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Problem with sourceforge package "" several missing files...  :(
it does not launch, because the file "Qt5WebKit.dll" is corrupted thanks for your work   :)
Could perhaps someone under Win try the above mentioned page, just to try to confirm that it is not only me?
I confirm the problem with Otter-browser-win32-0.9.93-RC3-XP on the address  :eyes:

@Alex31, works fine here, Flash 26 (NPAPI variant) under Windows XP SP3.

@DaveH, locally I have build that can handle all popular codecs, including WebM and MP4, but I'll have to disable h264 support before publishing due to legal reasons...

Does any version of Otter for XP Pro have the h264 support working, or are all disabled? I ask because I am looking for a browser that can deal with h264 (already have three browsers that use Flash).
To watch my videos in h264 on Windows XP sp2 I use new moon in portable version in addition to Otter-Browser.

I prefer to open my videos with an external link on the latest functional version of MPV with youtube-dl. exe for Windows XP inside the new moon 100% GPU radeon, because I didn't find how to do it with Otter-browser.
The way to have youtube in flash on otter xp 187 is to go through a youtube clone. the website of "smtube" and flash works in full screen ... :worried:
Thanks for otter browser 184 xp2
2 error message when launching program
Boot file not found
No flash for web pages with video, only html 5 without error
French language not available
Thanks, how to support flash and switch language  ???
"Error stop point (0x0000003) location 0x6b94efca" has been fixed
All website with video causes this crash
Same error on otter browser 184 than Mike on all website with videos, windows XP  sp2 package
Topic: [Weekly 184] Mike
Windows XP package was updated to Qt 5.6.2 and revived QtWebKit (184)
Windows XP SP2  Flash error on all videos with close otter browser  :nervous:
No youtube video possible
Error stop point (0x0000003) location 0x6b94efca
otter browser 183  flash is OK with Win XPsp2
thank you for your work