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I just felt Oakdale after repeatedly looking at CNN it is not broad and impartial and might as well be labelled Democrat. One night they had 4 people together and all Biden leaning which made me shake my head. Also produce a politician and the D representation under their name when they yak.
OakdaleFTL what the goodness is that thing you have added to do with my them?! But seeing you need to be informed that attempt by the Scottish Nationalist Government to come out with that nonsense they were pursuing has been eaten into so not that lot have to rethink things. The Minister responsible for the control freakery is of Pakistani background> was damn stupid.
And ersi here is the latest RC stuff.

A new African American cardinal and the first in that country when Archbishop of Atlamta was pusing homosexuality
The government in Scotland  has withdrawn justice against miners from way back in the 1980's. A time of great confrontation and violence etc. Some 1,400 arrested and 500 punished.back then now that lot in government doing that? Head shaking.
Well I think I need to also inform you ersi that this news IS LATEST listed in Britain!!
Sometimes here in the UK I will occasionally go through the Freeview channel list we have and there is something that I am seriously pondering on regarding the CNN company. Repeatedly having Democrat Party Congressmen on and interviews leaning against the other lot the Republicans. Does not look very democratic for a news channel??
DnD Central / Time Channel was dealt with
I have noted that over 7,000 have sailed across the English Channel to get into Britain here. Twice I have watched a woman from 2 different supporting groups who are our citizens grumping on tv news that these immigrants should just be allowed here.. Makes a mockery of the regular system where someone can apply to get to stay here and a nonsense being allowed with only limited assistance from the French. This is a limited size island and the population getting far too big. Time this boat crossing was damn well stopped. Bad enough we have round 66 million and projected to get to 70 million and keep going up. Bet those open coast idiots are mainly cumfy people in nice areas but would not be too keen on their area quality reduced.
Six Calmac ferries to be improved yet the scottish Government sending them south rather than get done up here.

Interesting opinion....
Chris McEleny, former leader of the Inverclyde Council SNP group said the the Garvel dry dock currently employs over 50 staff.

He said: "Millions of pounds to maintain Scottish Government owned CalMac Ferries could be getting spent in Inverclyde supporting jobs here but instead the contracts are going to Merseyside. This is bad for jobs on the Clyde and dreadful for the environment.
And still doing little practically.
Obama? Sigh but at least farce continuation matter!
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Still does not matter a jot which of the two is elected President because it makes no dashed difference to tens of millions of Americans in bother for decades.

Indeed the election process in nutjobland is a typical farce and often looks immature and not too bright.Conferences full of attendees who wave placards on poles and very little definitive stuff given by speakers no matter whether Democrat or Republican. The tens of millions who are food-stamp holders and vast number homeless and so on will still be there as a damn routine tradition. It has once strong continuance - farce.
What a really surprising bit of news from the present Pope jumping away from centuries and all for that corner now. Even more surprising considering when he was an archbishop in South America he was the opposite. Now he is all for such according to the news and just gives me another negative on the man!
Om television news I watched a bit of Obama speaking to a crowd looking casual and that routine daft habit of his with sleeves rolled up which is a damn nonsense. Oh he can put over words but in hard facts not stating polices do not mean a damn from either the Democrat or Republican corner.  Both sides come out with waffle not hard policy matters for improving does not matter who wins the braining will continue. The system lacks much and is more easy to waffle people.
Private nonsense too...........
DnD Central / Re: Drone Technology
I am not impressed with that  Alexei Navalny.
E-1 Army Private Private PVT Enlisted Soldier
E-2 Army Private Second Class Private Second Class PV2 Enlisted Soldier
E-3 Army Private First Class Private First Class PFC Enlisted Soldier
E-4 Army Specialist Specialist SPC Enlisted Soldier
E-4 Army Corporal Corporal CPL Noncommissioned Officer
E-5 Army Sergeant Sergeant SGT Noncommissioned Officer
E-6 Army Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant SSG Noncommissioned Officer
E-7 Army Sergeant First Class Sergeant First Class SFC Noncommissioned Officer
E-8 Army Master Sergeant Master Sergeant MSG Noncommissioned Officer
E-8 Army First Sergeant First Sergeant 1SG Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Sergeant Major Sergeant Major SGM Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major CSM Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Sergeant Major of the Army Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Noncommissioned Officer (Special) [more]
W-1 Army Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1 WO1 Warrant Officer
W-2 Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 CW2 Warrant Officer
W-3 Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 CW3 Warrant Officer
W-4 Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 CW4 Warrant Officer
W-5 Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 CW5 Warrant Officer
O-1 Army Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 2LT Commissioned Officer
O-2 Army First Lieutenant First Lieutenant 1LT Commissioned Officer
O-3 Army Captain Captain CPT Commissioned Officer
O-4 Army Major Major MAJ Field Officer [more]
O-5 Army Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel LTC Field Officer
O-6 Army Colonel Colonel COL Field Officer
O-7 Army Brigadier General Brigadier General BG General Officer
O-8 Army Major General Major General MG General Officer
O-9 Army Lieutenant General Lieutenant General LTG General Officer
O-10 Army General General GEN General Officer
O-10 Army General of the Army General of the Army GA General Officer
That word 'awesome' is a typical American expression but the whole election thing is a national farce. A country that is full of head shaking negatives and equally interfering with all over the world while tens of millions getting little good in the place. It will not matter a d whether of the two men win the election generally the negatives will continue. Even in a non-virus situ when the normalise those so-called party conferences that area is a farce and daft. In the high court level it is all about political views too. Republican or Democrat parties mean sod all in normality and the system head shaking.
Well how about this OakdaleFTL.

