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err i think it already does support, for a long time...

also flash has nothing to do with html5
such websites that ask for flash plugin are obsolete
i'll stay on it till ... either windows becomes again normal OS
or till I find Linux distro that looks normal as they currently all look fugly and act as freaking mobile platform
It has. Click the "fullscreen" button on YouTube and press F11 to enter Otter's fullscreen mode and the video will be the only thing displayed on your screen.

why would people need to press F-buttons ?
or ANY buttons ?

this should automatically work like in any other browser ...


also, i noticed that while smooth scrolling exists, there are no options how many lines to skip
by default it goes 1 by 1 and that is rather slow scrolling
hmm why doesn't youtube have fullscreen mode
can the top bar be removed ?
been temporary for more than 3 months
thats not temporary anymore
i'm quite frustrated with extra slowness of compiling as well
last x64 build was 3 and half months ago ...
I'd have to disagree with some of you here
Opera 12x was made with HTML 5 standards compliant
and it still runs pages made with W3C standards, normal
in fact the only thing wrong with it, is a java script engine that Opera had.
and naturally h264 support and whatever came after they killed it...
so many garbage to install just to have ~70 MB app
think i'll just wait for x64 installer -_-
is there a way to tell us how to compile a build so we don't have to wait so long for own architecture ?
and why is only 32bit for NT ?
there were too much skips lately
Otter Browser Forum / Re: a major crush
nah, i just use what the oficial site provides via links
experimental ones just give more trouble :P
Otter Browser Forum / Re: a major crush

Adding your specs (OS, Otter version, WebKit vs WebEngine and Qt version) will be useful.

funnily our OS used to be under our avatar
now yo have to hold your mouse to see it

as for otter, i wrote the version, as the engine, whatever it is by default...

which btw i don't like, why does otter even include 2 types of engines ?
its just a mess how things are going, and even more complicated as
there is no straight-forward "to use just 1 thing"
Otter Browser Forum / Re: a major crush
and otter crashed upon close haha
ok but it worked thanks
Otter Browser Forum / Re: a major crush
its 09.99 rc 12

flickering yes, it indicates exactly that, but my tabs were choked hence the force kill

also where do you set this "per site" JS settings
i only find global one
Otter Browser Forum / a major crush
now, i won't call this a Otter bug, but rather maybe how Otter handles JS

/spoiler ahead, "illegal" site in question

so the famous torrent site in this case, not for advertising purpose
but check what it does, they have imposed advert popup everytime you click on a link
then it counts down to what ? ... maybe 10 seconds, to "acknowledge" you clicked on it
and now you can click on any movie title... (during those 10 seconds)

then they re-enable this annoying advert re-direct again

since im primary using Waterfox which is Gecko 52 based, this isn't issue
as browser just makes a pop-up window, and you can close it
Otter on other hand for some reason constantly reloads this ad-redirect link
thus freezes both primary and secondary tab/window, and your only choise is to force kill app
again, i write this not to complain on Otter, but rather that Emdek and who-ever also does the coding
checks what the F is going on there,

link is:
mmm dunno for other platforms, but on windows, Otter is quite glitchy, and freezes alot for minor reasons
until stability becomes 99%, to me Otter is not "prime time" yet

but is very close though
you constantly repeat "on updated OS"
this just leads to constant tracking what MS and Apple fucked up on their side
which is not Emdeks job or anyone elses...

who ever makes Webkit port to QT, its theirs responsibility for max compatibility
it downloads the file (any) completely
but it crashes on those 99.9 %
path doesn't matter
nor architecture
nor apparently NT version

but if its Windows only, then its easier for you to locate the problem
no it doesnt :)
meh, how come 185 wasn't released ?
Otter Browser Forum / 184 bugs and nags
since I dunno when will 185 come out, ill put what 184 has ...

first off, I'm very happy how Otter progresses (every few months)

Bugs: - Win7 x64 // x64 Otter build
1. ANY download/transfer, when comes to 99.9% CRASHES - ALWAYS
2. Transfer window/tab, CANT resize 1st column while other ones can
3. while opening magnet link, there is no association (doesn't read system values)
4. unable to save ANY site with its contents (css, js), but just plain/alone xHTML
5. most HTML-5 codecs are missing (check

1. would be nice to have a button that would add page/tab to speed dial (just like you can bookmark a page)
2. some internal crash log generator, as apparently Otter chooses to crash without any crash log or error or even system error for Event Viewer
3. right click on tab for: close tabs to left/right
4. when image is in web site, right click to open image in current tab
err simply put it in preferences dialog just like "content" of fonts and page look is stiffed there...
you can simply add 1 dropdown list with "icon style" and link it to either cfg or ini file to read entries from //path/to/icons

some years later, if any skinning will exist, you can just expand upon that...
why not simply leave both styles, or whatever more you will have later
make user choose

this way one downloads something cemented in, and its plain ugly
and people run from ugly :P
aaah thank you !