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Otter Browser Forum / 1.0.02 (2020.12.21)
Long time no see. ;-)
A (long time overdue) minor update for stable branch.

Changes since 1.0.01:
  • optimized handling of large images for Start Page backgrounds;
  • improved validation of content blocking profile checksum;
  • updated translations;
  • some other fixes.
Otter Browser Forum / 1.0.01 (2019.01.01)
And we finally have it, first release marked as stable. :-)
Not all planned features were finished in time, but hopefully at least some of them will make it into 1.1 later this year.

Changes since last RC:
  • some enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
    • download dialog is now shown for tab that initiated it;
    • added support for handling requests to print page;
  • many other fixes.

Missing binary packages should be available soon.
@exley, our build machine needed updates, and after updating one component it turns out that another also needs an update. :-/
Hopefully I'll be able to push remaining Windows packages tomorrow, 32 bit version was already built but not deployed yet.
  • QtWebEngine backend no longer uses locks for fetching feeds, links or search engines;
  • some other fixes.
And the final round of fixes and improvements before 1.0 release begins.
@ersi, yes, but that had limited options, now it's closer to what others do in such cases.
We show link specific actions only wen selection matches link structure, while that action is available for any selection.
  • reworked handling of custom icons for toolbar entries;
  • some other fixes.

Hopefully weather won't prevent me from finishing packaging on time this time (it's way too hot recently)...
  • added importer for OPML files;
  • added support for abp: protocol for adding new content filtering profiles;
  • added ability to open selection as link if it matches URL format;
  • various fixes and minor improvements for Feeds reader.

And now we are out of version numbers for RCs. :-D
@Quetzal, uhm, I'm not sure what do you mean, you have issues with proxies or ad blocking?
@Quetzal. I've checked your User Agent (it's shown next to the post) and it suggested macOS. :-P
Anyway, under Windows you have three choices:
  • standard package - all codecs natively supported by Windows;
  • xp package - all open source HTML5 codecs, in future also H264;
  • experimental QtWebEngine package - not sure about now, but probably just open source HTML 5 codecs.

BTW, python is our language of choice for various tools.
@beastie, yeah, 1.0 should finally happen soon, very soon, hopefully next month. ;-)
@Quetzal, I guess that main issue is that macOS is still kind of exotic and very different from Windows and (to much lesser extent) Linux, I haven't properly tested any codecs there yet, since Apple seems to make it harder to support their platform, even MS finally went fully free with their SDK, while Apple has some totally not needed procedures to deal with...
@mathman12, yeah, we are about to hit feature freeze for 1.0.
I would suggest to use single topic for this kind of feedback, like:

That font issue sounds like QtWebKit issue or page feature which can be overwritten by setting bigger minimal font size.

@Quetzal, do you have issues with HTML5 player, flash player or both?
Sadly, macOS port gets least love, which is ironic since WebKit is backed by Apple.
Hopefully QtWebKit 5.212 alpha3 will bring some fixes.
  • initial version of Feeds Reader:
    • Atom and RSS 2.0 parsers;
    • support for categories
    • ability to preview feeds before subscribing using view-feed: protocol
  • added action to take page screenshot;
  • some minor optimizations.

We are about to hit feature freeze, that means that only really important stuff can still go in, other features will have to wait for 1.1.xx.
@mad_king, ah, QtWebEngine, then it could be some lockup caused by calls that require synchronous replies but they are asynchronous in QtWebEngine.
There were some recent changes that should prevent them, but 0.9.98 might instead be crashy at times with that backend (there is new workaround that allows to use global history but it needs some fixes for edge cases).
@smaragdus, nope, I guess that it's doable but I don't think that it makes sense as part of the core.
@mad_king, 0.9.94? First try updating to 0.9.98.
It's QtWebKit backend? Which QtWebKit version (hopefully not the one bundled with Qt 5.7.1)?
Also, is that any page or some specific one?
@smallhagrid, @Frenzie, that package is quite old, so if files weren't mixed or were mixed incorrectly (for example about dialog doesn't show proper version) then we might be facing some long gone issue.

@smallhagrid, to get extra codecs you should first unpack that build and unpack latest official release on top of it, overwriting most of the files.

Yeah, it would be a good idea to finally rebuild official package using OpenH264, but that takes time (customizing scripts and testing them), and now it would probably require pretty big update, since there were some incompatible changes in MXE scripts.
@Quetzal, could you please provide one of these links for testing purposes?
Issues with resuming downloads in some cases are known, having some good test cases could help to finally solve them.
@Pref, it might be codecs issue, you might want to try xp build, this one has different set included or experimental QtWebEngine build (might be a bit crashy right now...), that one bundles own codecs too.
  • several enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
    • initial work on global history support;
    • added support for alternative stylesheets;
    • added support for fetching lists of search engines, feeds and links;
  • initial work on Feeds Reader;
  • several bug fixes and some minor optimizations.

Last month of development left, next RC release will mark feature freeze.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feedback
@Pref, uhm, what do you mean exactly by progress bar?
Could you please provide some screenshot or doodle?
@Pref, could you please show some screenshot illustrating that issue?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feedback
@browse op, I guess that we can reuse first post, later we can consider use of some wiki page or something like that.
Important thing is to separately list stuff that depends on the backend (WebKit / Blink), since these should be forwarded directly to their maintainers.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feedback
@browse op, thanks for the extensive list, it's surely useful. :-)
@DaveH, as noted earlier, as long as producing such builds is cheap and upstream components still support it it's not a problem. ;-)