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Just a short note from my nontechnical corner...I could not care less for Win10, Chrome and Android. (And somehow I have a fe... Otter Browser Forum Re: Emdek, forget abo... 2017-08-09, 10:44:29
It is a 32 bit build running under both 32 and 64 bit Win 7 (happens on both).Hm.... Some of my checked options: Open new win... Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-28, 21:24:43
Quote from: Emdek on 2017-07-25, 08:37:06@Borut, does it happen only when simply saving file or when choosing to open it afte... Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-28, 06:12:43
Quote from: Emdek on 2017-07-21, 16:16:04Cannot reproduce on Windows 10, perhaps I need some more detailed description how to... Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-21, 21:04:31
Quote from: Emdek on 2017-07-14, 19:06:03@Borut, Alex31, which build? Normal 32bit Windows weekly 184, Webkit 602.1 under Win7. Otter Browser Forum Re: [Weekly 184] Cras... 2017-07-17, 05:29:05
Also on this complex site of a respectable public french/german tv program: Otter Browser Forum Re: [Weekly 184] Cras... 2017-07-14, 13:18:52
Using 0.9.91 weekly 173, legacy WebKit 538.1, on WinXP, portable configuration. I can confirm the following:Go to HomePage bu... Otter Browser Forum [Weekly 173] Observat... 2017-04-27, 11:33:10
Using 0.9.91 weekly 172, legacy WebKit 538.1, on WinXP.Clear history on exit: Working great (and maybe faster then clear hist... Otter Browser Forum [Weekly 172] Observat... 2017-04-21, 10:45:22
Thanks for 171. I can confirm that history is now being cleared on exit. Also full screen mode is working fine again. The abo... Otter Browser Forum Re: Clear history whe... 2017-04-12, 04:54:11
Your answers were eye openers for a few things for me - thank you for that!When trying to simply assign a local file to windo... Otter Browser Forum Re: Clear history whe... 2017-04-07, 22:16:49

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