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Norway's ministers are always gays.
You  were always annexed by PORTUGAL, Never by Europe and defended from us from Dutch and French thiefs.
Thanks to that, our bonomy and a traitor kING, You are a NATION.
I hope the Guardian, the anti Papist, pró-gay  pasquim will die soon.
Some it goes for the NYT.
Although not related with The Great Royal-House of Portugal he was a was still a king, a mix of British and Spain, which is strange.
It seems Neto dos Santos and his kleptomaniac klan has fallen in disgrace, Being substituted by whom'? His Vice of course.

Portugal remais silent, as well as the rest of the world.  So much oil to profit from there.
and the UK becomes a third world country as far as the EU is concerned.
It is already.
The Eurofighter is not a Britishfighter, not even less a Brexytfigther.
I don't speak Romanian but I can understand half of what they say since it's a Latin language with many similar words.
It seems I paid attention to the wrong half...  :-[
I think that was Romanian that had a cut of plane at the middle of the new's take.
Don't remember Italian...
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
That's the reason I don't take it, your body will start sending sensitive data to the US...  :alien:
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
Nope, never got the flu vaccine.
DnD Central / Re: The weekend post
The pleasures of life, at home with the flu...  :irked:
How's life on the farm, BTW?  :)
Fantastic, we use refugees as you do with Mexicans, work slaves.
Funny to watch an American to say to the founders of Europe to take medicines...
This is really a nice cabaret but I wonder when the naked women will finally appear...
Guns are important.
Rural southern Europe have a lot of them, regardless any law - no need of constitutions or whatever, and those arms will be crucial in times to come soon.

Anyway civilian populations are totally defenseless against what is being prepared against them. Guns are just a small tactical help for temporary territorial defense.
Americans are addicted to psychoanalysis, so it seems. No one cares about it at this part of the globe.
Preparing the end of oil...
Hang them.
Manson died.
I remember an interview with him at the jail, he was dangerous and also an unique kind of man.
Don't know what to think about him.
Amsterdam will be the new home of EMA
Cities prostitution.
EMA and all the other euro-bureaucrats should be sent to Antarctica, right to the middle of pinguins. Others more radical than me would sent them directly to Auschevitz.
and meantime plan my third trip to the Netherlands!
Just to remember you that, as a non European member, you'll need to wait in the queue with arabs, africans and others like you in order to enter. I've heard the policemen at Schipool aren't too much gentle with your kind of people.
Enjoy. :)
Pearl's a Singer, by Elkie Brooks.
Such a fantastic song.

DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Dark skies it's what is needed. Stop light pollution, disable electricity by night.
Mankind can't see the stars anymore.
DnD Central / The weekend post
I've noticed that, except me, most of you don't post too much at weekends.
I don't want to know the reason for.

So, this is the thread with a new concept of subject. It doesn't have a defined subject but a defined time lag.
You can post whatever subject you want but only at "leisure time", at the weekend.

Post modernism arrived at DnD. New experimentations for meta - forums.
I hope this thread to be a total failure.
We can do even better and use browsers that have less than 0.001 percent share of the market.
Yes, a 0,001 percent share of market browser is much more exclusive than a 0,1 one. You won.
Good thing humans have, we can be blamed. It seems machines can't.