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Oh dear. How cold* this come to be? Too many diplomats! The shame. The horror!

*Edit: Could
Now Russia has done what the USA did
Now Russia has done what it always does? Well, if none end up dead I guess there's a difference from the norm.
I wouldn't sell mine. There are no laws preventing its misuse.
Are the USA preparing for biological warfare?
Given the USAF does research with other agencies, that seems like a big jump. Or more appropriately, pulled out of nowhere. Could just be a matter of who's budget it comes out of.
Wonder if anyone on these forums could top such a dumb statement?
:no: Easy. You'll provoke our resident Trump apologist.  :insane: 
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
We're the ones who created the trade rules that favors us, the world banking system that gives us preferment.
Actually we use the British system of banking.
Well Smileyfaze and dear man. I will use bright orange soap to get you out of the picture! And not to surprise you too much have an yellow flag (Imperial Russia coat of arms) to mark the assassination of a pleasant family along with their nice girls and the 13 year old boy expected to live due his medical complaint. My Confederate flag will be used In those days to mark the Fort Sumter attack.

May I inform you on your limited corner that the top 1% here contribute 23% of the government's tax income so can you say that??
Is there another option? Your welfare state may be cause of the ruling class making sure they have the last say.
(But then the whole purpose is the outsider's looking in perspective.)

In some cases, and on the long term, lowering taxes on businesses can attract them to the area. Mississippi could use more cooperates and industry for sure. This provides growth and a later tax base... They don't build rockets in N. Alabama because that's where all the rocket scientist are. 

You have over 40 million poor and over 2.1 million in jail being the world's toppers in that one.
The war on drugs is a fool's task. Prohibition has never worked. Criminalizing the use of drugs rather than funding treatment is the problem. Affecting mostly the areas that need social programs and education but don't participate in or trust government.

You have a massive amount of people shot to death annually plus a 4-figure number of children plus the also figure i quoted of 5,000 kids injured in that corner as well.
Again, I'm not out to save everyone. I've always taught proper gun safety to those around me, they [guns] are something one is going to encounter. Anything more is out of my purview.

The ObamaCare boasting only involves 20% of Yanks no Welfare state or national Health
While starting hyperbolic it leads right into a contradiction and falters on ignorance.

You lot like to bum about being so wonderful a world paradise but the hard facts (of which a couple I give) show a different picture. Gung ho, gun mad.
I just bought an AR-15, opting to use the .223 rounds with a 20 round clip due to weight and endurance of the hardware. Fine weapon and highly recommended. Effective around 300 yards - no feral dogs or coyotes now stand a chance given its superiority over my 30-30 in potency.

Seems mostly you do all the boasting while suffering from all the conditions you claim of "yanks" (a term which doesn't really include me ;))

I'm for some of the policies you claim are so great. The real question is, what is the road to them? If that road is furthering the overreach of imperial ideals until they break - Then I'm for that. If this country needs to break apart (Alabama :), California, Florida, Texas; I'm looking at you) - I'm for that. If one party or another needs to be reformed and gain power under such goals - I'm for that... And open to other options too. You just remain mute on what they may be. I've always assumed it due to outsider's ignorance that you can only point to symptoms. Your bias won't let you see past your nose unless damning news about America is on the telly.
Farmer dies after pig bit off his penis and three fingers
This little piggy went to the market.
We have a multi-party democracy, welfare state, national health service and much else.
This little piggy stayed home.

Scotland is the assault capital of the world according to UN stats on violent crime
Or should check home first. Your telly must want you to feel good about your backward 'country'.

United Nations fly in special investigator to probe whether hated bedroom tax has broken human rights laws
They used to collect taxes like that here, back in the '40's. Leads to interesting home designs.

Older postings. Surely things have turned around...
Scandal as Scottish doctors convicted of violent attacks are allowed to keep their jobs
Nope. Leading recent headlines suggest business as usual.

I'm guessing 90% of all private lands are still held by just over 400 people?

Oh wait - You wanted to talk wider national news.
So Brexit?
Ready to explain how the House of Lords fits in a democracy?

And before you start. I'm against some things you posted too. The answer you seek is, by voting. (Congress is next to reseat and even die hard Trump supporters have STFU for now.)
I am sick and goddamned tired of this corporate socialism.
Capitalism* ;) :rolleyes:

No, I get ya man. I really do. But giving them another place to pull money from the wrong people isn't the best thing, IMO. It can deflect away from such real issues.

The Feds are poised to roll back banking restrictions along with countless other GOP ignorance. (I've just quit keeping up.)

And, just when you think that things can't get any more stupid... Rj posits a dumb question from the land of hypocrisy.

