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Well - ok, I really had hoped that it would be just some config I missed   , but well so I stick to my "Jockstuff" VM (Kubu L... Browsers & Technology Re: Opera 12 - help n... 2015-12-23, 22:25:34
Well.... it's a long time ago since I actually downloaded some torrents with Opera (Opera Installs using the torrent)... now ... Browsers & Technology Opera 12 - help neede... 2015-12-20, 02:39:40
          "only under the hood" - I think I missed that one - and funny as it may sound now, i think it would have gained (... Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2015-05-25, 20:17:25
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-11-29, 08:47:15The drivers are hundreds of megabytes now, but as far as I can tell they somehow h... Browsers & Technology Re: Competitor to Ott... 2014-11-30, 01:55:09
Just a short Note:Frenzie: Theater Mode (ATI) gone? Damned - I know that this computer under XP x64 with the old drivers had ... Browsers & Technology Re: Competitor to Ott... 2014-11-29, 05:47:16
Ah, ok - should have thought about my answer/comment regarding videos - what I meant for within a browser was to "not Fullscr... Browsers & Technology Re: Competitor to Ott... 2014-11-28, 04:59:42
Ok, personal wishlist - 3 itemsOn-the-Edge Server (Applications/Virtual Machines, Media-Streams)Client1: High-End Desktop - C... Browsers & Technology Re: The Hardware Thread 2014-11-28, 02:42:21
Interesting how one's pattern recognition is working The Video Element has gone unnoticed by me, instead I was wondering (fro... Browsers & Technology Re: Competitor to Ott... 2014-11-27, 05:08:52
Not sure what Frenzie meant, but for me semi-workable is something like Bookmarks/Bookmarks-Manager in Opera Presto (which co... Browsers & Technology Re: Keeping an eye on... 2014-11-22, 02:52:55
Quote from: Frenzie on 2014-11-19, 09:35:14I thought Opera/Presto only came in 32-bit on Windows. My bad.No Problem there - I... Browsers & Technology Re: Java JRE and Wind... 2014-11-20, 04:42:48

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