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Well, looks as though May and her cronies have wormed their way out of paying  the 52 billion quid EU divorce bill: No doubt ... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2017-03-15, 16:27:17
Quote from: rjhowie on 2017-03-12, 01:41:02Last week on the Net I came across a notice board on a London street outside a pub... DnD Central Re: The Inauguration,... 2017-03-15, 16:18:31
^ I see that Donald Trump collaborators have begun spamming the site. DnD Central Re: Today's Bad News 2017-03-05, 02:22:22
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2017-03-03, 21:33:42Quote from: Colonel Rebel on 2017-03-02, 09:19:38sacrificing his minions early ... DnD Central Re: The Inauguration,... 2017-03-05, 02:20:49
In short,, rampant corporate socialism as well as socialism for the rich, cut-throat capitalism and suffering for the poor. T... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2017-03-02, 17:26:19
Strongly am considering wearing a colander when my license expires this year. You know, being a Pastafarian Minister kinda di... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2017-03-02, 17:22:43
Good that Drumpf is going on ahead and sacrificing his minions early on, rather than dragging it out. First Mattis, then Sess... DnD Central Re: The Inauguration,... 2017-03-02, 17:19:38
Noteworthy things that have happened since I last posted:1. The Deep Fried Cheeto elected President.2. DFC appoints millionai... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2016-12-20, 19:35:32
I think the country and state would be just as well off if we followed that town in Alaska's example; they have elected a cat... DnD Central Re: Why do we do this? 2016-12-20, 19:23:32
Glad to see Dr. Paul getting some love. DnD Central Re: The American 201... 2016-12-20, 19:17:43

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