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2013-11-19, 21:10:15
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False. I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular but better than the recent Avengers/Captain America stuff.You're looking to buy some... The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-20, 09:21:02
Quote from: Syav on 2017-08-20, 02:01:23I actually have never watched a live comedian on stage.Whoa, what? Never as in never ... The Lounge Re: Random Chat 2017-08-20, 09:20:04
About 30 victims from about 30 countries? Impressive. (Oh wait, I realized victims != deceased.) DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2017-08-19, 18:48:10
@krake Usually there's no problem. It's just some kind of weird fluke that I've experienced two or three times, whereas I tur... Browsers & Technology Re: Browsers and Netw... 2017-08-19, 18:46:53
I've actually noticed something similar in Linux. When I'm at home I see no reason to disable my connection, but when I have ... Browsers & Technology Re: Browsers and Netw... 2017-08-19, 10:34:55
Seeing a graph cut off like that always makes me wonder it they're trying to make a temporary blip look really important. DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2017-08-18, 08:55:48
False. You normally disable autosync on your phone. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-17, 20:56:07
True. You wish you had an apple. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-17, 13:21:06
Avocado. Ink or toner? The Lounge Re: This or that? 2017-08-16, 18:15:38
They called it ads, but to my recollection it was almost exclusively reasonably funny comics. Do you happen to remember what... Otter Browser Forum Re: Thank you! I'm as... 2017-08-14, 11:09:44

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