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Topic: Questions to the Administrator (Read 22644 times)

Questions to the Administrator

I was wondering, why is it that whenever I Reply to a a response in a thread....when I post it I get thrown out into the Index Page, rather than remaining at the just entered post to review??

Is there an option that can be chosen, on either my part or yours,
to circumvent this troubling 'feature' ?


..... On a non-related subject, are all BB Codes available for our use, or must some be turned on/activated by you before we can access them for our forum usage?

I've tried a few from my/a personal list on one of my FireFox toolbars I've used elsewhere that seem inoperative here in this forum/bulletin board.

Thanks again   
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Re: Questions to the Administrator
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That's certainly the biggest, but iirc not the only one.