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The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Less success over here I'm afraid. You seemed great but the other candidate has more experience. Which is still nice to hear and all but it's not a job. :)
At least you get explanations. Over here I usually get turned down without any explanation. I will never know if there were other candidates unless I get hired. The most common occurrence is that my applications to vacant job ads are entirely ignored. So I should not be offering tips, really.

However, this time something hit right in the market situation, as a bank was aiming to expand and recruited all sorts of weird people to its back-office, some of whom must still fall to the wayside during the introductory courses. My own chances to stay with the job are pretty good, because I have earlier similar experience, so understanding the courses is mostly a matter of recalling what I used to know some decade ago.

All I want is to sit at my desk and do the same familiar things day in day out. And get decently paid for it. This meant that at the job interview I had to seriously exert myself to show some ambition and excitement to learn "new" things, even when none of this is new or exciting for me. I think I (and some others) got hired because the bar was set pretty low by the interviewers. For salaries I did not get as much as I asked, but it is notably higher than at my previous job, so it's okay for now. Hopefully I will be able to maneuvre myself to more/other tasks later that will pay as much as I want so I will stay content longer. I hope this is not the kind of organisation that would collapse when an employee wants to move between departments...
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Looking for a new job has gone pretty well. I will soon become a banker again.

And I got rid of the old one completely on my own terms. No "mutual agreement". I don't agree with any of their offers.
Google's Proposed Changes to Chrome Could Weaken Ad Blockers

I personally have noticed several signals lately that Google is actively developing its products, such as Android apps and Google websites, particularly Youtube, towards outright adware. My VPN Android app, something I pay for, said in an update that Google demanded that they remove their adblock feature. And Jon von Tetzchner also mentioned something about Google having turned evil (and that Vivaldi complied with it).

More of the same:
And, for nearly a decade, Google did in fact keep DoubleClick's massive database of web-browsing records separate by default from the names and other personally identifiable information Google has collected from Gmail and its other login accounts.

But this summer, Google quietly erased that last privacy line in the sand - literally crossing out the lines in its privacy policy that promised to keep the two pots of data separate by default. In its place, Google substituted new language that says browsing habits "may be" combined with what the company learns from the use Gmail and other tools.

The change is enabled by default for new Google accounts. Existing users were prompted to opt-in to the change this summer.
No-no. When doing dishes, don't let your attention slip. Just do the dishes.
Today I found that there is an Estonian youtuber who does history animations.

The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
No. It's the employer gone paranoid for fear of harm that the situation might cause. My letter quite possibly revealed to them that I had been planning this for long, collecting the evidence, and biding my time to hit at the right moment.

On the first contact today they tried to renegotiate to get the situation under a more favourable point of law ("parting ways in mutual agreement" instead of "overwork ruined the health"). I stuck to my claims. I am very confident I can back up, to any third party, every little thing I said. The overwork part may send a certain state authority to investigate the company and I am fully ready for that too.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Starting this morning, my work e-mail is blocked. So it looks like the case is about to explode.

The matter has been a-brewing at least for a year. All I wanted was to move to another department in the company, because I have a dispute concerning overwork with my immediate boss. Just let me go to another department where the immediate boss no longer can bother me and everything will be fine. A global company like ours should be able to handle a little transfer of an employee, right? So, after discussing about it for months with the higher bosses, I was faced with a test in writing to verify my competences for the other department. And next day we had a multilateral meeting to discuss the matter.

The first point on the agenda of the meeting: How did the test go? The new department's boss: Perfect. My immediate boss: We have a lot of work to do and we cannot change tasks just so on a whim when somebody gets an attitude. We cannot rearrange the schedules to place these tasks on anyone else. [So, nevermind that the issue has been in multilateral preparation for months, the test went fine, and "a lot of work" actually means unpaid overwork which is illegal? Naturally I did not say any of this out loud.] My turn: My workload is unsustainable, unfortunately I cannot continue with it. Higher boss: In our company, when there is work to do, then we have to do it, and we cannot just... [basically, the higher boss echoed my own immediate boss; but the worst was yet to come]

In mid-sentence, the higher boss's smartphone ringed, and she stepped outside the room to answer it. Yup, that's a she. The meeting fell apart, just me and the HR boss remained, and when the higher boss returned from the phone call, she said, "So, what did you decide?" Well, some thoughts rushed through my head at that moment. To put it mildly, it was her job to decide and she f'd it up majorly.

Since nothing else was decided, the higher boss summarised that we go on as usual. In my view, her unprofessional behaviour ruined the critical meeting (again, I did not say it out loud to her face). By the way, all the other bosses are females too. They are making it impossible for me to escape the impression that they are a club of angry women whose main enjoyment is to suppress men, even when the man has all the rights in a particular case.

On Friday, I wrote to them bosses a list of reasons why I must quit on the spot (because according to law, quitting on the spot must have good reasons). My reasons: Years of overwork have ruined my health (I was on an almost two months sickleave just before the last week), my immediate boss refuses to lighten the workload, my higher boss does not have the administrative capability to transfer an employee to another department, so I am now going on the spot.

