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Mueller is an honorable man; a competent man. (And a Democrat.)
He's a Republican actually.
Are not your own politicians worth talking about?
Trump is one of my politicians. :right: [Triggered much?]
Grammar aside.
His vernacular represents its source if the subject matter isn't telling enough.

Tho, side note: I have found it interesting how rightwing propaganda blogs have adapted words you, not three years ago, would have only found in conspiracy theory blogs.

I almost miss the days he got caught up in the 'clever' use of a thesaurus for some B novel he was reading at the time.
I was just gonna nope the hell outta this. -However I can't help but some mild trolling... There's, of course, a Twitter link.

 :doh: #reprentation
Capsule hotels are transitory, a means to rejuvenate and refresh on the way to home or work.
An interesting concept. I'd still want to, blindly, argue the concept is derivative of the environment. Way more space in a capusle than the train ride home right after work, so why not chill and catch a later ride home?
Small, windowless rooms or capsules are the best way to get a great night's sleep (good ventilation and sound insulation are of course a given).
And I get it. If I could push the autopilot for a self driving car on my way home and crawl off in the back seat I'd be in haven. But then that kinda seems the death of capsule rooms in that sense.
The airport also had a capsule hotel a long while ago, but that one is gone decades ago.
This makes sense, to me anyway. Long layover - wanna get out of the airport atmosphere. Yeah, I'd appreciate it. Seems maybe it didn't work so well... at least years ago.
There's a reconstructed 747, but that is more in the youth hostel category.
I can even understand this... Just couldn't find an emoji that expressed the look on my face. (≈$226 for the "Double Deluxe Ensuite (Cockpit Suite)". Yeah, I spent too much time on that site.)
While originally intended as an alternative to going home, longer-term stays are attractive too.
But this just isn't for me. I prefer the refuge option at least.
Which is pretty much the case in Asia as well. Room size is not a function of population size, but of real estate prices. China has a higher population than Japan, but while Japanese rooms tend to be small and clever,  Chinese hotel rooms were traditionally large and miserable. This is changing now, the Chinese are learning from the Japanese and the Europeans, rooms are getting smaller and much better, but large, miserable hotel rooms are supposedly common in Asia (though I have never opted for any).
But moreover all these places have way more people than I'm used to. Also dependency on public transit and otherwise dealing with limited mobility (and people) is(/are) a part of culture.

It really doesn't cost that much to put a decent car on the road legally, especially given what it can return in regards to mobility options. Being able to drive up the road to get a place away from the crowd is a luxury in and of itself. To me.  
Those capsule hotels are meant to reduce human dignity, to treat humans as insects, insignificant beings in a cage. Asian societies always had a propensity for doing that.
Indeed. Although I'd assume it serves a practical purpose more than meant to be degrading. Given the population densities.
Paradoxical* [ Borrows heavily from Latin, ;) ]
More room and for free.
There's no doubt many a word has multiple meanings... But in this case you shortened a phrase - "free of charge" - which is just a bad writing habit everyone suffers from from time to time occasionally. Redundancies in words and meanings can be avoided by swapping terms around.

However, technically the statement is still false. The 'currency' in jail is time. And time is money. Depending on how you look at it.
(I guess if your time is worthless then it's a wash.)
What I meant it's that is better to be in jail than to be at such "capsule hotel".
It'd be novel to stay in one once or twice. Given my height it would probably get old fast.
California has a great climate and all the geographic variety one could want
Except water. Don't forget fresh water.

I like this song. Bit of a shame I can't get into any of their other songs.  :headbang:
Well, he didn't mention The Walltm or how great he is at winning. So small steps.
I didn't hate his State of the Union. An interesting shift in demeanor if not so much words. Dems response was annoying to me.

Kinda sad I feel like I need to fact check every number the President says but I don't have to crunch the numbers to know he did a bit of reaching. Lots to pay for, but hey - the money is rolling in. :rolleyes:
Are they dwarf planets? :P
Didn't Kanye West say he was gonna run at some point?  :faint:
Speaking of things not adding up:

Apparently The White House has a YouTube channel now - Err, or they are using it now?

The about page says they/it...
Joined Jan 21, 2006

I believe there's a thread for such conversation.

I can offer my hopes. But I've considered getting a chamber pot for those.
Bahahaha! :lol:

(I lost my shit somewhere between "we have all the best words" & "You can grab 'em by the pony".)
Democrat "protestors" turn violent...
Quick thought- Delete your internet.

"Rioting In The Capital" - That's gonna make a great clickbait headline. 
I was hoping for more than regurgitated campaign rhetoric out of an inaugural speech.  (Not expecting)
Repealing Obamacare is an obvious first step but the support in his party for that isn't representative of the support for him. He'll have to survive the midterms riding on the coattails of pro partisan policy for a couple of years before trying anything radical. A second term feels dangerous.
I drink a whisky for 2,2 euros.
A beer for 1 euro.
A coffe for 55 cents.

A good bottle of wine $8-$12
Pint of Jägermeister: $14 (Me and the Missus can drink about a pint in a week)
Six pack of beer - "tall boys" (16floz): $8.xx (That can last more than a week. Petty much just to chase the jager with.)
My coffee is kinda stupid high @ $3.15 per 16floz.
Smokables - $6 a pk. Pipe tobacco is a lot cheaper. I think the last pack of mid-grade aromatic was like $4 and lasted a month.
He did something criminal, and vile.
Criminal. Yes. Vile? Meh.

I'm not sure why you passed the judgment that it's wicked. Again, nothing has been released to suggest it. (Maybe he was on something? We don't know.) No one was hurt right? The church was inundated with donations. They took over $200k from Patreon alone(or the likes). So they get a new church and a bonus lesson learned about jumping to conclusions. -- They caught the guy - are you wanting to lynch 'em? Sure wanting it to be a hate crime, when it should show how ridiculous the mess was to begin with, smh.
Good could still come of it all. Unless every rambling idiotic opinion on the internet/media has it's way.
Oh, I don't know: Maybe the local police chief's press conferences. Maybe the mayor's press conferences. Maybe the major TV news reportage. Maybe the Huffington Post, and a host of other on-line leftist outlets...
I feel like I covered that... (Tho in your case it would of been "naw"?)
Some idiots assumed and you were like, yea?
You left out every right/alt-right/conservative source feeding it too. Takes two sides for the seesaw to work.

Not one call for due process from you - For reasoning out a solution. Just reactionary garbage held out as emotional justice for the simple minds derping around under the cause of political ideals. This country isn't divided, you're all in agreement. Sooner you all lemming train us into a recession perhaps the sooner we can pull heads out of asses and actually get somewhere. 

I like my red State. Works better with a bluer Federal Gov. I still think Trump can serve my purposes. Shameless optimism on my part. I can't help it.  :blush:
You mean a black criminal spray-painting "Vote Trump" and then torching the building of his own church was really a Trump supporter?
I guess what I'm really saying is it doesn't matter why he did it. It was dumb and I'm not sure that was entirely his fault. Pumped full of the rhetoric you can't get passed either he just did something stupid. I see no difference in cognitive processing with you and needing to point it out. WTF made you think it was ever about race? The media suggested it? Some idiots assumed and you were like, yea? Given no evidence and pure speculation from them you still wanted to yell back at obvious ignorance. Infantile doesn't cover it. But shameful comes close. 

It doesn't even matter if what you said is meant to be racist. Or hurtful. Or actually meaningful in anyway. You're guilty of the same type of thinking. You might not go burn a church but sure will use it to some perceived advantage. Gotta pamper those feelings.