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Forum Administration / Re: Downtime?
I forgot to renew the domain name.
Aha! That would cause the problem right enough.
I thought automatic renewal was standard unless you took steps to cancel it, That was the case with mine anyway.
Forum Administration / Downtime?
Haven't been able to reach the forum all day until now, was it down for some reason?

Even with that money given to Scotland

Are you really going to start with this repetitive nonsense again?

We are given nothing, it's already our money, If anything it's the other way around. Why the hell do you think the rest of the UK want's to hold on to us? It's certainly not for our bloody charm. If we were subsidised by the rest of the UK we would have been jettisoned long before now. It would be a blessed relief for them to get rid of us moaning Scots and save some revenue for themselves.

The Barnett Formula Myth Destroyed - It does not subsidise Scotland

Arguably the most misunderstood part of the UK public sector budgeting mechanism is the Barnett Formula. The vast majority of people, politicians and the media seem to think that Barnett represents a subsidy to Scotland. Many Westminster MPs (mainly Conservatives) have described it as English taxpayers subsidising Scottish public spending, and the mainstream media have run headlines along those lines. There is just one little problem with that idea - it's complete and utter nonsense.
Dire Straits - Private Investigations
Scottish prime minister's

She's just called the First Minister, not PM.
No deal Brexit to follow soon too, don't forget.

Yeah I know.  :mad:
Not to worry, Boris the buffoon thinks it's all a jolly wheeze.  :doh:
new virus strain in UK

Xmas is cancelled, full-blown panic has set in.
Sounds like an old respectable timepiece.

Old and respectable, yes that's a good description for it.  Very plain though, but I like that.
I've only ever bought one watch when I was 15 or 16 years old, which was a cheap one with a digital display that had a calculator, but the buttons were so small it was practically useless, unless you had tiny fingers. It didn't last long before I binned it, waste of money to be honest. Every other watch I have owned have been gifts and I still have three of them.

One an Omega analogue watch which stopped keeping the correct time and I really do need to get into the jewellers to be cleaned and repaired. I've had it for over 40 years but it's been put in it's box and put somewhere safe, one day I might find it.

Other than that I own two Pulsar watches both gifts from my wife, both analogue displays. One a chronograph, which I wear every day and have done for 30 years and other than the battery needing replaced it has never lost a single second in all that time. The other one is solar powered and I have only used it a couple of times (when my other one is in getting a new battery). It's just not the style of watch that I would ever really wear, too small and thin for my liking I prefer something more chunky on my wrist.
:yikes:  Did you read the NYT's article?

Yes I did.

It kind of confirms what the talking heads on the TV have mentioned here, that the pcr test is not perfect.

I read this earlier but how accurate it is I can't say. How does a Covid-19 test work?

Speaking to, lecturer in immunology and host-microbe interactions at the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Limerick, Dr Elizabeth J. Ryan, said that viral tests for current cases of Covid-19 are "very specific" for material that is "only expressed by the Covid-19 virus".

"Having a cold or flu won't change that," Dr Ryan said.

I'm still hoping that someone knows what they are doing though. It's all we've got at the moment.
But there are some establishments, retail and restaurants, that will feel the pinch

I think many of them will go under especially the smaller establishments, that's what is going to happen here anyway. It's unsustainable, they still have their bills to pay, they have no real money coming in and they've gone through most of their savings already, So I fear it's nigh on impossible for some of them to survive.

What I wonder is, how sure are we of actually diagnosing this new virus?

I was rather hoping they know what they're doing.  ;)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Vivaldi
Mail has arrived in Vivaldi.

Introducing Vivaldi Mail in Technical Preview
And that's enough.
You've been told enough times now, where to take your constant repetitive nonsense.  You're just trolling now and it ends here.

My moderator hat is on now as I'm sick of telling you.
You're not being in the slightest bit amusing rj. Foolish perhaps, but definitely not amusing.

Pack it in.
head shaking nonsense

Again it's not good for you, stop doing it, you'll hurt yourself.

As to the rest of your post, you've been told what to do with your repetitive crap.

Accept that we will never agree when it comes to Scotland, trust me it will be better for you in the long run.

rj, I'll ignore the majority of your post because you've already been told about repeating the same old guff over and over.

breaking away would not have enough money to cover things.

Ah Scotland, the first country in the world that couldn't afford to be independent. The most ridiculous statement that any unionist can ever come out with.

And for Sturgeon to keep being on tv every day is head shaking.
All that head shaking you appear to do is probably causing you an injury. It would most likely account for why you keep repeating the same old stuff over and over at least. I would stop doing it if I was you.
I live in California's Central Valley and I can tell you that following the "rules" of a lockdown is no guarantee

I don't think there was any guarantee that if the rules were followed then everything would be fine, definitely not here anyway. Impossible to do when your relying on people to do the right thing. People who even with the best intentions easily forget the rules, especially in the home.

Have other localities given up on reporting flu cases and deaths?

Bit early, just the start of flu season here and there's been a big push for people to get the flu vaccine this year.

In the UK, people usually get seasonal flu between December and March
your wee female fuhrer is just as damning up here.

As usual you are in the ever shrinking minority of people who have that opinion of her.

When we got the first one lasting ages I got extremely bored as heck and my two sisters and brother live a distance away and I found boredom became a rapid groan as I also live myself.

Well boohoo for you.  :cry:

Get back to me when you've been practically in isolation for 8 months then I might feel some pity for you.

GB government INCREASED money to Scotland

It's the UK treasury, it's our money they gave us nothing we're not entitled to. We pay taxes if you hadn't noticed.
I wouldn't mind two weeks of lockdown.

It get's boring very quickly Colonel. I envy you being classed as essential. Hope you get to read your books eventually
I fall into the vulnerable group and I've barely seen a soul since March, it's no fun and not something I would recommend. Yet some people who will moan for moaning sake, are bleating because they can't go out for a coffee.  :furious:

Our citizens have mostly given up on precautions, ergo the dramatic rise in cases in MS.

It's fatigue, we're all fed up with it, it's not natural as we are sociable creatures. I can understand why folk are just giving up taking precautions.  But as we see, that has consequences and the case numbers go up.
She's just doing it to annoy you rj.  :rolleyes:

Would you rather Scotland was like the rest of the UK where England, Wales and NI have been in lockdown for weeks. She has tried to keep things open as normal as possible, but that's never good enough for some folk. If folk would stick to the bloody rules then areas wouldn't be back in lockdown.

this damnable shutting everything down then acting like a dictator.

Like your pal Boris the bufoon at Westminster has done with the full lockdown in England. Aye he's a dictator right enough.
Wait: Are nannies exempted from this law?

It's been the law in Scotland for over a year. Any breakdown in society yet?

It passed through parliament a year ago but only came into effect on the 7th November this year.
Is it the aim, to treat parents as children and children as adults? Is that what government is for?

Governments job should be to protect all of it's citizens and that includes children.