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On a second thought: try to flush the DNS Resolver Cache on next try or see what happens if you stop the DNS Client service.

oops, nearly forgotten my posting here due to a vacation with my family....

1st: Thanks for your Test and
2nd: On all of my Windows Systems I have the DNS service disabled, and where I use fixed IP Addresses also the DHCP Client...

So, I've tried it on my Laptop (also Win7 x64, my Setup) and had the same problem as on my Desktop PC - so if you haven't experienced it, it is probably due to something in my windows setup... and something Opera Presto ain't caring about and Firefox utilizes...
At the moment I really don't have the time to venture further into it, but that is something I should keep in mind and maybe I am going to try some settings whenever it is time for me to write back an old system image (which I ever do before taking an new/updated one)...

Edit: Maybe I should also try the other Browsers I am not using and see where are the commons, where are the differences... (IE, Vivaldi, etc.)... As Presto isn't affected it must be something in my setup and probably ain't related to the router/provider....
Krake : no IPv6 on my side too... at least it's good to hear that it is not a general problem, so there may be a way to solve that issue on my system ;) Just to confirm that the other situation I described is also working flawless on your system -> could you please deactivate the network adapter, then start firefox and after it is up connect to the adapter again and whence connected open an url in FF.

(Post Concern validated for: Win7 x64, Server 2008 R2 and just made because it really had grown to be a PITA by nowadays times)

Maybe it is only me - I am used to deactivate/activate my Network Connection on a "Whence needed"-Base, and in ancient/legacy times I, as an Opera (Presto) User, had no problems with that. Now as I am using Firefox in Conjunction with Opera (Presto) and it is more and more firefox each day (Yeah, I will head to vivaldi if they offer an M2 alternative) it is also more and more that I hate how Firefox deals with network connections:
In Opera 12 I could start the Browser, then activate the Network Connection and once Windows had the Connection established I could just "BROWSE".... With Firefox, whenever I start the Browser before Windows established the Connection, that Browser Sessions doesn't find a working connections for ages... starting Firefox after the Connection is established is no problem...
And for a first start after booting up, that may not be a problem - open Network, open Browser.... but I am also used to disable the network for times I have all Tabs that I need for the next few hours (RTFM, etc.) open in the browser, and then, whence enabling the network connection again it is Opera Presto that has no problems to just continue, but for Firefox the best solution to go on is to just shut it down and start anew... or wait a few "CBM64 Tape load"-Moments before FF recognize the new connection (Open a new Tab and fresh URL may help to fasten the process)...

I Haven't tried any other Browser yet (including IE bundled with OS), is that some Win61+ API/Network behavior that Presto isn't aware of due to its age, or is it just firefox using some weird library functions or whatsoever????

Well - ok, I really had hoped that it would be just some config I missed   :coffee:, but well so I stick to my "Jockstuff" VM (Kubu LTS) for those few times I need it (like for the new Benchmark Sims Falcon Mod)
Well.... it's a long time ago since I actually downloaded some torrents with Opera (Opera Installs using the torrent)... now I am running Opera 12.17 x64 as a portable Install and all I get from a .torrent link is a saved .torrent file and the internal download manager ain't downloading the corresponding file :/ Torrent is enabled in opera:config, the preferences seem to be the same as with my old install and the only difference is, that previously (up to my XPx64 System) I only "upgraded" Opera over it's old directory and it was, so to say, a single user or one for all install - the profile where in Operas Folder, but it made use of the registry - with my switch to Win7 I installed it anew as a clean portable install and just imported (well, copied) my old profile directory to it. Be it opera:config or preferences/downloads seem to be ok to me (nothing changed, torrent enabled, open dialog as option -> but even with changing the options available I still just get a .torrent file saved)...
Anyone any ideas what I may do? Or is the torrent client disabled/cribbled within the 12.17 version?
 :doh:  :spock:   :cheers:  :drunk:  :faint:
:pirate: "only under the hood" - I think I missed that one - and funny as it may sound now, i think it would have gained (+/-) me some insanity(Cthulhu)/empathy(cyberpunk)/whatsoever(choseUownRPG) points if I wouldn't  :coffee:

The drivers are hundreds of megabytes now, but as far as I can tell they somehow have less functionality than when they managed to be only a few dozen at most.

