniques based on conservative arguments defying a progressive Pope that has reluctance on using against them conservative techniques.
Well, maybe I'm not being clear..

It's easy to see how the Pope's plan is to trap the unsuspecting Lutherans by some false praise of Luther even to the point that the Pope gets some internal criticism. Modern Lutherans have forgotten Reformation and they are easily deceived.
Too subtle for you as I said. No one, even less the Pope, gives a shit about Lutherans or any other protestants.
The first thing would be to know what it is the "internal criticism". You can't learn about it anywhere but inside.
You don't learn about it in Wikipedia or in the media.
You're not inside.

Refrear yourself of using protestant terms as "adulterers" when speaking about the Catholic Church. We don't burn "adulterers".
The Pope is Jesuit but that's too subtle for any of you, no one of you knows anything about Ignacio de Loyola spirituality. Or any other thing relating Catholicism.

I agree with some criticism regarding some of the Pope positions but traditionalists can't ever criticize the Pope, isn't it? That's why they are traditionalists, for recognizing the Pope's doctrinal authority.

This is what happens when we have two living Popes. It's obvious that the Congregation for the Purity of Faith must act and it must act ruthlessly. A purge must be done.
While Americans believes and accepts that the "bad guy with a gun" can only be stopped by a "good guy with a bigger gun" these barbarianisms will keep on existing everyday other day at the USA.

It happens so repeatedly that I don't understand why Europeans should keep on bothering with this. We are just sad by so much stupidity costing so many human lives.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
For long long time (centuries) no one is behaving as Trump does.
At least, he was supposed to do things with style.
Letters are altered
Chinese billionaires should be executed immediately. They are the new modern warfare against Europe and nothing but that.
Same goes for the American Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other bimbo billionaires.
DnD Central / Re: Living in a Farm...
The three main ethic principles of permaculture:
Take care of Earth
Take care of People
Fair redistribution.

Anyone against?
Tattos are the demonstration of an empty soul and an irrelevant body.
These days something proper of the lower classes.
There's two things that really irritate me in this brave new world, facebook and tatoos.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
We were at a time that we though that in the western democratic world never a psychopath could be ever elected again.
Americans demonstrated that we were wrong. They claim for their own production of Hitlers, Stalins, Neros and the such.
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
Pacific suits America well.
Well well... they sunk navies, they face the Dear Lider and don't know what to do... China laughs about them... roses everywhere.

While American strategy is this complete stupidity I really don't know what to expect.
Read Geert Wilder's speech.
Geert Wilders despises Americans even more than Jews. Fun you quote him.

That idiot is totally shit. You have fantastic arguments about Europe indeed.

I'm tired of this pseudo discussion where Europeans knows much more about America than Americans knows about Europe.
I mean some Americans, those who knows about it don't post.
DnD Central / Re: Living in a Farm...
I merely enjoy -as much and as such I can- my family, and my hobbies. What else should a lily of the field do?  :)
To knock down the oak and finally be free.