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I wanted to witness the Solar Eclipse that occurred at 1pm today. But the freakin' overcast & rain got in the way.  The Lounge Re: Random Chat 2017-08-22, 02:32:29
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Quote from: Frenzie I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular but better than the recent Avengers/Captain America stuff. I really enj... The Lounge Re: Random Chat 2017-08-21, 02:25:58
Brogues. Egg roll or egg wonton soup? The Lounge Re: This or that? 2017-08-21, 02:12:33
True. I must've been half awake that morning You accidentally add sugar instead of salt while you were cooking. The Lounge Re: True or false? 2017-08-21, 02:10:59
Hover » float Grasshopper. The Lounge Re: Category Word game. 2017-08-21, 02:04:08

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