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Quote from: exley on 2017-03-22, 23:54:59if you are aiming for disgusting flat look, i'm gonna ditch this browser for goodTha... Otter Browser Forum Re: disgusting look... 2017-03-23, 20:03:55
Ah, good find! I check the Area 51 from time to time but must have missed that one.As to the question of "when", the usual re... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-03-05, 20:27:00
I haven't seen anything related to it on the forums or mailing lists. :/ Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-03-05, 11:56:56
Yes, I've seen annulen's WebKit contributions on GitHub. Very well then, thanks to annulen and vitallium too. Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-03-04, 20:10:34
It's been some time since I last used Otter on Windows, and recently I've upgraded to the latest (weekly #165). It looks and ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 12 release (... 2017-03-04, 17:50:45
Definitely just the website not being cross-browser compatible. The page displays properly when the user agent is set to Chro... Otter Browser Forum Re: Blank page on iku... 2017-02-12, 11:17:13
Yes you are right. Thank you for the reply. Otter Browser Forum Re: override.ini 2017-02-09, 11:06:15
Yes I have noticed that Otter needed a "" entry even when I added the "*" one.I don't suppose it would b... Otter Browser Forum Re: override.ini 2017-02-08, 21:54:18
I see. Thank you for the reply! Otter Browser Forum Re: IgnoreSslErrors 2017-02-08, 21:46:44
Hello. I've been wondering what exactly is this string that Security/IgnoreSslErrors is being set to and what does it mean. Otter Browser Forum IgnoreSslErrors 2017-02-07, 21:34:33

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