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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Incorrect downloading of large files
Last post by Mike -
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Syav -

You have two desk lamps in your bedroom.
The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
Last post by Syav -
8:35 pm
The Lounge / Re: What have you just eaten or drunk?
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The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Last post by Syav -
Pick up.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in China?
Last post by Belfrager -
Much more important than canonized or not, China's president had made severe criticism against Americans, without even mentioning Trump once at a three hours long speech, regarding economic isolationism.
Also the concern with climate alterations is to be noted, another criticism against the USA.
We had a militia at the wonderful fascist times, the Legion.
They marched very well at the nazi stile and never have done nothing but that.
I wish that the American constitution could be applied to us, bring back the militia, it's our right.  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Last post by Belfrager -
If you want to learn Portuguese,
That's impossible, too much complex for them.
German is also impossible for us, too much boring.
I'm against everything.
And I'm against anyone who is against anything. Myself included.
Absolutely, I'm at your side being against everything including ourselves and very specially those who are against anything. There's no patience.
The rest of your post is a bit of shit, influence of the anglo saxons. I think they're discussing Che Guevara at post stamps. I prefer Che at t shirts, it's more irritating.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: (Pre) RC 1 release (01.10.2017)
Last post by kwaku1 -
@kwaku1, to co zostało tam podlinkowane nie zadziała bez przeróbek, o ile w ogóle działa.

W napadzie geniuszu zainstalowałem to przez menadżera dodatków. Faktycznie na razie efektów brak. No nic, będę rzecz obserwować. :)