Yup... and I am still missing (ok, there are third party solutions (from whom I prefer nor use one)) the ability to save and restore Desktop Icon positions (which was  basic functionality of Matrox Drivers since I bought my first Millennium Card, well - Matrox also included with each card (At least up to the G450 - aeh no wait, mh - could well be that the G200 was the last card with it) a small overlay-foil for the screen  and colour calibration utility, something I've never got with ATI or NVidiot Cards)
Just a short Note:
Frenzie: Theater Mode (ATI) gone? Damned - I know that this computer under XP x64 with the old drivers had it still - just noticed now that under Win7 with current drivers it is truly gone - Damned! Would be Interesting if Matrox Cards still support to send the Overlay Image to an analog/digital output. And DRM shouldn't really be a problem, as the specs as far as I remember just demand a downscale to SD Resolution for a broken DRM chain... Bloody Fools - I really liked it to watch a Video on my TV (minimized MPC/MPC-HC) whilst working on the PC.
Ah, ok - should have thought about my answer/comment regarding videos - what I meant for within a browser was to "not Fullscreen", within Site/Embedded Videos/Animations.
Of Course, for Media Content that is to be intended to be viewed in Full-Screen I also prefer an external Player (In my case MPC-HC (in regards to source material (Filters I want to add) either internal filter chain or with ffdshow-tryouts as external filter). And sometimes (and that was what I was also thinking about) I simply want to preview the stream within the browser before I decide to capture/download the stream/source...

PS: I never noticed/had the need for such a feature you are currently talking about in my O9 times - but since a few dozen moons I would really appreciate it :sigh: (together with a proper text-select tool (like in good editors ALT+mark is for a rectangular selection))
Ok, personal wishlist - 3 items

On-the-Edge Server (Applications/Virtual Machines, Media-Streams)
Client1: High-End Desktop - Client for Apps/VMs from Server, minimum 3Monitors (Resolution and "Colourrange" as High as Possible), better more + MatroxGraphicCard(s)+additional StereoscopicDisplay for RemoteSensing/GIS Applications + DwarfFortress should run smoothly on large maps (xy+z) with maximum population+enemy army with megabeasts besieging the fort whilst catplosion is somewhat faster going then the flooding from the caved in aquifer :cheers:
Client2: Laptop minimum 2cores at >3 GHz each, Display that is at least 1200px in Vertical Resolution, AR 16:10 (NOT 16:9 even 4:3 is more practical IMHO)

And as I welcome a descent ebook-reader (not kindle), tablets are IMHO a NoGo - SmartPhones, well - with real keyboard and Nethack ok&nice, but not really needed & who needs a gaming console if Dwarf Fortress is Desktop Only :spock:
Interesting how one's pattern recognition is working :spock:
The Video Element has gone unnoticed by me, instead I was wondering (from the screenshots) about computer and "Taking the Hobbits to Isengard - 10h" :cheers:

PS: As I ever liked the idea of no "native" Video support within the browser - I ever liked the concept of embedded videos which where played within the browser with the direct-show filter of my choice (in most case that would be ffdshow-tryouts)
Not sure what Frenzie meant, but for me semi-workable is something like Bookmarks/Bookmarks-Manager in Opera Presto (which could be improved - therefore Semi) but for which I also found no other Browser that has the same usability as OPresto had achieved in this context (combined/working together with the sidebar/notes/links/etc. panels) :chef:
Just the basics - Bookmark/Bookmark Here in the Bookmarks Menu (Did I mentioned that there is no way (for me) to work without a menu bar?) - something Firefox comes close to but is somehow not quite in reach of OPresto and then the Bookmarks Manager itself - simple structure (alike to Windows User/desktop, etc.) alike to folder/file style - but just the ability of sorting+that sort "by my order" actually works is/was IMHO unrivaled.
And maybe one can say - that this is just one of the many points where I(/us) old user(s) are simply stucked with my(our) workflow and may well be neglected in more modern times for the benefit of the next generation of users (in Tron context I would merely consider them as Apps), but for me with my roots in an earlier generation there is, at the moment, no browser which comes close to Opera Presto and all of it's minor but important Details in usability and customizability - that combined with M2 and there still is no competitor which can rival it (unless you are a Mobile or Tablet user (and have learned to live with less), but I do hope that we are talking desktop here).
I thought Opera/Presto only came in 32-bit on Windows. My bad.