For what it's worth the lotto just doesn't help. Our State's healthcare (TennCare) was on life-support after Bush II and now lays all but dead at the feet of Obama Care. Lotto money and all. For all the good anyone tries to do someone catches the shit end of the stick. I'm not out to save everyone. I'd just like to see the stick fall the other way once in awhile. It'll take a bit for the mainstream GOP policies to fail like they always do (in my lifetime anyway) and we'll see social progress again. With Trump in office we are all left to ride out the storm, tho.
Luckily they are very few, and that's why the point cannot be about them.
I've seen numbers higher than 80% of the people participating are below the poverty line. (Just watching who's sitting in the stores scratching off tickets or filling in bubbles seems to support this.) The point was always who was affected. Taxing the 'poor' a few dollars at a time. Sure one could argue they would of blown that anyway... But under the guise of doing educational good for a class that already have educational social programs - Oh and the dream of winning big. State sanctioned criminal activity? Guess it depends who gets the money.

I wonder how many of them know that a large portion of that money was reallocated to other things back in 2009 or '10? Oh well - let them dream.
Over here nobody ever thought of arguing for state lottery by something like, "The winner gets money to pay for a college degree/debts/..."

The tax money collected is supposed to goto scholarships or educational programs (here in TN).

The winner's can do as they please with their money. My point continued as to how that works out. 
I will never understand why the state of MS routinely ignores demands for a state lottery.

It's nothing but a poor tax. (As stated). Sure it is probably being sold as education funds, but you're one recession away from funds being reallocated. I was, and still am, against our State's lotto. Less than $0.50 paid for every $1 spent. With any real winnings being blown rather than used appropriately to pay debt, gain education or such. Handing someone with no experience or skill in dealing with money lots of it does not suddenly promote good habits. The odds of someone filing for bankruptcy after winning $150k - $1M within the first 5 years are as high as 60%. New small businesses have a slightly better success rate (50%-ish) and they are usually started in the red or at least with cost to assets by someone with experience in the field they choose.

Throwing money at the problem isn't a solution. The same people advocating the tax, I mean, lottery are often the same people too ignorant to understand the affects. Supporting public opinion on issues does matter - Just remember the greatest failing of democracy is that even the dumbest idea can find a voice... Given the State in question's reputation one would assume it more the norm. You have better odds in a casino, where your hubris is your real competition.     
The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Oops, must've been the summer heat
Perfectly understandable. Tis hot. :)

Sweat towel.
The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Bubble gum.
The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Deep investigation.

The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Space capsule
Thanks for doing it so we can learn from your experience
I didn't. But I did look into it after buying the phone. Grand total after all the peripherals; you could of had a nice notebook.
Does "wrap around screen" mean something like "edge" popularised by some earlier Galaxies? The first time I saw it, I understood it would be a problem to hold such a thing in hand when you want to just hold it, not touch anything. This would imply imbalanced grip and this in turn would imply dropping the thing, so investing in some good cover is compulsory.
Yes, the screen wraps around the edges. Absolutely useless. especially given you MUST get a protector case for it... Not so bad as you might think when holding it. Trying to use other apps only to activate an edge feature would be my gripe... That and slides right out of your pocket no problem. :mad:

I heard that S8 (and probably + too) at first has some features turned off and when you turn them on, it warns about battery.
To be fair all phones are throttled. It's actually nice to see a stock phone give you the option to use the device's potential. That being said, if we're going to go in that far, give me some control of the kernel values. (Things I'm used to with custom ROMs). Altering WiFi/Bluetooth ping rates and CPU thresholds would allow me to mitigate the battery drain at the higher performance marks (the ones they advertised mind you.).  
With Galaxy S8, Samsung has added a "desktop experience" to the external monitor, so the phone can replace a netbook now.
You have to buy a $150 dock.

I'm not super happy with my S8+. The wrap around screen is useless, I've turned all the related features off, as they are way too easy to accidentally activate. Perhaps of note also, I cracked the corner of mine rather quickly. Wrap around screen means don't drop it. My Note 4 survived much worse... I'm tempted to go back to it. With a custom rom i'm almost sure I can make up for the performance difference. Actually using the S8+ to its full potential tanks battery life.
Mueller is an honorable man; a competent man. (And a Democrat.)
He's a Republican actually.
Are not your own politicians worth talking about?
Trump is one of my politicians. :right: [Triggered much?]
Grammar aside.
His vernacular represents its source if the subject matter isn't telling enough.

Tho, side note: I have found it interesting how rightwing propaganda blogs have adapted words you, not three years ago, would have only found in conspiracy theory blogs.

I almost miss the days he got caught up in the 'clever' use of a thesaurus for some B novel he was reading at the time.
I was just gonna nope the hell outta this. -However I can't help but some mild trolling... There's, of course, a Twitter link.

 :doh: #reprentation