And now my work e-mail is blocked. Something amazing is about to follow.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
I just had a contract end, so I'm looking for another job now.
On Friday I made the boldest career move in my life: I quit my longest-held job, indefinite full-time contract, on the spot. I have serious accusations (easily provable, I think) against the work environment at the company. We'll see how serious it gets.

On recovery and subsistence mode now.
true developer from mozila now in pale moon project
Which one?
DnD Central / Re: "Scientists Say" blather
The Real Fake News: Top Scientific Retractions of 2018

None of the fake research was particularly earth-shattering. It was a boring year.

The following one is still not retracted:
Mind-Bending Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang
DnD Central / GDPR
Privacy campaigner Schrems slaps Amazon, Apple, Netflix, others with GDPR data access complaints

Last May, immediately after Europe's new privacy regulation came into force, noyb [a.k.a. Max Schrems] lodged its first series of strategic complaints -- targeted at what it dubbed "forced consent", arguing that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google's Android OS do not give users a free choice to consent to processing their data for ad targeting, as consenting is required to use the service.
That's what I said: You get bugged for consent or you get shut off. No options.

Did somebody say that now, thanks to GDPR, you can ask from the companies to see how your data is used? Here's what it looks like.

Hobbies & Entertainment / Re: Nordic Noir
It seems to be an odd current trend of sorts to make voices super quiet, so that when you turn up the volume some other noise will deafen you. I like dynamic range and all, but it's going too far.
Oh, so instead of being a hit and miss, it is a trendy experiment. I sort of guessed the aim was to make the sound production seem as if cinemaic, but it is an entirely misconceived aim imho. The only tolerable technology to "enjoy" such sound is perhaps expensive headphones.

I do not have a TV set at all. To watch TV, I have to go visit friends or neighbours or such. And every time I do, I get good confirmation once again that it's not worth it. Some providers are a bit better than others, but none good enough to make me want that "service" at home round the clock, when I only "consume" max once a week.
Hobbies & Entertainment / Re: Nordic Noir
The Bridge: new version to span Russia and Estonia
This was in 2016. Now it's ready and started airing
Okay, some comments after watching the first three episodes.

First the positive. Nice dark visual esthetic (easy on the eyes) and a background score reminiscent of Drive [edit: How did I get it wrong the first time?] This particularly applies to the opening episode.

And now the rest.

A predominant theme in the series is a play on European-versus-Russian stereotypes, which is neither insightful or funny, and does not help the plot to advance.

Ah, the plot. Like TV series usually, it is predominantly dialogue-driven, and the main device to make it seem that some action is happening too is change of scene/location. This does not fool me, particularly when the dialogue is dense with plot holes. Luckily they are not the kind of plot holes that don't make sense at all in a detective story. Still, there is a mass of details in the wrong order or at the wrong time, so the result is the same - that's not how detectives work. I guess it is called wrong structuring of the storyline and wrong sequencing of plot points.

When the plot is dialogue-driven, it is unfortunate that the post-production of sound is a hit and miss. Some background voices that would be hugely beneficial to explain what is going on in the screen are overly tuned down. Also, many Estonian characters are tuned down throughout for no apparent reason. Except perhaps to make it absolutely clear to every viewer that post-production of sound was done in Russia. As was pretty much all the rest of production, while Estonia served only as the location of some scenes. 

Special care has been taken to depict the Estonian main character, the female detective, as absolute schmuck. The schmuckness of that character might be due to the original dramatic premise, but it is outlandishly overexaggerated far beyond the point of ordinary culture conflict between Russians and Estonians (often referred to as "Europeans" in the dialogue). The exaggeration is so outrageous that it's not just bad writing, it is at best bad research, at worst intentionally inflammatory political propaganda.

The clash of cultures between Estonians and Russians, while it exists in real on the ground, does not exist in that form, and the depicted form does not make for a good entertainment. To be sure, Estonians and Russians have so many different elements in behaviour that they do not mix easily. However, there are so many Russians in Estonia that Estonians are well aware of Russian culture and generally capable of accommodating themselves to Russian mannerisms. And then there is the city of Narva (Estonia), where the story starts. It is not just any Estonian city, but a city with a 90+ percent Russian population. The borderguards and policemen are Russian there on both sides!

The Estonian language, as seen and heard in the series, is such a terrible mix of accents and outright language mistakes that I am positive that some highup in the production took special care to make it such. The first language of the main Estonian character is best called fake Estonian, while her second language is Russian with a noticeable accent. How could the makers of the series screw up both languages in one main character? By employing a Lithuanian actress and using her real voice throughout, even though there was a good set of Estonian extras available and plenty of opportunities to fix matters in post-production.