No Problem there - I am not sure from which O12 Version onward they stopped to advertise it on the download page, but for Prestos latest releases the ftp side was x64 users friend ;)
Frenzie: Aehm - for Win7, did I missed to mention x64 often enough? Ah yeah for Opera: of course I am also using Opera 64bit on my 64bit Systems.
And for the compatibility mode  mentioned for the cache folder question: As I used XPx64 before Win7 and the option to relocated the temp folder wasn't shadowed I assume that setting the compatibility mode under Win7 32bit to XP (I am not even sure that it is possible there, but had just cited what I've found) would be equivalent to just a "HighVersionLie" 5 for the Application Verifier.

Luxor: Damned, thought so - So i have to dig deeper to find out if it's possible/&how I can get my answers for the security requester to be treated as a persistent answer (so that maybe I can answer them for a side within IE once and use the side afterwards with Opera also)
Since my Upgrade from XP x64 to Win7 x64 Pro I had avoided to Install any Java JRE on my main machine - and now installed JRE 8u25 on it, got rid of it a few moments later as it is not working with Opera 12 (Javas Security Requester doesn't pop up) - so I switched back to 8u20 which is working with O12. As u20 also incorporates the changes in their security model (or is at least the first version AFAIK that removed the medium security setting as a possibility) I am totally unsure whatever reason may be the cause to why the security requesters are blocked for u25 - and whitelisting the url doesn't help as the "not visible" request for allowance (which happens even for whitelisted sites) still needs to be answered. Any Idea? Using an outdated Java Runtime is def. not a solution.
And maybe someone can help me with the following question:
Any way to relocate the Cache/Temp Folder (besides a SymLink)? So far I had always moved it to my temp-partition but under Win7 the change folder option is greyed out. (And some Hits I found when I searched for that topic recommended to set the compatibility mode to WinXP for Javas controlpanel, something that is not possible under x64 (Vista as the "oldest" possible OS setting) - and so far I haven't tried to run it with Microsofts Application Verifier to see if setting the os major version to 5 is indeed a workaround for the problem.

Browsers & Technology / Re: XP after XP
Unity... Yikes, at least they brought back the option to place the menus to where they belong (Top of App Window), but I still prefer Kubuntu-Deskopt as my GUI (Installed on a LTS 14.04 64bit Ubuntu; Somehow I prefer it that way as the pure Kubuntu 14.04 somehow behaved unstable as I tried it from a persistend USB Stick) ;)
Browsers & Technology / Re: XP after XP
Damned, I only though Server 2003 64bit was supported to 2015, not the 32bit variants... Mh, but I would assume that unlike to xp x64 which is based on the server 2003 64bit core (and support was ceased together with xps one), those server 2003 updates are not usable for xp, or? (For xp x64 see the discussion over at MSFN x64 Edition Updates Until 2015?)...
Mh, besides my curiosity the only systems I am still using xp on are offline ones - so what should i care ;) Ah yes, XP Mode could be a culprit here :sigh:
Your information is outdated. See e.g. an SSD review from last year here.

Sounds promising, but unless some tech review along prod-specs are explicitly naming such a device as built for swap/temp usage I would at least spare them from that purpose.
SDDs... that may sound of-topic, but I am just in the right mood for some flaming :/
I can see the benefits, but with all the optimizations which are reducing writes... and their short lifetime compared to HDDs - I can't see why someone wants them on their Desktop System. I remember a C't Article some decade ago where they compared (before SDDs time) the suitability of medias for archival purposes and HDDs in the usage of "write once or twice" and leave them just safe to be read just then when you need to recopy where then stated as you may well read 'em after a century, whereas CDs and such will degrade after a decade. In one of my systems I still have a 6GB IBM HDD which still serves well as a swap partition, so I am all in for HDDs - if it wouldn't be for the sad experiences of 30GB IBM HDDs which in my hands all died out (not the 20 and 40GB ones). Sometimes I just wish for a buyable (for affordable price) WORMs for Backup Purposes, but at the moment I am all in for classic HDDs - if only the manufactures would understand the need for users like me that want low sized (nowadays POV) Discs for the OS (around 120-250GB), really low sized discs for swap/temp (around 10-40GB/40-250GB), somewhat mid-range for the programms partition/disk (around 300-500GB) and the rest as work/archive disks/partition (1TB+ each)... I Like to have the few basics (Root(OS),Temp/Swap,Programms) on a HDD each and My_Documents/Home/Archive/Work/etc. on large HDDs (however partitioned or per Usage for single HDD) - and for the first I hate it nowadays that I may waste a 1TB HDD with a ~100GB OS Partition and then some whatsoever... as having swap/programms on the same HDD in just a different partition makes no sense - i want them on a different controller chain.

