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Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2017-05-18, 19:38:23Mueller is an honorable man; a competent man. (And a Democrat.)He's a Republica... DnD Central Re: FBI Director Come... 2017-05-19, 20:41:36
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2017-05-17, 15:25:15Are not your own politicians worth talking about?Trump is one of my politicians... DnD Central Re: FBI Director Come... 2017-05-18, 01:21:15
Grammar aside. DnD Central Re: FBI Director Come... 2017-05-16, 23:04:13
His vernacular represents its source if the subject matter isn't telling enough.Tho, side note: I have found it interesting h... DnD Central Re: FBI Director Come... 2017-05-11, 20:06:53
I was just gonna nope the hell outta this. -However I can't help but some mild trolling... There's, of course, a Twitter link... DnD Central Re: "Proportional" re... 2017-05-11, 19:45:14
Quote from: jax on 2017-04-03, 01:05:38Capsule hotels are transitory, a means to rejuvenate and refresh on the way to home or... DnD Central Re: 21st century arch... 2017-04-03, 13:49:17
OláQuote from: Belfrager on 2017-04-02, 13:57:04Those capsule hotels are meant to reduce human dignity, to treat humans as in... DnD Central Re: 21st century arch... 2017-04-02, 21:28:22
Quote from: Belfrager on 2017-04-01, 06:13:06paradoxalParadoxical* [ Borrows heavily from Latin, ]Quote from: Belfrager on 2... DnD Central Re: 21st century arch... 2017-04-02, 19:37:49
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2017-03-29, 17:05:08California has a great climate and all the geographic variety one could wantExc... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2017-03-30, 07:42:03 I like this song. Bit of a shame I can't get into any of their other songs.  DnD Central Re: Biggest hit vs. b... 2017-03-10, 18:38:27

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