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From the screenshot, Mike is using Windows XP like me.However, for me the sidebar is now white, and the address bar, but the ... Otter Browser Forum Re: White address bar 2017-04-12, 17:48:34
Working now, thanks! Otter Browser Forum Re: Update Check No L... 2017-04-07, 13:19:06
It's still telling me now that there's no updates available, even though one was posted yesterday. Otter Browser Forum Re: Update Check No L... 2017-04-07, 12:16:58
Thanks Emdek. Hopefully it will be working for the next update.   Otter Browser Forum Re: Update Check No L... 2017-03-31, 13:56:24
The automatic update checking does not seem to be working any more for me.I have it set to check for updates every day on the... Otter Browser Forum Update Check No Longe... 2017-03-30, 23:34:36
Quote from: Emdek on 2017-03-13, 15:23:47@DaveH, hopefully it's reproducible under Windows 10, as testing it on XP machine mi... Otter Browser Forum Re: v166 bugs 2017-03-16, 16:08:35
Just another to throw in here, I've only just noticed it, but it may well be long-standing.Although my default search engine ... Otter Browser Forum Re: v166 bugs 2017-03-13, 14:49:02
Thanks Emdek, I was afraid that might be the case, and my investigations since my post last November had actually confirmed i... Otter Browser Forum Re: (solved) No Video... 2017-01-18, 13:32:29
 The startup of Otter is still not right unless "continue previous session" is selected.It used to always start with a really... Otter Browser Forum Otter startup still n... 2016-11-16, 23:51:21
Still no joy here, I'm just getting "An error occurred. Please try later." on every YouTube video with the HTML5 player.It's ... Otter Browser Forum Re: (solved) No Video... 2016-11-13, 23:24:10

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