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It's understandable with the threat of malware/ransomware but yeah, company equipment is pretty annoying to use.
To me it is not understandable with the threat of malware/ransomware. Because on the one hand the companies expect us to compose and perform some technically pretty demanding tasks at times, but then they don't trust us to click correctly... What's up with that?

This issue was pretty reasonably solved at one place where I worked ages ago. The policy was that the IT guy simply says yes or no when asked and, since he mostly had free time, he was able to sit next to you while you installed things, and even helped you configure the settings if needed. Otherwise you could do what you wanted and, consequently, the onus was on you when shit happened - which makes people feel responsible and act accordingly.

As opposed to the more common situation when things are blocked on the net and in the computer. At my current job there are plenty of websites blocked and all zips and exes are blocked from being downloaded. Even some websites that we actually need for the job are blocked, so the policy has been stupidly overreaching, and the result is that people get conflicting messages ( you want me to do the job or not? looks like not...) and have no choice but be annoyed.
In my opinion, this year is about as bad for Samsung Galaxy as the year of exploding Note 7's.
Apple invented the notch for the iPhones (quickly copied by several stupids) but Galaxy manages to stay clear
Well, not anymore. Galaxy S10* succumbed to the notch craze and now Galaxy Note 10*[1] lost the headphone jack. The next step is losing the microSD slot... 

Luckily I still have my Note 4 with all the goodies:
- headphone jack
- no notch
- bezels (thumbspace!)
- microSD slot
- removable battery

Dual SIM and it would be perfect, but a separate backup device is also a good idea.
Seriously, why did they have to make several variations of Note this time? When there are several, there is no flagship. There are several flies in the soup instead.
Wow it has a mousewheel. If the mousewheel is pressable like a button, then there's even more buttons! I doubt it works like this though.

And I still find Scroll Ring Trackball better than the Expert Mouse. The Expert Mouse may have more buttons and, when you have a chance to configure it, it can suit some needs better, but the Scroll Ring Trackball is instantly perfect and, frankly, needs no configuring, needs no learning, no getting used to. The only little nag may be the mid-click, but by now I have found that most people have no idea that mid-click exists.

At my new job it turns out the IT is made to block all attempts by ordinary people to install software that is not pre-approved, such as the trackball-configuring thingie that Kensington offers. And the approval procedure is behind a three-months queue. However, there is Autohotkey that they apparently have pre-approved. Maybe I can make that work.
The DuckDuckGo bangs could also be of interest (if you happen to use that search engine).
Ah yes, such as !m for google maps and !imdb for internet movie database.
Here's the growing list
Translation engines are still more convenient by configuring the browser's search engines, or by bookmarking.
Yes, I also create multiple search engines when I need multiple languages either on translation websites or on Wikipedia. Just make sensible keywords (aliases) for them and you will be able to find them no matter how many there are.

Sensible such as
enfr for English to French
defr for German to French
rufr for Russian to French
wifr for Wikipedia in French
wien for Wikipedia in English
etc. in the same pattern. Of course you may find a better pattern suitable for yourself.

{searchTerms} is good only for actual search terms.
I wonder how much Abba received in royalties for being sampled by Madonna?
I have a wild guess that it was more from the Madonna sample than from the whole album of covers by Erasure.
The ongoing case between the German electronic band Kraftwerk and rap artist Moses Pelham is a lingering point of copyright contention: Two seconds of music lifted from Kraftwerk's "Metall auf Metall" (Metal on Metal) single from 1977 was looped into the hip-hop track "Nur mir" (Only to Me), which Pelham produced for vocalist Sabrina Setlur in 1997. 

Having been threshed out at every level of the German judicial system, [...] the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg [...] ruled in favor of Kraftwerk, stating that a permission needed to be obtained to sample another musician's song -- even if the clip used is very short.

Srsly, attribution is not enough?
DnD Central / Re: The Internet of Things
New bill would ban autoplay videos and endless scrolling

Long overdue. And ban also forced cookies and ads and notifications (popups or popins). Nobody needs those things.
On their latest concert in Estonia, Metallica attempted their own rendition of an iconic Estonian punk waltz song.

Compare with the original: Vennaskond, "Insener Garini hüperboloid"

The Lounge / Re: Random horse

DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
OMG when you resurrect like that you are  killing the entropy :insane:

I have no use for new Chropera. I used the old Opera more for email and IRC than for browsing the web, and the new one doesn't do email, except for webmail, which is a bit different thing. The new Chropera also lacks some of the convenience features of Vivaldi, so really no use for Chropera.

For a while I had mutt set up, but Opera 11 is still my main mailer and browser for this forum. For sentimental reasons, I guess.
Hopefully some thunderstorms soon. :ko:
Tour de France etape 19 was interrupted due to hail and mudslides. And at least in Estonia the temperature is expected to lower from about 30 C to below 20.

Nothing else is happening, so we are reduced to talk about weather.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Very interesting. Since I am completely unfamiliar with satellite tv, I am fully ready to trust you on that it has all the benefits that tv should have and hardly any disadvantages. Just by hunch, it should indeed be about as freely and easily usable as shortwave radio, where I think I can occasionally hear languages of the Pacific Ocean, which is totally amazing.

In other news, Lukashenko's rule over Belarus passed 25 year mark. Congrats!
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
I was referring simply to the fact that HDDs aren't tapes or DVDs.
HDD as in harddrives inside the tv device? The problem with them is that the saving/recording stays within the particular tv device. It would be a giant leap forward if one could record stuff on a USB stick and play the recording anywhere, but likely not giant enough to change my low opinion on modern tv.

