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I've been a Opera user since 3.1. Remember the free ad base Opera? Hanging on to Opera 12.18 like wing man, thinking we would both go down fighting together. Then I found Otter and life was worth living again. It's been a couple of weeks of kicking tires on Otter and have to say, thank you. Even managed to set it's toolbars to look like my Opera. Not with pretty colors but, also knowing that it's still in infant stage, doesn't take away what it already as become and can be. Please don't give up on this great browser. I held out hope on Vivaldi. It's a nice browser, but seems to be turning into another Chrome clone. Whatever it is, it's not Opera 12.18.
I don't know a thing about how to write code but, if I can help in someway, I'd more than happy to help. Nothing would make me happier, than to show the big dogs what a browser should be. Thanks again!