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DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
An iPhone didn't work?!
"iPhone"? I had an Obama-phone! Made by Motorola. Mechanically, it was superb, and I liked the slide-out keyboard -- well, the screen slid out, revealing the keyboard :) ; but the touchscreen was flaky... One never knew what -if anything- would be launched at a touch. Luckily, it was stolen from me a few years back, from my car's console. (The driver's side window was stuck down for a few years; I only just recently got it fixed...) I wished whoever took it the best of luck! And as much frustration as I'd had.
This new one is a SKY Elite B5 android device. (Opera's beta mini runs well on it.) I assume you think all Americans are rich? :) (I remember when I first got to the Opera Forums I shocked someone by saying I used a dial-up ISP...) Oh, I should mention the NUBWO® A9 Bluetooth speaker which set me back about USD 20... It works great; Thailand does have industry, it seems.
I'm currently in the process of recovering my favorite software... Sort of fun, ya know? Like seeing the OS tell me that jEdit won't install... (Just needed the jre installed first!) Ha! But Panic's old Audion mp3 (and stream) player was gone for good... Oh, well. (Swinsian works fairly well.) I've become a fan of Opera 71; and the new GX is interesting.
(But I still have Opera 11 installed!)
You'd have to call me old-fashioned: I still have, and use, a peripheral floppy disk drive!

Speaker of the House [...] Barack Obama [!]
I assure you, Barack will probably have lost interest in even his golf game by then. (He really has never had much truck with work... :) I'm still waiting for his legal scholarship!)
DnD Central / Re: I Feel Old…
Well, I do feel old! But it's not so bad really. I've even got me a new smartphone --one that works.  (Of course, I still have a land line set, and an answering machine; and a pager...)
And I finally fixed my old Mac mini!

I begin to see the problems with using a phone to post on forums... 👎 But my phone's predictive suggestions are quite good. (When I think to use them...)
Back to the computer!
Thanks jax! That's the one. Brown was a prolific cynic... :)
Better yet, RJ: No more human priests! AI is the way to go. What's the worst that could happen? :)

(I remember an old SciFi short-short where the world's most advance computer was built. The first question put to it was "Is there a God?" The machine promptly replied "There is now!")
Catholicism in New York is out of business.
If you'd read past the headline:
In Rockville Centre, Bishop Barres said the Chapter 11 filing would not immediately affect the operations of parishes and schools, because they are separate legal entities, although the diocese as a result would have less money to share with them.

"The financial burden of the litigation has been severe and only compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic," Bishop Barres said. "Our goal is to make sure that all clergy sexual abuse survivors, and not just a few who were the first to file lawsuits, are afforded just and equitable compensation."

Barres assured parishioners that their church offerings would not be used in any lawsuit settlements.

Child protection remains a priority for the church, he said.

"Our diocese underwent extensive reforms in 2003, with the creation of our Office for the Protection of Children and Young People. We will continue to be vigilant in our commitment to child protection," Barres said.
(at this point, you can read "the rest of the story" as it were... :) )
Do you ever miss your sense of humor? You lost it long before we met... Perhaps you no longer feel the lack.

I picture you as a cloistered monk -- who long ago lost his faith.

Perhaps this will help: "Brevity may be the soul of wit. But diversion and digression are the twin pleasures of conversation."
(I know you don't get the point... :) )

Quoting snippets of scripture is not a fit exercise of a healthy intellect! (It reminds me of W.C. Fields on his death-bed being caught reading the Bible! His nurse inquires, "Claude! You're not getting religion, are you?" He replies, "No, my dear. Just looking for loopholes...") I also believe humility is mentioned somewhere in the Good Book... Have you any recollection of the context of such?
Just saying.
I'll take it then that you're a baptized, and confirmed
devotee to some sect of Obscurantism...  Good to know.

Would you, will you answer my question:  Do you consider yourself, ersi, to be a Trotsky-ite ? (You should have followed the link above...)
I agree with your points, Bel. (But I'd rather you said, say, "remuneration" or " recompense" than "retribution" -- which carries the weight of punishment in its connotation!  Unless you meant just that, ala "No good deed goes..." :) )

Do you consider yourself, ersi, to be a Trotsky-ite ? :)
Yeah! Don't ya wish ya had something like the New York Times? :)

I do believe we should all return to almanacs... And, of course, letters (broadsides?) and pamphlets. Plays and such.
ps I am not a lefty.   :happy:
You are Orange... Quick question: What does (red + yellow = ?) :)

It has a long history of warfare and spends more than anyone else on it whilst legions suffer starvation over the pond.
That first sentence had me laughing so hard I "nearly had my native simile Jarred". The second might be worth persuing...
Cannot a Scot be miserly enough with his own money? Must he pinch everyone else's pennies too?

I'll pit out legions against you'n,, anytime, RJ[/]! (Hey, I thought you were all for welfare? What happened?)

Biden gives an impression like a duck gives a cluck!
Old Ben Franklin had a thing or two (being the economicalist he was) about such matters...[1]

WTF!? Whence this
  • [2] [/#]
     that's making me blue? Where does it come from?
    What must I do to make it go away?! Fie! (I mean: I guess I've some research to do. :) I still have a full head of hair... I fear becoming "folic-ally challenged" over this one, guys! And the fear is really scary... Why do you think I wear my lily pad cap? :) I'd accept any help I can get...


    I beg your indulgence whilst I search... Cert., Sir-a!
OI don't mind OakdaleFTL's comment re me as I make allowances for where he lives!
And knowing that vice is worse, sir, I don't reprove you. The others should know by now (as I do!) that as a babe in arms can be quite fetching -when it's sleeping, you can be quite reasonable -when you've been drinking! :)

(Too bad California can't trade some of its excess fire for some of their water, jax...)
What Howie means to say -allow me to put it plain- is GB is not America's colony! And, he'd likely add: For shame, for shame! They of all peoples should know better... (I'd include some blather about ancient history; but RJ only has one book; he keeps it, because the last time he looked he was in it... Don't berate the breadth of such. He has unsuspected depths which should be praised! Only should he fall into them -since peering may prove not enough- should you consider his uplifting or upbraiding... Let the man look! And be content he doesn't write, much...)
Living Big in a Tiny House
Interesting! The first episode I watched (I all-but regretted my machine's lack of sound), a Tiny House for 8 grand, in - was it New Zealand? I'm sorely tempted to stow away aboard a plane or ship, to visit Kiwi-land and have me a look around... Who knows? If I find enough Tiny Houses™?, I might find a way to make some money -bucks or NZD, I'm really not particular!
And I could use a vacation; a tiny house appears to be not bigger than a tent, by very much... 'Twould almost feel like camping, in a clutch. I'd have to have my guitar, pen and pad,  and other useful stuff; new glasses, new prescription, and a handy-dandy phone. (I'd not prefer to lose the touch I'm in with those a home...) My baby grand piano must perforce remain alone, pining (I wish hopefully) as much as I had done! (The rhyme is false because I lied; my upright's with my ex... And so's the tangled sense I tried to wrangle with pretext...) But I had only recently sat down the Way of Stein, looking at it lovingly! And wishing it were mine. A Lotto win, would buy it; I could play, if I could play... I used to sort of managed, in my own peculiar way.  A stroke has left me crippled in some few peculiar wise: My left hand won't do anything my right hand even tries! Even should I conquer this debilitating plight, I fear, the instrument is huge- too big, and not too light,... Too near the very size of houses built to be too tight. To fit a tiny house I guess I'd have to bring my tools... We're talking of a box of them, perforce a largish saw... And I could never bring myself to risk the Kiwi law!

[I won't apologize! I'm having too much fun to stop. TaTa, I've got to run... BBL]
Damn! Howie making sense in good enough grammar that I understand what he's saying, and even agree with him! (Is such given in the list of signs of the apocalypse?! :) )
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
You are skipping things Oakdale!
I am not! I know this dance*, and so should you! Pretending that the world consists of only social workers and nurses (...I can't he'p m'sef' guys: The gals we'd all court would probably not accept our woo!) I'm not claiming they -those I'll mention shortly- are beneath me. I'm just saying that it takes a certain kind of man to make and keep a comfortable acquaintance with hookers, whores, gold-diggers and ball-busters. To maintain a relationship with one takes a special kind of man... And who among us is that certain? That special?
International relations are similar, no? :)
Howie, you don't seem to woo...
Although you confess a discerning appreciation of the fairer sex, your noted exploits are gentlemanly but distant... (Bobby, girls like to get close! See if I'm wrong.)
But if you won't: Is it lack of enthusiasm? Your vigor or valor vitiated? Google tells me some common synonyms of vitiate are corrupt, debase, debauch, deprave, and pervert. While all these words mean "to cause deterioration or lowering in quality or character," vitiate implies a destruction of purity, validity, or effectiveness by allowing entrance of a fault or defect.
What I suspect is that you tried "Woo! Woo!" and they thought you were a train aficionado! So, you took up a hobby!

(Is it even possible to carry my original metaphor through to the conclusion I made? :) Unlikely, I think! But also, it's quite unlikely than anyone other than the likes of me would even consider it...  :jester:  :troll:  :alien:  :devil:  )

* It's a square dance! More than four corners is likely to lead to a general commotion... In context, a conflagration.
Were the performances good!
By (presumably?) opting for the first interpretation there's no value to be found in your thought experiment. It can, would, and should simply be dismissed. It would never make it to court. The only way in which your thought experiment can claim to hold any relevance is if we assume there to be a somewhat reasonable possibility that soul stealing might be kidnapping.
In the American system such a determination can't be made (except by Congress, in the process of enacting law...) before a case, a controversy, is brought to the court. Our judges have no power to propound such questions, let alone answer them before... Not in their official capacity.
(Such things do come up in their opinions as explanatory... But when it does it is dicta -- not precedent for future cases and of no import re the lower courts.)

Perhaps it's easier to see the logic of the argument if we rephrase it slightly. Imagine a kidnapping law from 1600
That doesn't get us anywhere: The mode of transporting the victim is not a necessary element of the crime.
We're talking about interpreting the crucial element of the crime!
There's another option that I left unstated, but an act like lobotomy could also reasonably be called stealing of the soul. To take it (somewhat) out of the domain of grievous bodily harm, we might imagine that the brain can be restored as new. A person without a well-functioning mind might be said to have their liberty taken from them. I'm not saying that's a valid legal interpretation, but you can't just summarily conclude it's not either.
So, medical technology might remove lobotomy from the realm of medical malpractice and situate it among crimes against persons...
Interesting point! But speculative, and not directly before us like "soul stealing" is!

Thanks, for the way you're treating this topic. (You're really getting into the spirit of our court's tradition of oral arguments! :) )

But psycholinguistically (i.e., scientifically) speaking Freudian slips are a flawed explanation at best. Speech errors show something about language processing, not about underlying hidden thoughts. In that sense Freudian slips are quite similar to souls: neither exist in a relevant sense.
I'm surprised! While I agree with your assessment: flawed explanation, it's not vague... Granting the meaning of "Freudian slip," the patient's remarks to his mum are nothing like a slip. (Indeed, they might likely have been cathartic... :) ) But, then, you've missed not only the point: You didn't get the joke!? :)

BTW: Did you read Kavanaugh's dissent?
I have never truly wished a politician dead... But I shed no tears over Ted Kennedy or John McCain, who -oddly enough- both died of brain cancer. Most other pols I detest (Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Waters...the list could easily be extended) don't actually have brains, so, that malady wouldn't suffice. :(
that's a bit extreme
Nonsense, lad! In some districts it's a tradition... (And who ever heard of an extreme tradition? :) Well, maybe cannibalism; perhaps revolution.)
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
how is it the tens of millions bad off and on food stamps don't get reduced?
War has always been a state's dearest expense, RJ! Even in feudal times, the the Seven Years' cost everyone sums that couldn't be called tidy. (You might know it better -as might I-as the French and Indian War...) Were it not for the earlier introduction of the Peruvian tuber called "potato" the Prussian peasantry might have perished from the earth.
Imagine all the flute concerti we'd have lost!

(You do that your "knowledge" of America's poor is -well- poor! :) I dare say that as a proportion of the nation's population the U.S.A.'s is smaller the Scotland's... Would you check for me, Howie?)
Link, please. ("Please, sir, I'd like some more...") :)

And don't just leave it to Luxor to come up with it!
Some few here in NutJobLand™ are even so politically in-correct as to ask the obvious question: What exactly are they protesting?
A likely necessary follow-up: Do they even know?"