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DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
What do I use jEdit for? Any type of file used in coding. (Opera's ini files, javascript, HTML, and C and Go source, e.g.) [...] And it looks good!
If it cannot run in the terminal, it cannot look good. Java is one of the ugliest languages I know and Java apps are terribly unstable.

In addition to coding, it would be nice if the editor did some good note-taking language, such as markdown, and forum posts. My fav editor is better than yours, because mine can do all that - run in the terminal, has a good note-taking/drafting facility, and it can edit BBCode as used on this forum.

(Do you use Windows machines sometimes, ersi? I'm exploring Wine at the moment...)
I am forced to use Windows at my job. Wine is best avoided. The more elaborate the Windows program, the more glitchy it is in Wine. My plan with moving to Linux was to drop Windows entirely along with all of its programs.

About that "who knew" comment: Since the Viet Nam war ended, all I've heard about Thailand concerns its "dens of iniquity" and occasional "civil unrest".
In what movie was that? I can recommend a different movie.

I don't get your animosity for Macintosh machines and their operating systems and the people who use them. But I've seen such before, and accept it as a part of life as it is. I don't consider myself a Mac fanatic. I do, however, prefer Macs to PCs. (Were I constrained to a PC, I'd likely install some flavor of Linux. Then I could moan about the dearth of software like Mac users of old used to do! :)
Were I constrained to a Mac, I would also install some flavour of Linux on it, as I always do to any computer under my control. I have no liking for Mac because of what it represents. It is not a very deep hatred, because I have had almost no contact with Macs. My hatred for Windows is deeper by far.

There is no dearth of software on Linux. Well, there is some dearth of paid and closed-source software on Linux, but I have no use for such software on any opsys.

My installation of Opera 11 needs some help: A plague of 404 errors has descended!
I moved to Opera 6 first and foremost for its email client, and I still use Opera 11 for email. The browser part always was barely workable, because the web never became compliant. The browser part was (and is) only usable for some geeky testing, custom-styling a long webpage for a comfortable read, and occasional posting on DnD Sanctuary.
Congrats for managing to post a link, rj :up: (even though your "latest head shaking stuff" is from five years ago).
DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
Congrats for a successful post on Opera 11 :up:

Why do you prefer jEdit and for what? I personally stay away from anything that requires Java Runtime Environment. In the 00's JRE was difficult to avoid (e.g. "online gaming" of the time) but very easy now.

My fav light text editor is Nano and the heavy one is Emacs. Both are younger than me, according to their release dates in Wikipedia.
DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
I asked about iPhone because I remember you were using a Mac, and Mac users tend to stick to the ecosystem. Mac users being a tight cult, there is a possibility that the cult members leave their old gear and devices to less-well-off members.

I assume you think all Americans are rich? :)
I know (from experience, obviously, which includes you) that Americans like to think they are better off than anyone in the rest of the world, regardless of actual economic status. At other times (when they briefly end up considering economic facts) they fall back to that at least America is free and has liberties, as if the rest of the world did not have it. You keep giving off the same vibe consistently, as in the following,

Thailand does have industry, it seems.
Yeah, who knew some East Asian country could have industry.

Oh, I should mention the NUBWO® A9 Bluetooth speaker which set me back about USD 20...
Can't you get anything on Wish for USD 10 or less? It's a free country, isn't it? (Seriously, Americans have thoroughly ruined the concepts of freedom and liberties, beyond recovery.)

Like seeing the OS tell me that jEdit won't install... (Just needed the jre installed first!)
On a Mac? So Mac is not modern enough to automatically link to dependencies? Good to know that my staying away from Mac has been worth it.

(But I still have Opera 11 installed!)
Why don't you occasionally post with it? (All my email correspondence of this century is accrued in Opera 11.)
DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
I've even got me a new smartphone --one that works. 
An iPhone didn't work?!

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Listening to the second debate with Trump now. Less interjection and yelling, but thus far he has not uttered a single sentence without falsehood or false boasting. I'll get back to this thread if he gets one full sentence right.
Major Tripe. General Rubbish.
Mozilla announced a paid VPN service

Totally transposed into a barely surviving corporation.
French critics have not taken kindly to Emily in Paris, a new Netflix production in which an ambitious twentysomething from Chicago moves to the City of Light mainly, it often seems, in order to meet the gamut of Gallic stereotypes.


"It reduces the capital's inhabitants to vile snobs sporting Birkin handbags who light up a cigarette the minute they're out of the gym," complained the women's webzine MadmoiZelle. "Three episodes might have been amusing. Unfortunately, there are 10!"

"...the French are all mean and all lazy and never arrive at the office before late morning; and that they are incorrigible flirts with no concept of being faithful".


