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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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I do try to make allowances for you being a yank who doesn't know much about outside the ex-colonies but bordering on the stu... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2017-04-23, 17:47:43
Britain killed for pleasure and profit, Oakdale? You old religion has came back and a load of old cobblers.. May I remind due... DnD Central Re: Replacing Supreme... 2017-04-23, 17:41:03
Oh I think Oakdale that the UN should be in an investigation process. DnD Central Re: Another imperiali... 2017-04-23, 17:25:19
They might patiently wait until he is sober before noting much. DnD Central Re: Tripe about Ukraine 2017-04-23, 17:22:52
Sorry to be a disappointment Belfrager but my younger brother has visited the Algarve in your place and seemed to enjoy it! DnD Central Re: "Proportional" re... 2017-04-23, 17:20:44
Unfortunately this change of stance from what is said in election campaigns then about facing once in the White House is sadl... DnD Central Re: The Inauguration,... 2017-04-23, 17:18:44
People enjoy coming here being such a friendly place. DnD Central Re: "Proportional" re... 2017-04-20, 20:14:35
I do not need to borrow humour whatsoever dear ex-colonist. Just a pity having suffered what passes for education over there ... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2017-04-20, 20:13:11
When you see how corrupt the Vatican lot are Oakdale I do enjoy Belfrager's humour!Ukraine is a basket-case and brought on by... DnD Central Re: Tripe about Ukraine 2017-04-20, 20:10:43
So Oakdale doesn't feel lonely he is not the only one from another planet! Dude/ (groan) DnD Central Re: Replacing Supreme... 2017-04-20, 20:08:46

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