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There has been a degree of liberalism including her n Gt Britain and even the party that uses the name increased voters. As for adopting names that should be changed to suit woman that is modern subtle liberalism.
Yes Yeltsin brought the red, white, blue flag back and the Imperial coat of arms but you only have a scant awareness. Can understand why Putin brought the national anthem back as the one concocted wasn't impressive but he did NOT return to the USSR style of things of things so you are a bit off. He even in his time seen the return of Imperial uniforms for senior units on special occasions so with the changes vote on the constitution is modern and very progressive. Russia has improved more under him than Yeltsin who was not in the mind for staying long. The modern and improved Russia was due to him not the convulted attemts the man before him found difficult.  so get the right balance please!

ps. Even the army under him via it's top military band centre in St Petersburg has been selling a whole selection of Tsarist former regimental band music. Have a copy myself and impressive.
Your lot came up with this attitude prior to the referendum yet Salmond got kicked out along with others.

Proud you are a Scot? - that is embarrassing because your mind just ignores the hard facts of independence. Readers here on this forum will see that I HAVE challenged the Scottish Nose Pickers whilst all you have done is ignore the direct situations I have listed but you ignore and just come out with stupid body-swerving and would-be satirical rubbish. It is all emotional rubbish from you and your lot and time after time I once said your polling station wafflers cannot answer political and financial challenges. Indeed dear normal readers I once made it clear that Scotland does NOT have the financial situ to join the EU nor could it make up what it would lose out on the Barnett Formula and an ageing voting population or the occasional extras given by the UK Government. You are overall not being factual but ignorant.
Hitler started getting somewhere because he was elected in when democracy still existed in Germany. A year ago I watched a tv programme on Hitler and included a country rally he was speaking at and he actually said there would be no longer any party except his.

As for the gladly gone USSR days Stalin was just as evil as that horrible man before him - Lenin. Indeed Stalin multi-murdered far more in his country than even Hitler did. The other night on YouTube I came across people being interviewed on a Moscow street at the time that marked 100 years since that terrible revolution and got a surprise. Repeated views that the revolution was a mistake and turned out a negative on the country. Another repeat was the horrible murder of the Imperial family which most did not agree with at all. The present attempts to improve their system is in itself a principled stance and there are progressive things in the moves. Seeing they use the old Imperial symbols including the crown symbol and there are senior military units with Tsarist dress uniforms that is a gap!
I think you are wrong jax as the stance I say has been a continued thing for modern years and becoming so gradually regular even though you have failed to note that!
Well suppose you can live by being called ignorant as gives you a bodyswerve from factuals. Whether it is the money spent on Gaelic, station names, would be unable to fund an independent country you can sink. You have factually done well in helping my stance by your inability or ignorance as a stance.
I see that Twitter has now decided to shut down certain word descriptions to be more inclusive (??). The words are 'master', 'slave' and 'blacklist.' Utterly ridiculous and our intelligence and sense being rubbished. Completely stupid and nonsense. I will not forget them and as always done use them properly.  Indeed I will continue to master problems slave on with challenges and blacklist things that are not sense.
You are not doing well trying to show off how broad you are. You ignore my political challenges and you directly call me a liar and that is low life and being crassly ignorant. Can understand due to political failure skip the truth but extending your arrogance into miscalling my honesty is gutless.
To the small lot still attached to this forum you will note that my assertions are fairly direct to the point. Apart from no concrete financial capability with independence all you will get here is a load of cobblers. Now even when I include two things that did happen I am also a liar. It just shows you all that Luxor cannot properly state Nationalist stuff because it is the situation that with no Barnett Formula or as recently the extra sum intimated by the Prime Minister having to maintain an independent country without that along with added costs including armed forces. Vagueness in the hard facts away from immature guff saying I am dishonest all just proves my stance even more so. Ignoring my political stance or slagging is not very mature and hardly surprising this site has become very reduced. O)h and may I remind everyone that although the SNP are the Scottish Government they are kept there due to that wee Green party lot and they are head shaking bampots. Oh and let me tell everyone that more Scots voting did so for the votes actually being the non-Nationalist corner.
Readers will note this that man just ignores the hard and honest financial and other facts. I got the same ignorance and dancing away when dealing with the modern Brigadoons dishing out leaflets at polling stations.

