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Nothing is wise if it goes against your opinion.
My "opinion" was chewed in that first post.
String didn't get the right idea, then "was wise" about something else he thought my post had been about.
There was no attempt to argue, it was a puerile comment about punctuation and nothing more.
Partially it's true.
Except for the fact ("oh! who cares - opinion!") that I noticed string hadn't got the idea in it. Besides punctuation (which is crucial "in case" our forum language is English and not a Himbuktu).
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?

A billion people in the Americas?
With Australia and New Zealand together.

I rest my case. Without a legend, the pretty colors don't mean much.

I suppose Australia and New Zealand have to be with somebody else to get to a billion, most of Australia's population is on its Eastern coast-- the outback not being overpopulated--. New Zealand is a couple of rather small islands so of course it doesn't have a lot of people.

Your point is taken.
Pertaining to the thread, you're right about the necessity of legends; while the tripe about the number of people is derivative from a questionable map.
Heed strings...
I have none.

Heed ... wise words.
They are not wise.
And they have already been tried to argue with. Though the post was deleted soon.
I know your hobby is pretty serious, Mike.  Just the usual meaning of the word (especially when coupled with "entertainment", huh?)...
So what about just naming it that "Hobbies and Whatever" instead of all that brainstorm, and that'll be it. :idea:
DnD Central / Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ?
A billion people in the Americas?
With Australia and New Zealand together.
Stitched another sock. It's boring, but I hate losing things and buying new instead just because of a hole - which things occur quite regularly, especially in hot seasons. (I guess I'd better get accustomed to having this "feat" as a habit.)
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
lose - /lu:z/ -- verb: not to win, or cease to have something
loose - /lu:s/ -- adjective: not tight, lax
What about construction/building, renovation/refurbishing and that sort? Is building a house for yourself a hobby? Unpaid - but not.
Then planting. I don't ever count it as a hobby. Because if planting is just a hobby for somebody, that means that they don't actually care for the cared - it's like having a dog for fun, for enjoying yourself, which is wrong by default.
The Lounge / Re: What is your weather now? is showing 21.  I'm thinking if to open a bit of the window slot yet...???
The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
1. There needs to be be the other way round too!
2. or rather 1a) In this case the script/programme/whatever should properly discern voice input modes -- like you click your mouse here to type some or hit "Enter" or an item in the menu bar...
2b or whatever: and the thing must not only read what you point it to, but importantly, register and manifest other fields on the page, suggest the results for you to pick/proceed, even reload pages and loudly or however else notify you about something and inform you what's "new on the board".
You should've submitted it to my "cookie" thread, huh? In case you like it, ;).
When you use Internet - like forum or something - not only your mind, but your head/eyes, and neck, and your arms/hands (at least one) are occupied as well.
However, there are activities that don't require much brain: stitching socks, ironing, that stuff. But such stuff demands your hands and eyes, right?
See, not mentioning p2p voice conversation, there's already the chat function been realised: take that Google's "Hangout":idea: (Well, you might need to take a look at the screen occasionally, or push some button time to time.)
See, I think if we can get a further step into the realm of hearing and talking -- well, that would not only be convenient for saving your hands in order to undertake some housework - don't forget that there are people who are limited in their perception.
So, what do you think should be the form of such a service? Should it be fully online? or maybe it'd better require an on-machine application to sustain the voice rendering? (Imagine, when "instead" of a smile the reader will just "haha!" to you, huh? I dream the user could record a post or reply directly - then it will be THE post/reply - with a possible written variant. Otherwise, a typing user could also read up what he/she just submitted - so it'll be 2 variants of the same entry.)
I believe in Yellow Nipples. They are ineffable, so just shut up.
Human language imputed to programming languages is always dangerous and also unworkable.
But that only resembles a human language.
Being a real human language - like English or Russian - means being structurally wholesome. In the case of the written language, the discourse is built not at all only with properly spelled words. Words are only one of the several structural elements of the written language. The discourse (or a discourse) is obligatorily composed of paragraphs, or directly sentences. A sentence is not a blah-blah-blah without its own structural elements, a blah-blah won't be a sentence, hence won't count as a human language element.
Quote from: ersi link=topic=33.msg20059#msg20059 date=1400505043
God is ineffable. God cannot be material. God cannot, as sophisticated theology and philosophy teaches us, be "a" being at all. God is, rather than ineffable ground of all being or Being Itself. God is that from which all other beings derive their essence and that by which they are instantiated in reality. To call Him merely "a" being would be absurd since that would imply He was just one of the beings rather than that inexplicable, self-existence in which, and through which, all those beings have their being.
Bullshit, sorry.
If some god is not a being, thus it/she/he/phe does not exist. Otherwise its/her/his/pher non-being - and at the same time existing? - will deny linguistics, gnoseology, logic, etc. Thus again, the world as we know it should turn into a mere insanity, mess, etc.
I think we should rename the board.
1. As it is now ("H&E"), we have a topical/semantic conflict on our hands.
2. The hobbies won't suffer. Quite the opposite, they'll be adjusted with the whole spectrum of topics directly related to them and extending to 1) craftsmanship on one wing 2) and the Arts - on the other. And they won't be messed up with entertainment - which already is and have ALWAYS been covered in the Lounge.
Reasons: e.g., a guy interested in photography, can be whoever he is, for example, an artist, or an amateur, or a technician being in with the huge lot of that technical stuff involved (cameras, focuses, pixels, brands, optics, whatnot); e.g., a guy interested in music, may be 1) a listener, 2) an amateur, 3) a professional whoever (cellist, singer, name it), 4) a businessman in the industry, etc., etc., etc. Well, now if we have the board renamed, there won't be any conflict in creating all sorts of DIY, craftsmanship and artist topics in it, nor any derision as to be considered "just a hobbyist".

My variants are in the poll created in an irrelevant thread.
For example, we could have the board named "Hobbies and Crafts" (without arts for now), or "Arts, Crafts & Hobbies".:)
DnD Central / Re: Geography (and Radio)
That's pertinence!..
Putin will be happy to help.
DnD Central / Re: Stunts
Well, I ain't know nothing about those NASA cars (just playing:), though I meant something like that: you get a "stock" car, rip it inside out and assemble it back - but around a metal skeleton, if you get me...
I made some rice kasha today. Ate some with a bit of "Rama" ("halvarine") and spruced with a little soya 'sauce'. Nah, nothing special - I'm just not very well today.:faint:
DnD Central / Re: Stunts
I think of the "Dukes of Hazard" type of movie, and you have to ask: How many times can a car make a "jump" over a ditch and land as hard as that car does? Real life answer: Once, if then.
On the other hand, aren't there cars specially reinforced for, say, offroad rallies?
They could, couldn't they?
Referendum is a tricky thing. What if one shiny day your land will become "Scosovo"?
DnD Central / Re: Stunts
Who's that?

YouTube provides: