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DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
However, he ignores that the US has been doing this exact same thing to EU citizens throughout the post-911 era, a "visa waiver program" involving an application to get authorised entry to the country. It is an actual visa procedure to get your visa waived, so to say. At first the procedure cost USD 5, now it is USD 14 I hear, but soon will be 20 I'm sure.

My favourite tit-for-tat would be to have Visa waivers for all but residents of a dozen US states.  That would be true reciprocity.
The NRA is a Russian operation to kill off Americans. So far, they seem to be succeeding.
That's why they got sued the very first day. The courts will give GDPR bite, or not. When the law comes there will be resistance, they will do as little as they can get away with, or even less if there are no significant consequence.

It is in many way the private (and some public) surveillance equivalent to Freedom of information laws. Some bureaucracies will comply quickly and fully, others will not, and try to obstruct and subvert. If the law lets them get away with it, they will. 
Disable is progress of sorts. Previous versions of Android only allowed certain Google apps and others to revert to unupdated versions. But Facebook is not on that list on a Sony from last year. Facebook is (presumably) removed, not disabled.
Don't know if you heard the Volvo 2020 vision,

"Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car."
2020 is next year, so they might need a new vision soon. What about this proposal?

"Our vision is that by 2022 no one should be able to escape from a new Volvo car."
The Lounge / Re: Happy New Zealand!
And now about half the world's population is in 2019, the other half remains in 2018, and a handful remain in the Middle Ages.
The Lounge / Re: Happy New Zealand!
Same procedure as last year: New Zealand is back into the future.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
That sounds fun. I had also forgotten all about that thread, it's a nice one.

And now the divergence has begun. New Zealand is in 2019, the rest of us (barring some Pacific islands) live in an entirely different year.
The Lounge / Re: Happy New Zealand!
This is the last converged day this year, the Day of Divergence is fast approaching.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
This/next year the Day of Divergence is on a weekend. So Happy New Zealand!

The Day of Divergence tomorrow is not, but this post is.
You may have a point. Another criminal with extraction issues, though much further to the south.

Would-be thief calls police from inside car he was trying to steal
A grislier German example of contract limitations.
Civil law is to a large part contract law, and parties can shape their contracts pretty much as they like, including sharia-friendly approaches. But a contract breaking the law would be invalid, as would one not involving all parties. To me it seems that this contract failed in both instances.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
I was kind of thinking the same. The number of insect species or craters on the moon is higher than anyone would care about, but there aren't that many amphibian species around, around 7000 supposedly. Spending one of those names on a politician seems wasteful somehow. Then again, the name was up for auction as if it was some sports stadium, so why not.

For a picture of the little critter, I refer to BBC

For lack of an extraction plan:

First ever Arctic bank robber gets caught cold


An armed man has robbed a bank in the world's northernmost settlement on Norway's remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard but he was caught shortly afterwards, authorities said on Friday.

The heist was the first ever bank robbery in living memory in the territory, which is located in the Arctic Ocean, about halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole.
Stockholm was going on too. To be exact a castle on the opposite side of Stockholm to here. Trivia: This area, Roslagen, is believed to have given the name to Russia.

This peace just might hold. Interestingly Turkey (and some US senators) may have had a helping hand here. Speaking of which, an update from

Peace might break out in South Sudan. Then again, it might not. 

What are the prospects for South Sudan's new peace agreement? Here are the critical next steps.
Still promising, and still fragile, but all in all peace might really break out.
Katowice was going on.

Initially the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia rebranded themselves as the new Axis of Evil, an inauspicious start. Pledges and goals were notable by their absence.

All in all as good as could be expected. Hot air from a handful old men (and a young one) doesn't matter. Fulfilling the existing pledges matters more than making new ones. Mechanisms and frameworks are what makes the world go around, and there were serious improvements here. This is more significant than it might seen, while media headlines are less.

Business practices are changing, there is notable improvements. More with the right mechanisms. However Paris is based on the hope of some not-yet-discovered technology to save the day. Those technologies are still not discovered.
The thing is, the best way to understand Theresa May's predicament is to imagine that 52 percent of Britain had voted that the government should build a submarine out of cheese.
DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
This is good though.

Russia Ukraine incident: Duma 'to honour ship seizure troops'
The speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament plans to give state awards to the border guards who fired on and seized three Ukrainian vessels and 24 sailors a week ago, Russian media say.
Mainly posting this for the neat map of the incident

Last post: 2018-12-03, 18:53:04
This post:  2018-12-08, 15:33:13
Old interval: 4 days 4 hours 41 minutes 31 seconds
New interval: 4 days 20 hours 40 minutes 9 seconds

Previous delta: 1 hour 36 minutes 2 seconds
This delta: 15 hours 58 minutes 38 seconds
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Not that random. The Democrats by that time got a more rational policy, while the Republicans were outsourcing it to the crazies, and they are not about to give it back.

He was also one of the few presidents who actually campaigned on foreign policy. The Clinton campaign famously came up with the "It's the economy, stupid!", and, just as famously, won.
DnD Central / Re: DnD entropy
2018-09-23, 01:44:00
2018-09-27, 00:49:55

New interval: 4 days 4 hours 41 minutes 31 seconds

Second time closer.

But then, following on the heels of the return of Mr. Tennessee:

This should be going on in the Christian community!

we had the return of rjhowie:

Rubbish Frenzie.
Let's sum up the scores

Mr. Tennessee post: 2018-11-26, 21:28:28
rjhowie post:  2018-12-01, 01:59:26
Existing record: 4 days 4 hours 41 minutes 31 seconds
Record attempt: 4 days 4 hours 30 minutes 58 seconds

A very worthy attempt by Mr. rjhowie, unfortunately at least 10 minutes and 33 seconds early. 
Points to @ensbb3  for de-entropising this place.
The combination of -1 and 1 without 0/parterre/ground floor/whatever strikes me as the worst possible combination. But in spite of that, I'm much more perturbed by all the missing numbers that aren't 0.  ;)

So on one of those enormous skyscrapers you'll have "300" floors even if there are actually some 260 just because every combination with 4 is mysteriously missing? How about combinations with 13?  :P

If they state the number of floors they should, and do, state that truthfully. It's just the naming scheme that is not in sync with the actual number of floors. So yes, you could live on the 22nd floor of a 20 floor building.

The same goes for the discontinuous discrete algebra of floors named 3, 2, 1, -1, -2. You just map the names to above/below ground. B1, B2 is also used. That is a global mess, as the letters follow no universal pattern, G, B, K, M etc could be just about anything. M tends to be the floor between 1 and 2 (or 0 and 1, depending on how you count). Sometimes that is I instead. Then there are those who discern between basement and cellar, and you have to figure out which one is lowest. G is almost always ground floor, but could be garage if the elevator is evil. B is usually basement, but in Sweden it can be ground (bottom) floor.

Fortunately many elevators (almost all elevators here in Sweden) have an emphasised and usually green button for the primary exit floor. So the algorithm "Push the provided button for where you are going, and push green for going back" usually works as intended.
The Canadian may have been first, annually and originally. Otherwise interesting that Thanksgiving, arguably the most charming of American festivities, is the one having least traction internationally. Here in Sweden Thanksgiving isn't celebrated, but Black Friday is (as well as Singles Day, being neutral in two world wars, there is no Armistice/Veterans Day).

The fundamentals, feasting and feuding with family, is fairly universal, just at different times of the year. Christmas here, Spring Festival in China. Harvest festivals are common, though of course, not being farmers anymore, it has lost most of its meaning.
DnD Central / Re: "Scientists Say" blather
And I always thought the real definition of kg was, as the article said, the mass of a litre of distilled water at its freezing point, and the etalon was just some secondary thing. Turns out the etalon was primary for some reason.

At about 4 °C. That definition was not very practical or precise, and error-prone. The Paris metal door-stop was klugey, but more usable.