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This graph shows the increase in Covid cases in Nevada. While we're still way below the peaks of the dark, cold Covid winter, the cases are definitely on the rise.

The graph is screenshot of the dashboard located here.
Are you talking fully of partially? Fully wouldn't be too bad.
43 percent are fully vaccinated, 51 percent are partially
Mask mandates are what's going on in the Americas because enough people won't get vaccinated. We're about 20 minutes away from all employees in Clark County/Las Vegas from having to wear masks again at work as the Delta variant surges. It's easy enough to see way cases and deaths of Covid are back on the rise. 43 Percent of Nevadans, including yours truly, are fully vaccinated. All you need to do is go to a  supermarket to see that more than 43 percent are not masked. You don't even need to actually count the masked and unmasked, to see the percentage of unmasked people exceeds 43 percent. So, I guess what's really going on in the America is people not listening to reason and now they'll complain about consquences.

DnD Central / The Awesomesauce of Fox News
I've come to the conclusion that Fox News is the most accurate and trustworthy news organization in the history of media. For example, what other news organization got the scoop that Russia's new fighter jet can fly at almost twice the speed of light? Fox continues to astound with its concise and accurate reporting!  :up:
It seems to me that Linux help sites often give users instructions that are the most confusing way to accomplish a task or even give users instructions that are wrong. Case in point: this morning I was installing the R-Studio on Ubuntu 21.04. R is a statistical programming language commonly used to generate visualizations from csv, Excel file, etc. A package called Tidyverse is an important component, that provides functions such ggplot (a R language command to generate a plot). The R base and the R-Studio IDE installed just fine, but Tinyverse did not. So I dutifully went R website to get instructions that told me that Tidyverse was only available for LTS releases and to try changing my sources list for Tidy to Ubuntu Focal. Of course, this failed.

But it turned out that the .deb file of Tidyverse for this version with Ubuntu was available in the Ubuntu repos the whole time. So I got frustrated that Cran (Comprehensive R Archive Network) and R Studio didn't give the simple instructions just to install it from Ubuntu repositories in the first place. It seems to beg the question why didn't Cran and R-Studio just tell users to install Tidyverse from the Ubuntu repos instead of giving such strange instructions and workarounds. But it seems to be a broader issue in Linux. Help sites throw the command line instructions at new users instead of just having them install software from the software center. Sure, for tech-savvy users sudo apt-get install (package) isn't confusing, but does text commands for simple tasks that can be done through the GUI make would-be Linux users switch back? Oh yeah, when the help file incorrectly advised users to change their sources, they didn't tell the users how to do this (again, for experienced users it's easy. Just find Tidyverse in the sources and change the Hirsute to Focal - but how does a new, would-be Linux user know this?)
The wide straight boulevards were meant to allow an army to enter conveniently.
Oh, I get it. To make it easier to squash rebellion, of course.

Alberto Angela's opinion was reported in our media as archaeologists arrived at the conclusion that Nero did not burn down Rome. How can you get such a conclusion from archaeology?
I would presume the actual argument is that it wasn't rebuilt in any particular organized manner? (Or perhaps that it didn't burn as much as claimed.) Which is to say, something a tad more sensible than who or what started the fire. ;)
I saw a show about ancient Rome that Roman cities were well planned, with wide, straight boulevards and other signs of good urban planning. That is except for one city - Rome itself.

He couldn't have literally fiddled while Rome burned unless he was a genius that made a violin almost 1,100 years before it was officially invented, but it's historically possible that he played the cithara. Other reports indicate that he actually sang while the city burned. If the hypothesized singing was a song of lament, this isn't so bad. Others say he coordinated relief efforts after the fire.

So it seems his actions are lost to time. Perhaps that was inevitable, given that he was known as an emperor infamous for his cruelty whose history was written by his many enemies.

DnD Central / Re: The Russians are coming
While there are some indications that this report isn't genuine, to this day, it still blows my mind that more people didn't understand that Trump isn't mentally stable. Seriously, all you have to do is listen to him talk for a few minutes to realize his speech patterns are incoherent and rambling; he slurs his speech but is a non-drinker, gets easily confused, etc.

