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False. You're analyzing a video of yourself. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-22, 14:07:14
Aww. I hope you were in a partial area at least?The funny thing is when I was little there was an eclipse every two or three... The Lounge Re: Random Chat 2017-08-22, 10:59:51
Don't they have radar systems to prevent against that kind of thing? I mean, we're hardly talking about some local fishers on... DnD Central Re: Navy question - w... 2017-08-22, 10:57:54
Quote from: ersi on 2017-08-22, 09:47:21As it is, you come across like Trump when he said, "Look what happened in Sweden. Who... DnD Central Re: Statue farce in t... 2017-08-22, 10:56:22
I haven't had the, *ahem*, pleasure of trying the new Skype for Android: Browsers & Technology Re: Attention Grabbers 2017-08-22, 10:51:17
Quote from: krake on 2017-08-22, 07:39:50I recall lashing out even at Bruce Lawson (their new PR guru at that time) proving h... Browsers & Technology Re: Vivaldi Technical... 2017-08-22, 10:48:25
Yes, I read that blog post last year. I also posted something about it just a couple of hours ago here. I can't say Fx 55 on... Otter Browser Forum Re: Tabs. As with Ope... 2017-08-20, 20:24:37
Nope, SMF 2.3 beta 4 (in dev, current from Git, whatever) doesn't seem to have improved much from a quick glance. (But a lot ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Tabs. As with Ope... 2017-08-20, 19:25:03
False. You're listening to Elvis Presley. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-20, 19:17:55
Quote from: K@ on 2017-08-20, 17:27:29Funny thing, I used to be the support lead for the software that Elkarte was forked fro... Otter Browser Forum Re: Tabs. As with Ope... 2017-08-20, 18:58:15

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