Today got a great bit of goodness on a wet day. At my bus stop an elderly man started sounding off about the virus to me and he utterly crucified Sturgeon wondering who she thought she was. Amusingly on the way home from my supermarket visitor the bus driver I spoke to approaching my stop had a similar view. To the rest of you here on this increasingly distant visiting site folk like the Luxors of the world actually do not take much note of challenges on hard finances on an independent Scotland but lowering their arguments by dismissing folk like myself who raise the factual truths. Being slagged off on such things by an empty brain does little. Luxor is readers a typical emotional Scot who rubbishing whilst skipping facts illustrates the pointless stuff he mouths.
The main disasters and let downs in the USA essentially do not get dealt with whether Democrats or Republicans take the White House as the system is not something to admire. Oddly although I am not clapping hands for Trump it seems he did reduce unemployment and black unemployment had been reduced to 5%?
I will give you the passing benefit Luxor of grey cells but just that they are being misused as what I saying is factual but true. Any time I have went to my local polling station and I briefly passingly challenge SNP rep or reps at the gate of the church used they retreat a bit when I get away from the usual emotional guff and cannot face the financial truths.  By all means try slagging me off but clever people will see that you cannot face the factual! And dear readers another failing aspect from Luxor's corner mentality is the waffle about Gaelic. Only 1% of Scots have it and surprise, surprise it is failing even up north west where it is seriously declining. My other passing groan is all that nonsense having every railway station with a Gaelic name along with English in such circumstances. It is all as pointed out historical and emotional rubbish (!). Kilts are nice but are not the national dress at all and neither are bagpipes a national instrument. When it comes to other hard truths on the cost of this country being separate is of no importance topmost Nats they just get carried away with all that propaganda and braining.

So slag away boy or just don't bother with the thing and I will maintain nit wanting to see a financial disaster!!  :cheers:

ps. That's diet Irn Bru as I am teetotal.........
May i say to readers that this man is typical of his mass of associates in that they liBarnett Formula and as happened recently extra cash delivered. Neither is our population boosting to a comfortable scenario either and the population IS getting older and thus in in turn less tax o be got. We would as a separate country require more money to cope with that and the further costs of embassies across the globe as well as paying for our own military. Nats just emotionally rubbish folk who are Unionist and depend on that wee bunch of Green MSP's to keep them in place. Sturgeon is a wee woman who tries to make up for that by her mouth indeed comes on television with her regular boring control freakery acting as if she is a Prime Minister of a big capable nation. Typical of the guff is her telling us to stay north of the Border but at the same time want to attract visitors here!

It is comfort for his lot to rubbish, slag or ignore the failings of the SNP minds but limited grey cells are difficult to attend to when the hard facts are ignored!   :faint:
When a man with a brain (hopefully!) comes out with such a daft and pointless answer can be a groan.

Scotland has an ageing population and it DEPENDS in the Barnett Formula from the overall UK government to fund it plus occasional extras. So having been part of a situation like Gt Britain for centuries and not getting the money Scotland would have a problem which that pointless answer ignores.  :-[
I noticed when turned up the sound temporarily when Sturgeon was on tv that she was pushing for large sums of money to be produced by the British Government re business etc. Now without the Barnett Formula or the extra  recently given to Scotland what she would do if independent.  ???
You are right.
Pity about the link problem that was sent to me by someone and it was so detailed and showed a racial crime practice very imbalanced.. However I will still say that there IS a racial problem in London and the proportions of attacks by whites on blacks and the other way round is factually not balanced and blacks do have a larger proportion of troublemakers as they have grown now reaching 40% of the population. Certainly many of the coloured people are in lower class areas but that does not disturb the hard truth that more crime comes from that part of the community whether. some like to be told about it or not. Different races can have issues (recently intimated that many non-white folk have stronger chances on serious health matters such as the present one, etc. There is I would assess an educational weakness as well whether some like to be informed or not.
The main avoided point I would say is that the would-be open mindedness must be taken by too many provided they are forceful on their would-be one side stance.
Well I will not bother too much with your skipping the actual situation. Instead of facing it you do a dance. The information in simple and straightforward terms does show there is a problem in London and is not conjured up. It is okay to slag off paler faces but not if you are on darker ones! There are of course plenty of decent people there whether black or white but as the white population has decreased the coloured side does have a concerning violence problem.  Facts being ignored.
There is a degree of racial issues in London but not caused by the white citizens so why does the black people have this?

Makes me wonder how the would-be balanced mindsets would cope with white lives matter?!
Yes that would be far more balanced than the present situation where the matter is going daft.
Getting a bit tired of that we Sturgeon being bloody minded and behind, England, Ulster, Eire and everywhere else on the easing of things. Modern scots are just too willy-nilly and too frightened to say much. When i can get into a cafe for a tea or coffee and a doughnut whilst reading my paper I will turn up the sound when she is on tv......... :whistle:
Not basically a President Trump fan but thought he was very right saying action is needed against people breaking down statues. The mentality going on is head shaking and it is high time that city of Seattle was dealt with and stopped those weirdo lot who took over 6 blocks.

What we have to realise in the wider mode away from all the head banging emotionals going daft is that there is a history in our world of racial and background differences whether some like to hear that or not. Dare say that poverty and not able to keep up education aspects can be part of the thing and it has to be noted that there is a problem in black areas whether due to poverty or lacking school initiative, etc. Same applies to crime which unfortunately does have an issue and not just in America. An added problem is that all the would-be liberal minded advancers are not using their grey cells that well. Oh and can I remind that the activity of slave trade started a long time before whites became involved!
I seen nothing to bother about over the plane and as expected voices going aggressive over the thing.
I noted that a football match between Manchester City and Burnley got a plane flying overhead and it had a banner trailing behind it saying "White lives matter."