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Where do I start with this shit?

You don't respond to a protest about police brutality by committing police brutality so you can go jerk yourself off in front of a church with a Bible in hand.

I swear, give me like 10mins in a room alone with a leather belt. He'll shut the fuck up, quit pissing the carpet and sit on command.
I haven't pulled a 12er yet, but backlog is real.

Why you little...
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Few years old and not safe for work song... Crude but first one I liked.
I've noticed older versions. Can you name the original, please? I'd like to hear it. Might help with the earworm.

She has odd mannerisms too. She's just got a couple songs I've liked... And she's an East Tennessee girl originally.

Edit: NVM found it, I think... Totally helped get it out my head too.

I like several of her songs. This one's been stuck in my head. A goofin' vid, but it's better than the seizure inducing official one.
Sports hats are the most fun. I call it 'The Hat Game' on vacation. People will treat you different if they think you're not a local. I've always been fascinated by how much people go by what's on my hat. Probably speaks to how much what's written on theirs defines them. It's fun to wear my Tennessee hat one day and <local team> hat the next just to see the difference.

I've got the most compliments from women for an Alabama hat around these parts. If you ever find yourself in Dixie wanting one of them sweet southern belle kisses, take note. Scotsman in a Bama hat - they don't stand a chance.
Having been a wearer of hats, quite often in fact, I can say people do go in with preconceptions based on the hat you're wearing. But my love affair with hats goes way back. Takes me back, in fact, to when my mom used to tell me "You better put a hat on so your face don't get burned" [sic], and I did not... And my face did get fiery red. You might say I too had been niggled. And then I realized sometimes things have purpose. But wearing a hat just became a habit over time. Sure as I had my shoes done up and my top button undone - I had my hat. And then I realized sometimes you might just do things cause you like it.

All cause momma asked me put that hat on, I've been a better man. :cry:
If anyone is curious,  a stone weighs 14 pounds. 🤔

Quote from: Wiki
When used as a measurement of body weight the UK practice remains to use the stone of 14 pounds as the primary measure e.g. "11 stone 4 pounds", rather than "158 pounds" (as done in the US),[13] or "72 kilograms" as used elsewhere.

 :sherlock: Guess I'm bored too.
Thank you! That worked. I remember going into those settings before but I apparently left a step out or something.

The touchscreen wasn't really for this PC it just ended up here, for now, until I started messing with home automation stuffs again. It's original intent was for a single board PC I was gonna use as a secondary or tertiary control hub somewhere else in the house. I've since got an even smaller screen for that and now may even just keep this one with this PC.

:) You're awesome mate! I guess complaining does help, lol.
I guess my gripe would be how Windows uses multi screens. Main problem there is one of mine is a touchscreen, and it has to be the primary else touches register on another monitor. Nvidia can't seem to help so I assume it's Windows' fault. I want the touchscreen as an aux for lighting, sound and other always up controls. It's the smallest in the trio so has no business as a primary.
You could use a Raspberry Pi or Tinkerboard (single board pc). You can use Android or Linux and do as you want but still not cost much. The Pi has a better community behind it but mines still in the box. Tinkerboard is good, older version of Andro at last check, specs a bit higher just not as big a community.
I picked up a Steam Controller for €15 btw. It makes for a pretty good PC remote.
I'm still using my phone as a pc remote when I am looking at it on the TV, which is the only thing I use the TV for. Apps have gotten pretty good these days, my current has custom remotes for applications and let's me make my own, but I have considered getting a Steam controller to replace the PS4 controller that broke, for casual gaming. I miss my phone that had an IR transmitter from years ago. Not sure why they removed the capability, it was nice only needing my phone to turn off TVs anywhere in the house.
My son has been trying to get me to play Stellaris with him for weeks. I haven't been in the mood for gaming much either. Would be the perfect time, just meh.

For what it's worth our embarrassment of a Governor plans to reopen the State by end of the month. You're welcome to come visit. We'll get that haircut together.
Seems like a good time to lose yourself in a train sim.
Damn, knew I forgot something. brb...
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
It is a greater risk to your health to listen to Trump than not to listen to Trump.
His babbling is definitely dangerously misleading. He has said and enacted things like the stay home/social distancing, travel bans and encouragement by trying to give hope that things will get better, help will come. Said he trusts his medical experts who do a fair job of clarifying his townie-speak on issues and attempt to help keep panic in check. The caveat being of course he blast straight into his opinions that completely undermine any good he may of done.

But yea. listening to him wholly has an overall negative benefit to public safety. Contradictions and schoolyard name calling overshadow any serious leadership. The President's embarrassing, Congressional leaders are embarrassing, Re-reporters are re-retarded... Hell my hillbilly Governor is embarrassing. And not one worthy candidate has been able to make gains by showing they could act to do any better as elections for many loom.
A second wave is a very real concern. I hope the best for all.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
The reality show continues. I was wondering what the fallout from yesterday would be. If you want to criticize Trump it's easy to. His pushing of hydroxychloroquine or his apparent ignorance of the Defense Production Act or Having States bid against each other for supplies FEMA should procure and disseminate or the questionable accuracy of testing he's hyped or his actually damaging tweets, like this morning about Governors mutining. Sure most of his tweets are dumb, but that statement shouldn't stand regardless of medium. Where are the legal experts explaining Constitutional Law, procedure and precedence on news reports and to the dumbass reporters? Dr. Fauci is not a politician yet they insist on making him second guess what he says when what is needed his unbiased scientific opinion. Trump stupidly retweets a hashtag and that is what's Important?

Well if 'what ifs' are a thing; What if we had Universal Healthcare? What if the Federal Government saved taxpayer money by not having States bid prices up on each other? What if the media were actually competent??? Would this of been taken serious sooner? Would Trump even be President?

I've been tired of media's dramatizations for a long time... All this has made me outright disgusted. So many things can be done to help educate and inform the people and that will help keep leaders accountable but they just spin their wheels in mud constantly.

/end rant.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Presidential press conferences are getting even more fun. Today's was an absolute shit-show starting out.

I'm no Trump fan, but this isn't the time for the media to do its usual mincing of words with him. It's embarrassing the questions they've asked. If it's not a loaded question, then it seems like they haven't listened to anything said previously. Sometimes only moments ago. What ifs can wait. They only seem to be helping him campaign - and this isn't the time for that either.

He's done some right. Can't agree with everything but the consequences of most of it will take time to even know. In a crisis where what he has said can save lives, what ifs can wait till November. Right now worry about what Congress will do next with bipartisanship deteriorating.
Mongolia for the win, again.

If the article I read is accurate they've had 4 cases confirmed. Apparently brought in by a Frenchman and they are treating him. Retroactive testing shows people possibly exposed are negative.

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Trump call COVID-19 "genius" and "brilliant" in his press conference today. I think he meant "resilient" or "adapted".

I have to admit; I totally get why Trump supporters like him. He's about as articulate as the average redneck. Seems like "tough" or "defensive" would be more accurate and still fit in the vernacular.

"Look folks, it surprised us, okay. SARS came thru a few years ago and was like, "See you can't cause a true pandemic." and COVID-19 was like, "Hold my beer."... You just can't predict what happens next, guys." :cheers:

Can literally save lives by sitting home doing nothing and people are still messing this up. smh. 
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Anyway, I'm aware that many times I just translate Portuguese to English words without caring if the result is the correct way of speaking in English or not.
I've noticed and have no problems with it.

Please forgive me for having fun with this...
I want the program to f****.
Per your usual one might assume the proper translation (minus the extra "*") is: "I want to fuck the program". :)
Now I think you meant; "I want the program to fuck off". And I can agree, you did fine without it.