The actors employing fake Estonian (there are a number of them besides the main criminal police character) have been provided with subtitles by the Estonian TV to make the fake Estonian understandable. Real Estonian actors, when speaking Estonian, come with no subtitles, not even when their voice is tuned so low that it is near-inaudible. Why should they be near-inaudible? Could it be that many viewers have TV's with cinema quality audio system? I don't.

An interesting detail on tech displayed in the series: Computers and smartphones have neither Mac or Windows, but something that seemed like Yandex-skinned Android.

All in all, production values are far more interesting to observe about this series than the plots and themes. Somebody messed up big time, but in an instructive way for students of theatre, cinema, and TV.
(search for vbulletin in the source)
Why didn't this occur to me?  :doh:

Thanks :)
Are Mobileread forums based on some earlier version of vBulletin or a completely different software? I cannot find where they point it out...
Brexit timeline: key dates in UK's divorce from EU
The UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm local time on March 29 2019.
Just a little bit more patience :)
There is a Java ME Facebook installed on my Nokia feature phone.

(I don't have a FB account... I just installed it by curiosity, to see how it would work with my wife's account. Very limited, indeed.)
If you don't have an account, then you don't know how ads are displayed there, and if the density of the ads is sufficient (from the marketer's point of view). Ads are a major point here. You must have tons of opportunities to misclick to trigger outrageous consequences, such as accidentally buy airplanes or at least bitcoins for somebody else.

Samsung isn't necessarily responsible for the OS version.
Yes, this is another major point. The OS may come with the operator/distributor modifications. Why would operators/distributors modify the OS? To include their own branded apps for more ad/marketing revenue. So, they prefer OS's that are particularly suited for such purpose, including the point that it should not be too easy for users to remove that crap.

Sailfish perhaps allows too much user control, therefore there will never be much corporate push for it.
For them Android was clearly good enough for something, but it was never very clear to me just what that something was. I've always thought that '07/'08 era iPhones and Android phones were clearly inferior to my contemporary feature phone,[1] the SE s500i, which could also install apps like Opera Mini and Google Maps using Java ME.[2]
Corporate push importantly includes pushing ads and multimedia. Opera Mini is/was awesome for knowledgeable users, but not good for dumbusers who could keep misclicking Google ads. And was there a Java ME Facebook? I haven't heard.

Current Opera Mini has gone the way of whole-screen splash ads.
I don't really understand why the imo better phone operating systems (Maemo/MeeGo/Sailfish & Windows Mobile/Phone) aren't more popular. Sure, nowadays they're niche products that require an effort to acquire, but I'm talking more about the critical ~2008-2010 period when Maemo and Windows Mobile were readily available and miles ahead of the competition.
I suspect about the same reason as why Linux is not more popular than Windows. Even though Linux is lightyears ahead in customisability, there is no major corporate push for it and  some critical apps (office software, graphics design, games) are unavailable for it.

Similarly, Android has all the apps, so nobody else can survive, unless they support Android apps. But since all success depends on Andoid apps, why have anything else than Android?

I am a bit more curious about iOS. iPhone costs a ton. Then you pay for many apps too on top of that. Why would anyone agree to it? It's as if Apple fans were a different planet (I see them only on YT, I refuse to believe they exist in real).

Then again, Microsoft messed things up with Windows Phone even if the basic UX was pretty decent. /sigh
It took special talent to mess that one up. Microsoft has it.
1. Probably it requires too much work to raise it up to be on a par with today's industry standards...
How about up to some lower standards? I, for one, am very happy with w3m and Elinks.

But yes, I understand that it can be (and usually is) pure pain for a developer to read someone else's messy code. Even one's own code after a decade...
is there a way to tell us how to compile a build so we don't have to wait so long for own architecture ?
Do you mean this?
DnD Central / The Problem With Samsung
Samsung Phone Users Perturbed to Find They Can't Delete Facebook
Winke bought his Samsung Galaxy S8, an Android-based device that comes with Facebook's social network already installed, when it was introduced in 2017. He has used the Facebook app to connect with old friends and to share pictures of natural landscapes and his Siamese cat -- but he didn't want to be stuck with it. He tried to remove the program from his phone, but the chatter proved true -- it was undeletable. He found only an option to "disable," and he wasn't sure what that meant.
I discovered within a week from my purchase of Note 4 that some preinstalled apps, such as Facebook, cannot be uninstalled. For this guy it took like two years. The news should be perturbed about *that.*
Actually it was on GitHub (illegally of course) about a year or two ago and the repository was forked a few times before everything was taken down.
That's what I was referring to. The code was on GitHub for over a year before anyone notice.
I didn't know this. But if you noticed it, then surely so did many others, and some probably even downloaded it. I guess that only fear of legal repercussions prevents them from publishing their own rendering engine based on that code.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
From the chart: "The chart emphasizes that in real life a chemist will probably meet O, Si, Al,...and that he better do something about it."

Okay. The thing to do about O is probably - breathe.

But what is the empty space under Al? Should we do something about that too?