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How do you usually connect to the world?

  • I shout.
    2 (22.2%)
  • In a pub.:beer:
    0 (0%)
  • Mail, telegraph...
    3 (33.3%)
  • I don't -- they come to me...:cool:
    0 (0%)
  • I have a secretary.:verycool:
    0 (0%)
  • I have a landline phone.
    0 (0%)
  • Trunking, CB, Morse flashlight.
    0 (0%)
  • Cellphone or that sort...
    3 (33.3%)
  • Internet apps.
    1 (11.1%)
  • A sat. phone.
    0 (0%)
  • Something you can't ever imagine. :)
    0 (0%)

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Topic: Phones! phones! phones!  (Read 4625 times)

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Phones! phones! phones!
Here in this thread we'll cover every phone :yikes: except maybe those funny things with a wheel. Cellphones, DECT phones, satellite phones... Slightly outdated trunking radio phones...
Military radiophones. NASA/ISS "phones". Skype-like apps... 

So, what sort of a phone have you had/do you have? Brand?

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Re: Phones! phones! phones!
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Is wanting to lock the device in landscape mode occasionally really such a niche thing?
On a Lenovo tablet I spotted this feature: When on landscape mode, you can lock it to landscape. Quite common sense, because when on portrait you can lock any Android to portrait.

Such obvious features should indeed be included everywhere. Really, I don't like this "there's an app for everything attitude". It's as bad as FF's "there's an extension for everything". Well, maybe there should be more apps to do desktop environment features like home screens, apptrays, system menus,  and window management.

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Re: Phones! phones! phones!
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either auto-rotate of rotate
That was of course supposed to read "either auto-rotate or portrait".

In CyanogenMod <13 the rotation quicksetting used to have at least three taps: portrait, landscape, and auto. I don't recall if it had one for reverse landscape, but it almost certainly didn't have a reverse portrait, at least without diving into the advanced settings.

On cm13 you can (at least in theory) choose which auto-rotation angles you allow. So if you only allow 90 degrees or 270 degrees, you would be able to lock it in landscape. Except then you'd have to go into the settings every time instead of quickly toggling it. Although... it just occurred to me that by locking auto-rotate to landscape, you could actually get a proper toggle between portrait and landscape ("auto-rotate"). Annoyingly, I often like auto-rotate, so the previous three-tap setting was much preferred. I would suggest what you said (lock to current rotation) to the Tap 'n' Turn devs but I don't want to seem ungrateful. :P

It's as bad as FF's "there's an extension for everything".
It's pretty bizarre too. I had to install an app to do something as simple as transferring text messages or contacts from one phone to the next. This is something that could always be done via Bluetooth no trouble with an open standard, implemented not just by Sony Ericsson but also by real smartphone operating systems such as Windows Mobile.[1] On Windows Mobile it was also trivial to export all kinds of things onto the SD card.
iOS and Android not included.