Absolute piece of crap worthless junk service not worth paying for.
But... that's not a paid service. It's just part of the signal. :)
Modern digital tv is very much a paid service that you must subscribe to in order to have it. Or isn't it in your country? Even the radiowave-broadcast tv was a paid service (by means of tv/radio tax) in countries like UK, Sweden, and Finland.

One thing the suggestions/autoplay do seem to get right is going from part 1 to part 2 of a series of videos.
Another thing that does not work on tv.

By the way, when I said landscapes wrt Tour de France, I meant actual landscapes, places and such. Squirrels on the path of bicyclists are not a good thing. Without Tour de France, I would for example never have known that e.g. this castle exists
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Since we've had HDD-based recorders (i.e., since before this rewatching feature)
You mean where the TV signals when the show starts so the VCR can start recording at the correct moment? Did this feature ever work? These days at my neighbour's when I seek up something to re-watch, I usually have to scroll some good 20 minutes to get to the right spot, so these start/end signals still do not work. Absolute piece of crap worthless junk service not worth paying for.

I would maybe mildly consider it once they begin to provide the opportunity to record/save stuff on USB stick. Well, not even then.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Some people claim their YouTube suggestions are relevant. I'm having a hard time believing that, or maybe they just mean something else than I do. [...] I think YouTube should be able to do better.
Are you still giving them a benefit of the doubt? I am never logged in there and I open it up only in browsers where all cookies are purged upon exit, so I always search up stuff that I explicitly want, not what they think I want. Otherwise YT (and other Google-y services) swiftly become rabbithole echochambers and one's perception of the world gets warped accordingly.

Of course, by not being logged in I lose awesome niceties like liking, subbing, etc. but what the heck. I like nothing anyway. I am callous like this.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
or those who still have electricity this weekend, re-watch Tour de France for the occasional nice landscapes
You can actually watch that? I'm geoblocked.
There are means to bypass it. In your case, Freedom to Stream is just a tiny train ride away.

About a decade ago I thought satellite might become obsolete thanks to the Internet, but the situation has become much worse since with all those geoblocks. It seems that satellite is still quite relevant for that reason. However, non-satellite TV is still as limited and obsolete as it has been since the '90s.
In modern cable/streamed (as opposed to radiowave-broadcast) TV there is an updated feature of re-watching or re-playing. But yes, it is still too limited. From what I have seen, the re-watch is only available max 30 days back and you can only browse the schedules in calendary manner as per clocktimes, which makes no sense when you want to watch a whole season of some series in unbroken order. So the TV thing is not worth the waste of money and nerves in this era. And no more updates seem to be forthcoming to this service. The development tends towards the opposite - other internet sharing and on-demand services are being rolled back to resemble the limitations of modern TV.

On the plus side, the most interesting TV, such as Arte, is typically the least geoblocked.
Yes, Arte and things like it are nice. Some Youtube celebs have recently taken to promote Curiositystream, which is a storage of science and nature docus. For a while I considered subscribing to it, but more likely I won't.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
A five-hour blackout in Manhattan left Jennifer Lopez "devastated and heartbroken" because her concert had to be called off and rescheduled

For those who still have electricity this weekend, re-watch Tour de France for the occasional nice landscapes
The role of the president is very different from expected
Indeed, the role wasn't as critical upon its written conception as it became in practice...
The role was comparable to kings elsewhere, so surely they would have been aware how critical it is. They wanted a king of their own, only term-limited and elective. In fact, in medieval Europe many kings and princes were elective (by aristocrats and oligarchs) and sometimes also term-limited, such as in Poland, in the Balkan countries, in several German and Russian states. If the founding fathers were who they are cracked up to be, they knew about these historical precedents - and likely they knew, because they were emulating these precedents.

Compared to modern democracies, the president of the USA combines the roles of the president and the prime minister. This is quite critical.
It's also a very lucky finding, because nobody expects terminal-based apps to have any automaticity. I was trying different file managers to see which one allows me to see the newest bottom file with least effort on my own part and it turned out that ranger understood what i wanted without me having to do anything. In contrast, mc and nnn act like ls - they move only when you directly tell them to.
ranger is an interesting alternative to mc.
I discovered that ranger has a live-update feature like graphical file managers.

The situation: I had to download many files that in order one by one, naming them in sequence. To keep track of my downloads at any time, I always had to see the bottom file in the directory.

Even better than graphical managers, ranger works like this:
1. Open the directory in ranger
2. Scroll to the bottom
3. In the browser (or whatever you are downloading with), keep downloading files named so that they are added as last in the directory
4. ranger live-updates the file list (and displays the bottom file even when the list is longer than the screen)
Trump's little discourse into history on U.S. Independence Day: The newly-created army of the states took over the airports in June 1775.
Ubermarginal, a Russian unemployed youtuber[1] in California with three recently acquired MA degrees does karaoke upon request.

Actually he broadcasts mainly on and accepts donations there. Youtube provides an additional stream of revenue for him for the same videos.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Iranians shot a U.S. drone down, in Iran airspace. Trump declared full-out war. Or maybe he retracted the declaration. Or maybe he was stopped. Or maybe his puppetmaster reconsidered.

Trump warns Iran of 'obliteration' in event of war

Quite predictably, when you are a U.S. president, you must make war. Even when you are Trump supposedly draining the swamp.

According to experts, judging by Trump's tweets, either the procedure of deciding over war with Iran went very irregularly or Trump totally dreamed up being part of such a procedure
Oh no :(
Finnish radio drops Latin news after 30 years

The last bulletin went out last Friday evening...
The original

It was the only regular Latin news program in the world :rip: