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Otter Browser Forum / Re:
I got:
which is the same as for Chrome.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
@ersi, when grouping will become available then we could consider "private groups", having cookie jar set per group, the same way like is currently done for opening new tabs from private one, they share single, private cookie jar.

Emdek, if you can, please look here, I mistakenly created a new topic. But, looks like some developers solved that problem, at least Firefox, and Brave:
Doesn't this already work when you log in to an online account, then open the same webpage again in a private tab and log in with another account? (The problem with this  is of course that it cannot be saved as a session...)

Exactly. For work that would be annoying.
Or you could be logged in with one account in one browser, and with another account in another browser.

Well, that would be a terrible workaround. Firefox with its versatile profile management before Quantum would do it better.
Also, it means higher memory usage. We have six company's profiles on gmail to deal with different projects. Six browsers running?! And each of them deals with Google Docs differently?

Containers solve everything.
And btw, my due respect to your work.
Brave is probably the fastest browser on PC, probably, but it has switched off ads. Otter is same fast without dumping them off.
If Otter worked properly with Google docs, well, we would not use anything else.
Otter Browser Forum / Containers, please?
Hi Emdek, and the Team,

As you have been working hard on Otter, I do not know if you have noticed quite new solutions in Firefox, and Brave, and maybe other browsers.
These are containers.
No, they are not "these" containers, they are those containers.
Precisely, Brave calls them "sessions", stupid. So far, sessions were all the opened tabs. Brendan Eich had to make a difference, really...

What it is about?
Imagine, you have several accounts on one website, and you need to use them simultaneously in a browser, for work, as we do. Poor you. Needed either to log out, and log in, and log out back, and log in back. Or you needed to open a browser in a new profile (FireFox has it).
For a long time it was impossible to open one tab logged in as Bingo, and open another tab, and log in into a same website as Mango. Nope.

But new hope has shined over us.
Containers, as the newest FireFox calls them. Or, stupid, sessions, as Brave names them.
Simply saying, you have a container #1, #2, and more.
You open one tab in a c1, and everything you do, stays there. So you open next tab, or a website in c2, and again, all passwords, logins stay only there. So you can have many containers opened simultanously, like profiles. Also, every website you open from a given container, will also stay in that container. No need to open a whole browser window.
So far, a missing thing is bookmarks in containers. I can only pin several tabs, for example, opened gmail accounts, having immediate access to each of them. But these have to be already opened tabs. None of the browsers (OK, don't know about IE and Edge) allows to bookmark a given website within a container.

So, Emdek, I think this feature will evolve, and develop, and if you want Otter to be the best, as good old Opera was, it might be better to think about the implementation now, than later.

Containers are now the only thing which keeps me with Brave, because Otter is faster. And we need them for work.

If you wish, please think about that thing.

And if you do so, I would humbly suggest to call containers--containers. Because this is what they are.
Actually, I like this minimalistic look. And I do not like fireworks. The less colours the better for the eyes when working. :)

Small bug: as in the subject. I can see the movie (the first shot of it) with the blue/white circle+arrow on it. I click, black screen of the embedded clip, nothing happens.
Win 8.1 x64, 8GB RAM, internet speed OK, ca 600 MB.

Beside that, so far, almost fantastic. :)))
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feedback
I can see Otter grows up :) faster! Thank you, dzięki, Emdek and the Team!
What I can add is:
save the file does not show the progress bar.

But, anyway and once again, it is really fast, what is probably the most visible side - nomen omen - of any browser.
Emdek, he is right. I have a min. tabbar height 30, max. 40, but still the font size is tiny.
Just do not know where to put it but Otter gets better and faster. I use it to watch movies as it works fluently, other browsers sometimes clog when using flash add-on.
Emdek, from my perspective (not a newbie, and not a power user) I need stability, a full compatibility with most of business websites/portals and speed. And I think if you go into that direction Otter would prevail over others.
Huh, LinkedIn now works, at least some main options. :)
Thanks, Emdek.
This beta works much better, I deliberately skipped several minor upgrades, just to see the larger steps. And here we have it. :)
On Win 8.1 (to which I was forced by MS to upgrade) it is even faster than FF.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
I do not know if this is too much but I would love to make updates/installation just along with all other software running. No message "it is strongly recommended to close other apps... and so on". Just like FileZilla does it.  :) And I believe old Opera also was updated in a background.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs

@Pref, F4 might be some kind of focus issue (this would explain why it happens only sometimes).

That crash looks interesting, most likely something to be reported upstream, as long as it is reproducible.

Hi Emdek,
F4 now works fine, v. 61 Win 8 x64.
LinkedIn - still same sh. :) But now there is an improvement: the system manages to inform that it lacks memory (8GB), and needs to close Otter.
Also, if we are at the bugs, v. 61 is drastically slow on anything I checked, however on certain news portals it slower, on the other ones much more. And when I enter the website again loading is faster (of course). Like I was waiting 20 seconds to load FF works fine BTW on these websites.

I just do not want to open a new thread, so here:
are there any binaries of the build 61 but for Windows 8 x64?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests

What we really need is a command-line argument to start Otter's startup dialogue. This would solve these problems.

Looks like good idea, any suggestion for good name for such command line option?

Oline.  :D
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests

@Pref, see:

Emdek, yes, I saw it. These are around 1-year old threads, hence, I understand it is planned to be worked on? Or have I missed some solution/workaround?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs

@Pref, are you using 64 bit build?
You could try to ask bajasoft on IRC if there were any changes in build process, maybe it was built with debug symbols (executable should be bigger in this case)?

Emdek, yes, 64. I will try to ask.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs
Emdek, I have just noticed that the latest experimental version, 59, works visibly slower than 58.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests
Emdek, regarding the tabbar on a side, that is also my beloved, very important feature which forced me to leave new Opera, and search for FF addon. And the bookmarks bar on the right. All together save a vertical space.
For now moving tabbar to the left works but still with vertical tabs and text, just FYI.

I put the toolbar.json file in the profile folder. How can I change the size of searchbar ad titlebar? The searchbar is too short for me.

This file does not define the sizes of things. I would also like to know how to configure the sizes of things.

Agree, this is what I liked in Opera, I changed the details, sizes of the buttons and so on, that helped a lot in a work.
Full Screen Mode is quite nicely solved in K-Meleon:

Preferences > K-Meleon Plugins > Full Screen
and there:
Enable Full Screen Display

In Full Screen Mode
(separate options)
hide toolbars, menu toolbar too
hide tab bar
hide status bar
hide task bar.

By "proper full screen" I mean that nothing should pop up.

Yes, you are right. Otter now works like FF and others with F11, old Opera was totally full screened. :)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: bugs
Emdek, yes, logged in.
Interesting, but I get the full screen like in the most of the browsers, also like in Opera. F11 works for me, I do not know why.