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I love short remarks.
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Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
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2013-11-20, 13:26:38
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Talk about tyranny of the majority.   They are losers. DnD Central Losers 2017-04-13, 17:53:28
They expect that the representation should somehow reflect the population. They are not asking for quotas.So, they are questi... DnD Central Representation 2017-04-12, 19:55:10
Your reading comprehension is astounding. When you reply to what I (or Mukoyama) actually said, we can discuss further. DnD Central Re: Today's Good News 2017-04-12, 19:26:58
So, it's not desirable that the votes represent the population. How typically American. DnD Central Population - who cares? 2017-04-12, 11:48:57
"Special" must be a minority, anyway. DnD Central Special 2017-03-31, 11:30:40
Me too. I wonder when they are going to support FreeBSD. Opera M2 is still my primary e-mail software. Browsers & Technology Vivaldi mail? FreeBSD? 2017-03-29, 13:35:55
So better British citizens shouldn't be allowed to enter the United States. DnD Central Ban the British 2017-03-24, 13:52:26
Nah! According to Trump, all terrorists have immigrated from a list of countries that don't include Saudi Arabia. Trust him. ... DnD Central Alternative facts 2017-03-24, 11:38:07
Try a BSD one. Browsers & Technology Re: General Unix/Linu... 2017-03-17, 17:33:14
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2017-03-14, 07:22:29Trump is the president of the United States. (Again?...) DnD Central The president of the ... 2017-03-14, 11:29:22

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