Sens Critique's reviewer said viewers "will really have to be science fiction fans to enjoy this series, because it seems Parisians can be polite, always speak perfect English, make love for hours on end and only have to go to work if they feel like it".

Don't watch Netflix. It's not French.
That flaw is well known. When I update my system, I need to first deinstall my custom app, and build it again afterwards. There's no easy workaround, unfortunately.
Does any of the other BSD flavours solve it?
How about this?

Mexico's president published an open letter to Pope Francis Saturday calling on the Roman Catholic Church to apologize for abuses of Indigenous peoples during the conquest of Mexico in the 1500s.


The letter comes as Mexico struggles with how to mark the 500th anniversary of the 1519-1521 conquest, which resulted in the death of a large part of the country's pre-Hispanic population.

In 2019, López Obrador asked Spain for an apology for the conquest, in which millions of Indigenous people died from violence and disease.
I liked the cinema concept I saw in Beijing. Instead of the regular multiplex with maybe a dozen or half-dozen screens playing a dozen or half-dozen current movies of marginal interest, it had a number of VIP-like rooms with a varying number of comfortable chairs (range 2-12), and you could pick from a couple hundred movies, mostly old (and, I suspect, unpaid for) with a home cinema setup.
Sounds like an enhanced concept of Japanese VHS borrowing shops where there were private watchrooms directly in the shop.
Twice I almost went to see Christopher Nolan's Tenet (because it was partly filmed in Tallinn), but didn't go. Not sure if I will ever go to the movies again.

The Guardian: Tenet didn't just fail to save cinema - it may well have killed it for good
No, I don't follow your links. When you give a link, you should either quote the relevant bit from there to here or you indicate how the whole page is totally worth reading. You are not even trying. You are off topic and irrelevant. Repetition will not help. About time for you to grow up and learn some basic internet manners.
In a thread about religion, I am the only one quoting scriptures. Just saying.
Yes, all of this is familiar to me. And what I am saying is that none of this is characteristic to a charity, given the tasks the church assumes and the way it performs them. It is a state power, the first estate in shambles.

In medieval times, the catholic church assumed itself to be above the state, with the authority to appoint kings and emperors. The protestant church became the state department of census and ideology. These days we still have significant remnants of this state-like institutionality.

The original apostolic-era church was a volunteer initiative operating like a charity as in Acts 4:32-34. These times ended as soon as popery became autocratic, orthodox patriarchs became emperor-appointed, and the church became the owner of land and serfs.
As for the financial administration, I'm not sure...

Maybe a place to start to become more sure:
The Catholic church is as big as any company in America. Bankruptcy cases have shed some light on its finances and their mismanagement

A simple fact: Bishops get salaries and there are lucrative dioceses (with rich donors) and non-lucrative.

In a charity, nobody would get a salary.

And this is not just against the Catholic Church. For example in the Nordic countries, even though they like to think of themselves as secular now, the state church still operates as the head counter, officially registering births, deaths, and marriages.
Catholic dioceses all over the world do more work helping human beings than most state institutions ever do, that you can be sure.
Not the dioceses, but maybe Catholic orphanages and schools and what have you. Dioceses are basically a head-tax extortion racket.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
A fancy series of animated graphs of Trump's tax returns, finally

A lightning summary:
 - Trump only paid taxes for a moment when making a profit from The Apprentice tv show and licensing his name all over the place, but soon got a $72.9m tax refund from IRS instead, and IRS is now auditing itself because of this.
 - As the prez, he has been paying $750 in income tax.
 - Instead of in USA, he has been paying tens and hundreds of thousands of USD in taxes in Panama, India, and Philippines.
 - Trump has not paid "millions of dollars in income tax" as most recently claimed in his "debate". Not by a long shot, not even considering the income taxes he has paid all around the world.
I have an austere view of charities. A charity should employ only volunteers, no wage-earners. A charity should not buy stuff, only accept what is given and pass it on. Thus debt commitments cannot accrue and a bankruptcy is impossible.
What I couldn't immediately find is if they're a business or a charity?
If it can go bankrupt, it is a business. Charities would just run out of steam.
Proof that Qualcomm and Exynos processors are different.

I wondered fairly long about why some smartphone models should have different processors and different GPUs, while still being named the same model.

Already Galaxy Note 4 was released in two hardware versions. I got the Qualcomm/Adreno one. The other version is Exynos/Mali. It's probably an industry agreement to give both hardwares their market...
DnD Central / Re: The world in 2030
leaving the more important goals hidden from view.

Which are?
The ecological goals, those that actually make up sustainable development. Currently the table displays mostly socio-economic goals, more to do with quality of life for humans, less to do with sustainability.