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2014-02-21, 14:39:07
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Nadszedł już czas, najwyższy czas, nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.
The time has come, the high time, to destroy hatred in oneself.

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@wutian2016, are you sure that it's HTML5 video? I only see flash player there. Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-02-21, 17:58:15
@ovas, uhm, are you expecting that changing this value will change zoom in existing tabs?It doesn't work that way, it only ap... Otter Browser Forum Re: V163 Problems wit... 2017-02-18, 20:17:43
@ovas, you have set default zoom to 150% and it's not applied to new tabs? Cannot reproduce here. Otter Browser Forum Re: V163 Problems wit... 2017-02-18, 18:51:20
@ovas, what do you mean exactly? Some screenshot illustrating that issue might help. Otter Browser Forum Re: V163 Problems wit... 2017-02-18, 18:41:26
@fullessness, yeah, resizing will return later, I would like t make it generic, so it could be used for example to resize Tab... Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly163] toolb... 2017-02-17, 12:24:22
@bluedragon77, you need GStreamer 1.x, at least good and bad plugins and perhaps PA plugin too, if you are using it. Otter Browser Forum Re: Gstreamer depende... 2017-02-17, 07:14:22
@kanakomoerer, well, it broke. ;-) But the good news is that it was already fixed for next weekly. Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-02-16, 19:18:46
@GregoryGoo, you can try to set Cache/PagesInMemoryLimitOption to 0 in about:config.It could be also some memory leak or meas... Otter Browser Forum Re: Is it possible to... 2017-02-15, 07:27:11
@Freeman, please try it using test-qtwebkit.exe or try masking as Firefox using View -> User Agent menu. Otter Browser Forum Re: Blank page on iku... 2017-02-12, 07:58:28
@Freeman, there is known issue where proxies for HTTPS could be ignored, I'm not aware of anything else. Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-02-12, 07:54:34

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