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Congratulations and thank you for bringing us such a great browser!
Hello and welcome.

The Tab Bar can be moved anywhere. There's a small drag and drop widget at its left side. Just drag it to the bottom.

If you mean to have it under the Status Bar, then it's not possible as far as I know. You'll have to hide the Status Bar. But that's not a big problem since you can add the Status Bar widgets to other toolbars.
Even though I don't use Linux, that's nice to know indeed! Thanks for sharing the info.
meh, how come 185 wasn't released ?
Changes in the past week are mainly sourcecode cleanups and maintenance. The end-user won't notice the difference, so building new packages would be a waste of finite resources. Just a guess... ;)
1 - I miss the option to minimize the upper bars to gain space (the bars are really thick and huge). Firefox with an addon (Titlebar Plus) has this option and is very useful.
Right-click the Address Bar or Tab Bar > Configure... > Options tab > Display toggle button.
Something like that?

2 - Generally, the lack of customization options for the UI
There's room for improvement, but a lot can already be customized. Be sure to run the latest version or to build it yourself from MASTER.

3 - An explicit adblocker (integrated is OK, but must be more visible and have some options)
Like Tools > Content Blocking...?

4 - The lack of compatibility with at least some addons or extensions
Support for Chrome extensions is planned.

5 - The lack of a "reader mode" to clean sites from junk for just reading text
Also a planned feature.
1)  Author Mode
There's a long discussion on the topic on GitHub. Feel free to join in.

2) Show images -  Enhances and works hand and hand with Author Mode sometimes.
I'm not sure I understand specifically what you're asking here, but if it's about disabling and enabling the display of images, it may be done globally through Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content or in about:config (Permissions/EnableImages), as well as locally through the F12 menu - a great improvement over Opera and a personal favorite of mine. But you have to reload the page for the changes to be applied.
And just like in Opera, if images are disabled you can right-click the placeholder of the invisible image and do Reload Image to display it.

3) Putting the address bar at the bottom of the page.
You can move it anywhere. All the toolbars are customizable and any widget can be added to any toolbar. If you mean to move the actual "Address Bar" toolbar, it's not possible AFAIK, but you can always create a new toolbar (View > Toolbars > Add New > Add Toolbar...), add an Address Field widget and hide the original toolbar.
Alt shortcuts would be very welcome but I don't understand why only basic functions would be added. [...] I view Alt shortcuts as very basic [...] I do realize development is harder than responding my saying "please do this."
Check issue #510 on GitHub for some of the details.
Both links work fine here.
Well, honestly I have no idea. I just pressed the "Add" button and whenever I pressed "Ctrl" and "Tab", Otter added a blank line in the "Shortcut" list.
For some reason I think "Tab" is being interpreted by the interface to mean an actual shortcut instead of being recorded by the shortcut editor. Any other combination seems to be recorded properly.
The same happens in both FreeBSD and Windows.
@vbr, I didn't recall there was such shortcut. Thanks for the reminder. I set the "Go to Tab on Left" action to use "Ctrl+Tab" and it successfully disabled the tab switcher.

@Emdek, that would definitely be great. By the way, I had some trouble with the keyboard shortcut editor. It didn't want to accept shortcuts like "Ctrl+Tab". It only worked after editing the .ini file manually.
someone please post old icon set
GitHub offers version control, among other things. So go ahead and download it from there:

Extract the archive, move the .../resources/icons directory anywhere you want, open about:config and set Interface/IconThemePath to point to that directory you've kept.
Hi there.

Is there any way I can disable the tab switcher dialog and have tab cycling like in Chrome where one can hold "Ctrl" (or "Ctrl"+"Shift") and press "Tab" repeatedly to cycle from one tab to the next (or previous)?

I'm talking about the same behavior as the single key shortcuts "1" and "2", but using "Tab".

And the reason I'm asking about this is that I have to cycle through tabs rapidly and the single key shortcuts are interpreted as input text when tabs contain editboxes or textareas.

EDIT: using mouse tab cycling (RMB+scroll) is kind of what I'm looking for. But I'd like to have that using the keyboard instead.
if you are aiming for disgusting flat look, i'm gonna ditch this browser for good
That's very radical, man! Don't rush into things like that ;)

Seriously, the alternative is as easy as setting Interface/IconThemePath in about:config no matter what the project's default currently is.

Personally I have Oxygen on one computer and Flat on another.
Ah, good find! I check the Area 51 from time to time but must have missed that one.

As to the question of "when", the usual reply is "when it's ready" hehe. FreeBSD developers and port maintainers are on the conservative side, so ports that big usually stay in the pipeline for weeks and sometimes months before being approved (as has been the case for the latest Qt port with WebEngine support).
Of course one can always use experimental port trees, but things are not guaranteed to work well or at all.
I haven't seen anything related to it on the forums or mailing lists. :/
Yes, I've seen annulen's WebKit contributions on GitHub. Very well then, thanks to annulen and vitallium too. :D
It's been some time since I last used Otter on Windows, and recently I've upgraded to the latest (weekly #165). It looks and works much better nowadays. Thanks for the great job you've been doing.
Definitely just the website not being cross-browser compatible. The page displays properly when the user agent is set to Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Apparently it doesn't like IE, classic Opera and WebKit-based browsers much.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: override.ini
Yes you are right. Thank you for the reply.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: override.ini
Yes I have noticed that Otter needed a "" entry even when I added the "*" one.

I don't suppose it would be possible to have a "*" entry instead of both of these, or would it?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: IgnoreSslErrors
I see. Thank you for the reply!
Otter Browser Forum / IgnoreSslErrors

I've been wondering what exactly is this string that Security/IgnoreSslErrors is being set to and what does it mean.
Otter Browser Forum / override.ini

Is there any way to unify domains in the override.ini file?

Let's say a domain is accessible through,,,, etc. what exactly should I have in the override.ini file?

Otter seems to create a new entry for each of these.

Can wildcards (as in "*") be used to unify all these entries?
You've obviously never ran Otter from the command line. Well then, you're missing a lot ;)

Usage: ./otter-browser [options] [url]

  -h, --help            Displays this help.
  -v, --version         Displays version information.
  --cache <path>        Uses <path> as cache directory
  --profile <path>      Uses <path> as profile directory
  --session <session>   Restores session <session> if it exists
  --private-session     Starts private session
  --session-chooser     Forces session chooser dialog
  --portable            Sets profile and cache paths to directories inside the
                        same directory as that of application binary
  --new-tab             Loads URL in new tab
  --new-private-tab     Loads URL in new private tab
  --new-window          Loads URL in new window
  --new-private-window  Loads URL in new private window
  --readonly            Tells application to avoid writing data to disk
  --report              Prints out diagnostic report and exits application

  url                   URL to open
Congratulations for this new success!