The "stolen" 2020 election conspiracy theory is often called "the big lie." I'm not convinced that he is lying. Rather, in his dementia, he fully subscribes to his delusion. Seriously, the man needs a neurologist's help.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Geez, isn't police telling anymore how to pose properly for mug shots?
I'm sure they did their best, but that does look like the mug shot of someone that would train squirrels to attack her ex.
Apparently, it's a common problem that Chrome and other Blink-based can no longer scroll using the mouse wheel. This happens across  OSs. The fix people usually post is to disable smooth scrolling. That didn't work. But what did work is switching the display server from Wayland to X11.
(1) Britain and the Irish famine:
your totally being immature and not very bright. Britain did not organise a starvation in Ireland the tragedy was a purely local thing at a time when less was known. IO would also educate by informing you that the same thing happened in the north of Scotland. Neither planned by authorities in a simper time.  Mind you a lot of irish who left for your place the boosted crime and corruption across the USA.
You must mean there was plenty of food in Ireland, but it was all exported to Britain and the British government did nothing to stop this, despite the Irish starving.
I might have to disagree a little bit about Nokia and Microsoft. On paper, Windows phones didn't seem like such a bad idea. But Google and Apple had too much of a head start.
Which it turn means the cowbells may be a millennium-old imposition. GPS might be a better option for cow ears. We might have to start practicing our apology speech to a proper representative of bovinity.
Indeed. That makes me feel sorry for the poor cows. Their fate as being dinner is bad enough, but imagine having to listen to that clanging everytime you take a step!

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Stock markets up to unprecedented heights, unemployment down to decades-low rates, the economy's growth rate steadily rising; non-activist judges and justices seated, border security bolstered, trade pacts renegotiated, energy sector booming... Yup, that's destruction, all right! (And that silly idea that Congress approve treaties? How dare he propose it?  :)  Our "reputation" after Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry was one of appeasement and ineffectiveness; clearly, that's what many of the world's "leaders" preferred... Oh, well.
"Global politics"? You mean appeasing Iran and China and Russia? No thanks, as long as their goals include abusing the United States...and its allies.
Of course, the stock market has been largely divorced from the larger economy for decades and is prone to irrational exuberance and its opposite. Pre-Covid, the Trump economy was a myth. Average GDP growth was only up by .1%, while wage and job growth slowed. Of course, the deficit exploded. The "records" were a consequence of a long expansion and nothing the former assclown actually did. Trump's supressing scientific data about Covid, at times outright denying it, mocking mask wearing, peddling false cures (HCQ), etc left this country in ruins. Another four years of this jackassery would have left America a 3rd world country.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Speaking of tweeting the truth, I still can't believe Trump tweeted a Sharpie altered map to defend incorrectly saying Alabama was going to be hit worse than expected by Hurricane Dorian. Of course, the hurricane missed that state completely. What really happened was that his info about the possible paths the hurricane could take that was about four days out of date. This guy is ridiculous.
He was chosen by the electoral college over the will of the American people, having lost the popular vote by 3,000,000. How anybody voted for him is beyond me, despite Clinton's issues. He's been showing himself to be a loon from the get-go.

Now he's trying to order US firms out of China via an insane tweet.

The vast amounts of money made and stolen by China from the United States, year after year, for decades, will and must STOP. Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China
The bold is mine, of course.
 :insane:  :insane: I just saw the President of the United States look to the sky and call himself "the chosen  one."  :insane:  :insane: The constitutional process for removing a lunatic like this from office is outlined in 25th Amendment to Us Constitution. 
Well, Howie journalism has turned to rubbish in general.
DnD Central / Re: Pity about 1917...
Maybe if the Czars weren't a bunch of corrupt, incompetent inbreds taking advice from a charlatan (or just a madman?)  it wouldn't have happened.
Now we do know.

The man identified by law enforcement sources as the gunman in Texas, Devin Patrick Kelley, bought the rifle from a sporting goods store in San Antonio in April 2016, a law enforcement official told CNN.
When Kelley filled out the background check paperwork at the store, he checked the box to indicate he didn't have any disqualifying criminal history, the official said.
Governor Greg Abbott said the gunman tried to get a license to carry in Texas but was denied.

So my hypothesis was incorrect, but why didn't his domestic violence charge come up in the background check?

Oh, I know. But that is a glaring way to around the restriction on against buying guns.
The Daily Beast   has more info on him. You mention he was discharged dishonorably, but more specifically he was court martial for assaulting his wife and child. So it's true that he couldn't own a firearm directly, but Law Center provides clues how he could have  gotten the gun anyway:

Federal law requires federally licensed firearms dealers (but not private sellers) to initiate a background check on the purchaser prior to sale of a firearm.
Notice what's in parentheses and reiterated in the last paragraph.
And now now we have yet another mass shooting . This time it was a church in Texas. So far the death toll is 27.
Do you have a news link? I don't think I've seen anything indicating Trump's impeachment could be quite that imminent.

Edit: oh wait, you said the campaign. Still, a link would be nice. :P

I doubt it will be Trump himself, but here , it's also in the Atlantic , video from a tv station in Minnesota . We'll see what happens tomorrow. It's not confirmed that there will be arrests, but there's a good possibility.