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2013-11-19, 21:10:15
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wind → cloud controller The Lounge Re: Category Word game. 2017-06-23, 12:50:02
False. You don't smoke at all. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-06-23, 12:49:39
In related news, another Opera Presto feature was added (albeit one I'm less concerned about). Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2017-06-22, 13:39:04
Back in 2008 I complained that SVG favicons weren't supported. A few years later Opera (Presto!) and Firefox implemented it. ... Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2017-06-22, 11:21:23
QuoteThis map, based on data provided by Brand Finance.Alas, the source link doesn't work.Code: [Select]http://brandfinance.c... DnD Central Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ? 2017-06-22, 11:12:01
Lake → ocean Print The Lounge Re: Category Word game. 2017-06-19, 08:03:03
Quote from: Belfrager on 2017-06-16, 22:57:43Lotteries are voluntary, therefore not a tax. Cappice???And they're not "volunta... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2017-06-17, 18:57:19
Since I used to live there it's not loud. Just audible. Swedish is definitely easier to read than to listen to. Some words ar... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2017-06-15, 18:58:42
Here's a little animation video about what they're doing where I used to live. I can hear the pile driving right now.https://... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2017-06-15, 14:50:44
Quote from: ersi on 2017-06-13, 20:43:50*Buntu and derivatives seem to include Galculator. If you are not speaking about them... Browsers & Technology Re: General Unix/Linu... 2017-06-14, 10:21:00

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