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The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
Last post by Syav -
8:50 pm
Vivaldi always said they'd get an e-mail client built-in. Sadly, I can't see that happening. :( I use Viv for sites that Opera 12 can't display. I have to say, I'm impressed with this Otter, so far. It's damned quick on most sites I've been to.

As I did a bit of dev stuff, when with SMF, I have way too many browsers installed. Fourteen, now... I kinda like Lunascape, but that's not as breakable as I like, really. "Breakable" is code for "I like to pull things apart and see if I can break them what I can change and make better". As A non-programmer (Apart from a TINY bit of php/html), that can result in... er... fukkups.

I've nudged a few of my cohorts to Otter. But, there's a small problem, for a few. As they're not as able as some, eyes-wise, they need some themes, so that they can get the colours they need. I'm going to try and help them with some custom css files, to see if we can get around that. The skin I use with Opera is one that makes it look exactly like Opera v1 did. It's kinda groovy.
Right, thanks got the link.

Whom were you on about Oakdale - was it Freddie Mercury? If it passingly was then had no time for him!
Browsers & Technology / Re: Vivaldi Technical Preview Released
Last post by K@ -
Haaaa! A lot of disgruntled ex-Opera users are referring to it as "Opium", now. Their old forum moderators got dead pissed about it and banned a load of us, for that. Like we were worried...

Funny, really, as it's hardly addictive.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Vivaldi Technical Preview Released
Last post by ersi -
Being very much in a True Detach mood today, I share my current best recommendations to achieve this effect. Roughly in the order of bestness.

1. A minimal browser

A minimal browser has minimal interface out of the box, basically just the title bar (mandated by the window manager) and the combined status+navigation bar. To achieve something like True Detach, just open such a browser. That's it. If you are extra lucky, it has a rendering engine that can play anything you need. More likely not though.

2. Pale Moon

This Mozilla derivative has a fabulous toolbarless mode that you can try out as follows:

- Under Preferences > Tabs, uncheck Always show the tab bar
- Under View menu, uncheck the Bookmarks toolbar, then the Navigation toolbar, and finally the Menu bar

What is left is something like a minimal browser. What's super awesome about it is that, in this state, Pale Moon has a popup secondary address field under the common keybinds Alt+d and Ctrl+l, so the browser remains completely usable without menus and toolbars.

A new tab and the tab bar opens up by Ctrl+t. By right-clicking on the empty space in the tab bar you will get your toolbars back. By the way, Seamonkey (the successor of Mozilla Suite) works the same way, except that the secondary address field is only under Ctrl+l.

This is an area where modern FF totally lost it.

3. Otter

In Otter, all toolbars can be hidden either by right-click or menus, like in Pale Moon, or by keybinds that you have to build. Otter has a less elaborate, but functional secondary address field. Additionally, there is a separate popup to go to bookmarks like in old Opera.

Honorary mention: Vivaldi browser

Under Tools > Settings > Appearance, Vivaldi has the Show User Interface checkmark. Vivaldi turns into a minimal browser by this setting. This is a fabulous setting, but it's better to make it into a keybind. Under Keyboard, find View > Toggle UI and put your preferred keyboard shortcut there.

With these settings, Vivaldi's interface morphs faster than Pale Moon's, but Vivaldi cannot earn a better place on this list due to lack of access to a (secondary) address field in this state. As far as I can see, to use the address field, you have to turn the interface back on.

I asked the question in Vivaldi forum and I got the reply: Quick commands. Indeed, Vivaldi's Quick commands do more than old Opera. You can search for anything in Quick commands, in this case for Address bar and select it and the address bar returns. While this does the trick, it is (a) slower than having a direct keybind to secondary address field and (b) loses the minimality. Edit: Looks like the Quick commands field doesn't just search, but acts as a secondary address field just by typing a url in there. I guess I have to raise Vivaldi on this list :)

The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Luxor -

You accidentally put salt in your coffee instead of sugar.
Yes, I read that blog post last year. I also posted something about it just a couple of hours ago here. ;)

I can't say Fx 55 on my laptop really feels any faster. I guess it must be the "legacy" extensions I seem to have installed. For example, the "Save file to" extension is legacy. And this'll also be fun: the Ubuntu Modifications.[1] /sigh
I have no idea what they do, probably only relevant if you use that top menu in Unity, but I wouldn't be surprised if it made Ubuntu reconsider which browser they ship as default.
They suffer from the same thing that Opera and Mozilla suffer(ed). Rather than giving the members what they wanted, the member s got what the devs decided they should have. That was one of the big reasons I gave it up.

You know that Firefox is going to die an ugly death, soon, I s'pose?

Nope, SMF 2.3 beta 4 (in dev, current from Git, whatever) doesn't seem to have improved much from a quick glance. (But a lot under the hood, one hopes.) It's unfortunate but there's plenty of other fish in the sea. :)
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Frenzie -

You're listening to Elvis Presley.