Oh wait, where do I started - sdds.... well, those would be small like I want them, but I am not in the mood to buy 'em just to waste 'em, as those small sized context I would like to have 'em in is write intensive and that is IMHO a nogo for sdds...
Oops - just voted Windows because it is my main system, haven't tried to tick more then that - but to add: I am using on different Hardware (and Software: Virtual Machines) various systems.... and as most (Edit: of the current) ones beside Windows are more or less *nix based... So I add to my selected vote of Windows *nix :P (Sadly I haven't kept my old OS/2 Disks - if I still would have the Installer then at least one VM of mine would be running it... And then there still is MS-DOS and - oh wait, I still have a C64, C128 (Thanks McAllan) and an Amiga 2000 and all of them are used at least once in 24Months, so I think they count towards my systems)
Just "upgraded" from 12.16 to 12.17. Finding the x64 Installer was weird - I only found the side where I can choose the Installer type via Google (what a coincidence) and still wonder where to find the corresponding link from operas side (root) itself. As I always used the OneProfile for all user install, or later the USB install i shall be on the safe side with having backed up my old Opera Folder and will see if I want to revert (and just keeping the email-profiles folder from the new one). But what I found most amusing was that after that "upgrade" the started Opera 12.17 loaded the usual side which told me that I now have "the latest Opera" - how nice and how true if they would have said the last :P

Btw. In the old time of "Us Opera" vs. "those Firesomething Fanboys" on the old OF... Where we in any way relatable to those Chromium Fanatics who are bashing us oldsters nowadays in any way comparable to 'em? I think even in old Commodore vs. Atari Times both sides flaming and bashing the other one had deep-down some understanding and respect to the other system and it was more of envy that we can't get all in one that we pointed out the flaws of the other one while talking down the flaws on once own (and vice versa for the benefits)...
At least some good news  :chef:, after I recently replaced my beloved xp x64 (ok, server 2003 support ends next year and those updates could be patched manually to be applied on xp x64 (See either MSFN or RyanVM Forum)) with Win7Pro i am not eager to also switch my browser anytime soon  :spock:

Btw.: Autoupdate - Presto? They still have that service running? I thought they had shut it down after it was compromised, or is my memory wrong that there was a topic in the old OF (Either in the General or Windows Opera Browser Forum) that some people got malware infected updates via the AU?
Yeah, how to find out is the big question here - about:config is just citing:


OpenSSL License - Copyright © 1998-2011 The OpenSSL Project

Would be a shame if this would mean the end of Opera 12.16 (and if so, to which earlier version one should fall back - as I am still not willing to give up on that browser & mail client) :/
As I browsed the Heise news today I came along this headline Horror-Bug in OpenSSL (German Side) which is about this vulnerability ("Heartbleed Bug") and is in OpenSSL since December 2011.
Because that Bug affects both sides (client-server &| server-client) I am asking myself which version of OpenSSL is implemented in e.g. Opera 12.16. Anyone any ideas?
Apologies to all those to whom my following post may sound unappropriate (wether they are related to someone on the flight or just because of general ethics)...
but as I speculated last St. Paddys Day (could have been a typical D&D post on its own) most of the passengers where members of <choose_your_nameforit>, a well known sect that believed in armageddon and their alien saviours actually came to the rescue...
well, it earned me (next to James Bond and Thunderball comparisons (without military and nuclear)) on that evening the most plausible explanation award...
but well, what astonishes me more is that according to some "Bildschirmtext/Videotext" (Teletext?) news today some US lawfirm is going to sue boing/malaysia airlines ?!? Ok, also on Reuters: U.S. law firm plans to bring suit against Boeing, Malaysia Airlines...
but that Reuters Article is less "funny" (considering the circumstances) as the Teletext news - in that they wrote (rough translation) "according to experts the accident could have been caused by a fault of the cockpits structural integrity.... BlaBla" and I only thought, well as an "Expert" without the Blackbox I must also agree to "micro meteor/space junk perforating the plane"/"unlucky duck incident"/"invisible pink unicorn", etc. as a (even how impossible) possible cause (if asked by the opposing lawyer)... And wtf. an American Lawfirm?