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The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You're tired.
Interesting, but Fx on my laptop brings my whole computer down and in Vivaldi it's just slow. On my desktop it might work out. :P
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You have CDs to listen to.
DnD Central / Re: "Scientists Say" blather
I thought we'd already done that years or even decades ago? I didn't realize the kilo was such a holdout.
Sorry, I got confused with XMMS. And indeed like you mentioned, Qmmp.
There's still xbmc, the Winamp clone of yore.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You're watching a movie.
Do you mean the file from RC12 (on doesn't work on that version of Mac OS?
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You bought some books yesterday.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You can't receive packages right now.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Welcome @klingoncowboy4 !
What propaganda mind swallowing is that comment about Putin. The US is world champion on interference.
He was being sarcastic. ;)
Microsoft, Red Hat, etc. all use Linux for their massive cloud infrastructure. The fact that Red Hat also makes some desktop stuff is probably more like a bonus or even an unwanted distraction.

My hunch seems to have been correct, CNN calls it a "cloud computing firm":
There is one use for debezelled displays: they could be tiled with sufficiently clever hardware and drivers.
Well yes, that is the only reason I half care about the bezels at work. For example, you might want one application on about half of one monitor with a big Excel document stretching across one and a half so you can see more of the information within at once.

But given how Windows (or any other WM afaik) doesn't conveniently support doing that kind of thing it's a moot point regardless. I'm curious actually how people with those ultrawide monitors handle window management, because theoretically that might be the ideal version of my work setup. It seems like it would completely break the regular half maximized (Win+left/right), full maximized (Win+up) workflow.

Unfortunately my second monitor is an inferior model that doesn't even align properly. ;)

Is this idea applicable to phone displays too?
You'd still see the cracks, so I don't think it's really applicable to anything except if you're only supposed to view it from several meters away.
Secret leftover Nazi bases? I sense a C-movie plot coming...
I don't think there is, but we do have what's going on in the Americas.
The search function is very rudimentary. It should have a way to search by thread's names so we don't create another one if not necessary.
While not technically thread title only, if you tick "Search in topic subjects only" in advanced options I think it's close enough to be useful, and probably more useful in most cases unless you happen to know the exact title.
Did Windows Mobile have multi-app functions like dual-pane and floating windows?
Sure, of course you could do that, although that's not a thing that'd be very useful 99% of the time. At least on screen sizes from a decade ago. My phone has a larger screen than my old '09 GPS, which had something like 800x480 at 4.5". My Zenfone 2 has 1980x1080 @ 5.5".

Windows Mobile gave you the power of Outlook. Android gives you a simulacrum of Outlook.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Just fill out this circle: o.
Possibly as an attempt to compensate for losing Windows Mobile OS.
I know there are fans of Windows Phone, but frankly using a decade-old Windows Mobile device last year was an amazing experience.

But I'll give Windows Phone that the utterly ridiculous Windows 8/10 "Metro"/"Modern" interface actually kind of works on capacitive touch phones. I suppose it feels a bit like the rough idea behind Android done right -- I just happen to like the idea of Windows Mobile better.
Bezelless computer monitors though, that's another matter (as long as they have good arms/legs/VESA mounts). I wonder why there aren't any already by now.
There are these new HP monitors at work that have a bezel of just a mm or so. I much prefer my older, bigger, big bezeled 16:10 over one of those smaller 16:9 things though. Plus they can't even sit at a proper height. Now if they were almost indistinguishable from one of the monitor I use, except with slightly better color accuracy and tiny bezels, then we'd be talking a no-brainer...[1]

Should they want to replace them and the opportunity presented itself, I'd definitely consider taking one or more of those 16:10s home with me.[2]
Well, except the boss wouldn't approve a new monitor just 'cause it has tiny bezels. ;)
My wife's current 16:10 monitor is a decade old, so while obviously I hope otherwise I'm inclined to think it'll probably die of natural causes within the next five years.
Edge is astonishingly high in the table. [whisper]I admit using it on Android  :)
I know there's all kinds of Microsoft on Android, but there's a Microsoft browser on Android?

Ah, probably some other planet where iPhone users exist is included in the statistics. I tend to forget the Apple planet.
It could also partially be other browsers. Like Otter. Yes, surely mostly Otter. :)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: visited link
Probably a bug. Is there a simple test page around?
DnD Central / Re: Apple vs. the FBI
Huh, interesting. They could remove it in an update, of course.
Many users may be unaware their CPU is now running at full tilt, mining cryptocurrency for someone else.
I'm pretty sure you're going to notice "full tilt" in performance and/or noise. My gut feeling says that up to about 50% is much less likely to be noticed.
Maybe it's on the other shoulder.

(Yeah... who am I kidding. :) )