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Thanks Frenzie.  I appreciate the reply.

OK.  I extracted the files into an empty folder.  No change.  Same "connection is
insecure" message.

My experience with computer hardware and software goes back before Microsoft
Windows existed.  I'm definitely an "old man" in the world of computing.

I'm very aware of the huge amount of work that goes into creating a browser.  Maybe
the latest version has a few coding errors that react badly with my operating system.
All previous versions functioned normally.

I'll download the latest version of Otter again.  It's not very likely, but it's possible the
copy I've got has a few corrupt files.  I can't think of anything else.

Otter is a terrific browser.  The authors should be proud.
The latest update seems to be completely broken.  I can't even guess why this is

I attempted to visit eBay.  This is the result:

I changed the URL to a direct link for eBay login.  The same "connection is insecure"
message appeared.  Selected the advanced button to force the eBay login page.

This mess is the result:

I downloaded the latest version of Otter and extracted the contents into my Otter
directory.  All old files were overwritten by the new.  I've followed this procedure
with several other browsers.  There was never a problem.

I'd like to keep using Otter Browser.  I hope there is a solution.
I had to google the acronym IMO:
"IMO has one popular meaning. It only means in my opinion."

There must be an about:config edit or a box I can untick that will completely disable those
security warning messages.  Before I download and install Otter, I need a 100% certain yes
or no about disabling those messages.  If yes, give me the exact procedure.

I know a lot about browsers because I've used several dozen.  However, I am not a programming
expert.  I can easily edit about:config, but I cannot write code.  If there is a way to disable
those security messages it must be relatively simple.

Thanks guys.

Hello mad_king.

The old lightweight Opera Presto (12.x version) was my favorite browser.

After reading this Softpedia review (and several others) it seemed like Otter browser with a modern
Blink-WebKit engine was the perfect replacement.

I stopped using Opera Presto because there was no way to disable endless "Security Issue" warning
messages.  (See attached image.)

If I understand your post correctly, are you saying that Otter has the same problem with erroneous
security messages and there is no way to disable this feature?