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Topic: [Weekly 172] Observations and problems (Read 41 times)

  • Borut
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[Weekly 172] Observations and problems
Using 0.9.91 weekly 172, legacy WebKit 538.1, on WinXP.

  • Clear history on exit: Working great (and maybe faster then clear history previously did?). Thanks!
  • Go to HomePage button still not working at my place (no matter where positioned). Can someone please confirm this? Using Alt-H instead, which works.
  • Checking/Unchacking user script: Session has to be restarted in order for a change to be activated. (This was so in previous versions too.)
  • Action handling redo still in progress, so nothing new to report here.

  • Emdek
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Re: [Weekly 172] Observations and problems
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@Borut, homepage action apparently broke again as part of that redo (it definitely was working again correctly for some time :-D), I'll try to stabilize that in time for 173.
Addons Manager should get some more love after tab bar.
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