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Otter Browser Forum / Re: HTML5 video test
They're not using Flash.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: HTML5 video test
The videos on that page mostly seems to work OK in Otter here.
Brilliant, works perfectly, thank you so much!
 :hat:  :up:  :hat:
OK, changing the user agent string on the Google login page finally enabled me to sign in, and I then had to play around with different strings for YouTube as well. Unfirtunately, the only ones which actually work cause the annoying banner at the top saying my browser will soon be unsupported!
I have a good user agent string which I use on Firefox 52.9 ESR (I'm on Windows XP so can't use anything newer) and I would like to try that on Otter as well, but I can't see any obvious way of putting in a custom user agent string for a site. Is that really not possible?

I just updated to weekly #333, and testing YouTube I now cannot use it.
I get a message to sign into Google, but when I try to do it I get a message saying -
"The browser that you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off.
To keep your Google Account secure, try signing in on a browser that has JavaScript turned on."
I've checked the Otter settings, and javascript is turned on!
Anyone any ideas?
Thanks, Dave.
Do we actually have a release version?
I see that the new weekly version #260 is version 1.0.81!
Let's hope we're there soon!
True, but I only follow the weeklies channel!
In fact I think we've had two release candidates since the last weekly build, which seems a bit strange.
...for three months!
Just sayin'.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: a major crush
Right click on the page, select "Website Preferences" and it's under the "Scripting" tab.
Read this thread from here.
It worked for me, and YouTube plays videos using HTML5 fine for me with Windows XP SP3.
Yes, Opera 12 picks up the list of installed browsers from here - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\StartMenuInternet
Sorry I should have added this to this thread ages ago, and forgot about it!
The Windows sound when using the browser "back" button no longer happens now, and hasn't done for quite a few weeklies now.
I don't know whether this change was by accident or design, but I just thought I ought to mention that it isn't an issue any more!
Well yes that could well be true, but as you say it's finding someone with the necessary knowledge (and will) to look at fixing the issues.
Thank you very much for still providing builds that work at all on XP for us diehards!
Almost all other browsers have abandoned XP completely now (Firefox is just about to when 52ESR is retired).
Thanks. I've got it set to open a new downloads tab now, and it's working fine.
I have 8GB of RAM, so unlikely to be that!
The page is still partially loading and then Otter just closes.
Weekly #224.
Probably yet another thing that only happens on Windows XP!
Thanks! So silly I didn't spot that option!
I've noticed in recent weeklies that the Downloads tab no longer seems to open automatically when a download is started.
Was that behaviour changed? I thought that was rather useful.
I can't find any setting to change the behaviour, which there was in Opera 12 IIRC.
Cheers, Dave.
Otter just closes down if I try loading that page!
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
@DaveH, that sounds like issue specific to Windows XP. :-/
Oh dear, I was afraid you were going to say that!
Is that because hunspell isn't compatible with XP, or is it an Otter thing?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
Spell check still crashing in weekly #212.
Also does exactly the same with a clean profile.
Anyone any ideas?
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
I've now found and added an en_GB dictionary, and made that the default in about:config.
It correctly appears ticked as the in-use choice when I look in the "Dictionaries" right click menu.
It's still crashing every time I right click in a text box however. I have Norton Crashguard installed, which allows me to revive it, and I can then enter text into the box, as I am doing now, but every single word is marked as being mis-spelled!
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
Thanks, I have made some progress since my last message!
I found a us-EN dictionary, which consists of a en-US.aff file and a en-US.dic file.
I put them both into the otter\profile\dictionaries folder, and they are being recognised.
I now have an entry "American English (United States) [US]" entry on the menu.
Unfortunately as soon as I try to use it, I get a crash in ibstdc++-6.dll reported.
Is this a Windows XP problem perhaps? I hope not.
 ???  :(  ???
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Spell Checker
Ah, thank you!
Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't get an e-mail notification of your reply for some reason.
From what you're saying, I've got to install hunspell separately. I was assuming that it came with the browser!
Hunspell.exe isn't anywhere on my system anyway, so I will have to find it.
Cheers, Dave.