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  • added Page Information panel;
  • added support for external icons for User Scripts;
  • some minor fixes and optimizations.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 4, later this month.
@dim, under 64 bit Windows 7?
Could you please find that link and retry?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Passwords again
@cantanima, which style is that?
I can't reproduce it using AppImage and Fusion style (they get completely hidden).
Also no issues with that action here, perhaps you are using some older keyboard profile and you may need to add this shortcut manually.
@Oller, any extra details under Advanced?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Passwords again
@cantanima, you need to use "Log in" action (Ctrl + Enter by default).
@Oller, could you please copy the exact error message?
@Frenzie, the only safe way is to use that library, this is how Firefox gained support for that codec under Windows,
@Toltek, download this and unpack newer versions on top of it:
The proper solution is to recompile GStreamer against OpenH264 but so far  haven't found time to test it...
@rhubarbpieguy, yeah, I guess that extra will be required...

Sadly they depend on OpenSSL and do it in crappy way, it should be implemented sanely as loadable plugin, like it's done with other stuff...
Current situation forces creation of two binaries to support both...
@rhubarbpieguy, it looks for and (including suffixes),
@rhubarbpieguy, uhm, perhaps it ended in some directory where Qt is not looking for it, I think that these are the paths used to locate it:
@ovas, AFAIK you can set environment variable to disable it, or wait for weekly 201 (Monday or Tuesday).
@jasonliul, thanks, but we need to use these binaries and there seems to be no m yet (same applies to MXE, used for building package for XP), we will have to wait a bit longer. :-/

All updates are now available.
@Mike, I see.
Perhaps we could try using some special build that collects debug information while downloading files.
@rhubarbpieguy, well, nothing changed so far regarding support for OpenSSL 1.1, it turns out that usually both are available anyway (but 1.0 might require manual installation).
Check if 1.0 is available for your system, if yes then try installing it, and let me know if that worked.
@ovas, are you using HiDPI screen?
@Mike, is there anything unusual about your instance of Windows XP? Which SP do you have?
@Mike, fixed, thanks.
Note that binaries will be available tomorrow, but source package and tag are already available.
  • improved support for styling tab bar text;
  • added support for deleting User Scripts in Addons Manager;
  • restored inline URLs completion;
  • added action for peeking tab contents;
  • multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some more stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, (Pre) RC 3, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Transfers Window
@DaveH, yes, and visibility too.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Transfers Window
@DaveH, that part may land too soonish, but we need to make final decision how to store it, in pixels or as percent, and if if we should save all widths or just for these columns modified manually.
Probably pixels and saving only these modified by user is the best solution.
Also we should consider introducing concept of named columns, as right now they are identified by numbers, which is not exactly user friendly plus is less obvious when you change order.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Transfers Window
@DaveH, it's not remembered yet. :-P
Instead it uses varied default widths and widest column(s) get extra remaining space.
It applies to most of the views now.
Does this mean that when I create my custom config in the Keyboard Edit dialog, I will have to move my config above the Default config, and then I can expect my custom keybinds work even when the Default config says something else?
More or less, feel free to experiment with it, and either go for new topic to discuss it or ask me on IRC, to keep this one cleaner.
Otter has been heavily reworked meanwhile and currently seems to lack an out-of-the-box keybind to toggle Panels on and off. In old Opera it was F4.
Incorrect, it works fine with default configuration, most likely you are using customized Default profile that failed to migrate (AFAIR there were some initial issues, with files without basename).
Preferred way to extend defaults is to add separate profile containing just custom additions or overrides, in case of conflicts actions from profile on the top of the list should win over these defined in other profiles.