As a very strong Protestant and spoke at including rallies during a long time in my city education department as a school liason officer for a state RC secondary school for ten years. One of the teachers was a young nun just turned 30 and we got on well so when she was moving to another school arranged to take her out to a nearby posh restaurant. She was in a smart grey jacket and skirt and a small modest wee hat.  During the pleasant meal she smiled and said she had never had a date with an Orangeman before and I laughed ans said same for me with a nun!

The Church of Scotland gave up running Prot schools towards the end of the 19th century saying was the State's job of giving education but I have never agreed with the State running RC ones. I also got on well with that school's chaplain who fully knew my corner and we got on well even though different corners. Lucky priest knowing me!  :D
The RC Church has held onto clergy not permitted to marry and for centuries not some dashed recent modernism a hard fact that it has been a corrupt as could be for centuries. It once included Popes as well as senior and junior clergy so as obvious as possible that priestly corruption a permanent thing.  Even that famous German priest Martin Luther was very shocked at Rome when he visited. If the ill-based Vatican had seen sense when set up moral corruption would hot be a nuilt in permanent corrupt status. The Russian Orthodox Church for all it's formal procedures encourages marriage and having families amongst their clergy. Years ago we had a bishop in their denomination here in Scotland but eventually turned out to be second fancy woman. A dozen or so years ago I was on a ferry across the Irish Sea from Scotland to Ulster and met a clergyman from England whom I had a passing deep chat with as he told me he was a priest and then introduced me to his wife!Claimed he had been a clergyman in the Church of England?!

Moral sexual corruption in the Roman corner has been a disgrace and they do sod all about it. From me a strong Protestant I would advise that lot to follow the Orthodox who has always had married clergy and families!  :idea:
The Scottish Borders route was partly brought back several years ago and after some initial problems has become a very successful return from the 1960's. Having got just over 30 miles returned from Edinburgh it is the longest such line returned. However there are still folk in the Borders and elsewhere want the rest of line track also brought back from just beyond Galashiels right across the Borders to the border and to the Carlisle main line.
Going back a long way for apologies from Rome considering modern times and even a cardinal in jail over in Australia!
Leaving aside the political hee-haw and the crossing mentioned in passing re a separate thread I actually don't think a crossing would be built as far too expensive alog with less of a population contrast. Being a railway fan gimme the former line from Stranraer back!
Would say like such things over at Denmark,l etc would be a great addition but the main decision I will say a negative one as would be very highly expensive.

A more locally disappointmen is the changes mad to the ferry service which used to be at Stranraer next the station. If the Edinburgh government had brought back that line extension that used to be from Stranraer the several miles to the other dock that would be a positive. If travelling on an existing bus service for say Belfast you can go that drag to the change north of Stranraer but if travelling by train from Glasgow to Stranraer station you have to go for a local bus or hire a taxi.

Even over in N. Ireland which I have visited for years one shipping company moved from the centre of Belfast miles away but I still think that rail link at Straer being back is a positive and would be cheaper than a bridge across the sea!