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Personally I think Master/Slave should be renamed Mistress/Slave in the name of equality and progress. But this IETF draft thinks differently.
They write from a very American perspective. As a European, when I hear slave I don't think black. I think slave. Which like I said I consider that at best a rather odd and imprecise way to talk about some piece of technology. As far as I'm concerned the word slave can be discarded yesterday in this context, although I do appreciate your suggestion. :) The word slave encompasses black slaves in the new world, but also regular old European slaves, most famously thralls for some reason, and just as readily Arab slaves who were often from around here.

Americans might call that whitewashing history, but it's not like we don't critically examine slavery in Suriname. It's just not necessarily the first thing to spring to mind.
On Hitler's side it was the other way round. At first he had thoroughly discussed and planned everything with his generals and there was collegial agreement on how to conduct the war. As everything worked out with complete success at first, Hitler began believing in his own absolute infallibility and immortality, and gradually denied consultancy by generals, which eventually spelled the doom of his campaigns.
What a wonderfully evocative, succinct and clear description.  :up:

It's a bit silly and as an initial cynical response it sounds like they're trying to generate goodwill with some completely meaningless change, but the master/slave terminology has always struck me as a bit odd.

On the flip side, it's possible that by getting people to think about it through something like this, it will effect some positive change in the medium term.
I'm not sure I follow? But yes, who doesn't love him. :)
They do, but saying black lives matter doesn't mean other lives don't. It's like if you're in a restaurant, everyone's received their order five minutes ago already except for you, so you call over the waiter and you say you haven't received your order yet. And then the waiter replies everyone should receive their order. Which is great, but that not everyone received their order is pretty much the entire point. And you still don't have your order.
He supposedly said they should cut off anything but that, because the hands attached to the body are what he needed to make money.
As per emotional contrivance, that's the stupidest name for it ever. "Reallocation" much?
Yeah, it makes people see it as instant nonsense when really all they're saying is to do it more like, well, here. (I.e., more prevention in advance.)
Given the atrocities committed in the Congo Free State, I don't think he's ever been particularly hip. Even back in his day he was quite controversial.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Minimal Apps
That is both amazing and terrifying. :)
In the Netherlands this kind of thing is up to the 25 individual safety/security regions (i.e., about twice as many as the number of provinces).
Ouch, 12? I hope it'll get better soon.  :insane:
I'm still here. :)
Opera Mini 50 says it's fully revamped. I'm not really sure what "greetings and hints" from the status bar are supposed to be, but that aside.
If they aren't capable of booting from USB then they probably only boot from CD/DVD by default. I thought hybrid USB/CD images were easy to make these days though.

There are various tools you could use to get around that, like Rufus on Windows, probably also UNetbootin[1] and balenaEtcher on Linux.
What do you think, is it possible to have an equivalent for my "Edit link" menu item in Otter?
Anyway, I don't know if each part of that is implemented in Otter but it if is then I think it should be possible. What's the -2 urlinfo stuff about?
@ersi You can, but it's not really implemented in the GUI yet (unless I'm missing something). A basic example that opens a new tab and goes to home page looks like this:

Code: [Select]
"action": "RunMacro",
"shortcuts": [
"parameters": {"actions": ["NewTab", "GoToHomePage"]}

Nevertheless, in the GUI that's actually the topmost suggestion if you click add a new shortcut, namely "Run Arbitrary List of Actions (RunMacro)".

If you try an "Arbitrary List of Actions" in the addressbar or something you just get a "CustomMenu" entry, and at a glance I don't see anything in the code that suggests macro handling has been implemented there.
Reminds me of Rincewind.
Herd immunity, if any, can be observed at later waves and I don't think we are seeing any with flu-like diseases.
You don't say. ;) That's exactly what it's talking about. It's "counter-intuitive" because that's not how it works for bacteria, only for viruses like the flu.
I have my doubts about the flock immunity point of view. If it worked against something like flu, we would not have much flu these days after having had it regularly almost every winter for over a century. Yet we still have flu - less with those who observe the hygiene and wear clothing appropriate to the season.
The RIVM says that counter-intuitively, the more people have received the flu vaccine the worse outbreaks get. Because then there's less herd resistance. As such the yearly flu vaccine should be given primarily or perhaps even exclusively to risk groups for best results.

It illustrates how reality can damage credibility of our free media, directly owned or sponsored by a handful of (unbiased  :right:  ) billionaires.
I don't see how, unless you mean that China was rated significantly too highly. Detaining doctors for spreading "false rumors" evidently wasn't part of the rankings. Snark somewhat aside, Forbes' clickbait "most prepared" heading clearly means "less badly prepared." That's why it's yellow rather than green. And did you look at the numbers? You might notice that China ranked in the 50s rather than the 30s in large part because of zoonotic disease risk! You know, like viruses from bats or pangolins. ;) The other ranking in which China negatively stands out is health care access. So setting aside that you should probably judge data on the basis of what knowledge was available at the time, I'm not sure your claim is supported regardless.

Full data set here:

The US ranks highly primarily because (if the rankings are to be believed) the risk for pathogens escaping from American labs and similar such rankings is the very lowest in the world. In actual practice one imagines there's very little difference between the top 20-30 countries in matters like lab safety but that's what you get when you do rankings I suppose. You'll note the US actually ranked quite badly in response plans, and that doesn't factor in political unwillingness. They also rank 175th in health care access. Perhaps those should weigh more heavily in the scale, especially when you refer to it as "preparedness" like Forbes did, when it's actually called the health security index ranking. Which is a combination of many factors, and curiously enough that which would most commonly be called preparedness is precisely where the US scores terribly. The report itself is broken down into prevent, detect, respond, health, norms, risk. The US scores badly in respond and not fantastic in health. China scores badly in prevent and somewhat bad in health.

But in spite of all that, if it had been a more ebola-type thing or even more SARS-like, the other factors that make up the index would've weighed through much more heavily.

PS The Forbes article in question seems to be I'm not sure how well they actually read the report they're talking about tbh; it looks to me like they took a quick glance and decided what the overall index seemed to show would be a nice combination of implicitly comforting the American audience combined with a nice compassionate we should care for Africa sentiment.
If you care about how large the numbers sound then 11 stone is probably more attractive than 70 kilo, let alone 150 pounds. :D
This doesn't work?

But I don't have a touch screen myself, except on my phone & ereader, that is. :)
Haha, indeed. Best bet is probably some external device unfortunately.
To be fair, it's quite stable and usable. :)