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When you use Internet - like forum or something - not only your mind, but your head/eyes, and neck, and your arms/hands (at least one) are occupied as well.
However, there are activities that don't require much brain: stitching socks, ironing, that stuff. But such stuff demands your hands and eyes, right?
See, not mentioning p2p voice conversation, there's already the chat function been realised: take that Google's "Hangout":idea: (Well, you might need to take a look at the screen occasionally, or push some button time to time.)
See, I think if we can get a further step into the realm of hearing and talking -- well, that would not only be convenient for saving your hands in order to undertake some housework - don't forget that there are people who are limited in their perception.
So, what do you think should be the form of such a service? Should it be fully online? or maybe it'd better require an on-machine application to sustain the voice rendering? (Imagine, when "instead" of a smile the reader will just "haha!" to you, huh? I dream the user could record a post or reply directly - then it will be THE post/reply - with a possible written variant. Otherwise, a typing user could also read up what he/she just submitted - so it'll be 2 variants of the same entry.)
Well... No Creationism, if you don't mind.
In the Beginning, there was a Big Bang - or whatever.
Blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, one shiny morning a star emerged in one of the prongs of the galaxy that not even then conceived humans would much-much later call the Milky Way.
And here our Story begins...
Forum Administration / The forum Language
I've left the possibility to change your vote, also you have up to 3 options to pick: things are complicated.
Quote from: some rules by jax link=topic=204.msg18549#msg18549 date=1398496273
Post in English but remain tolerant to those who are not well-versed in that language and make errors, remembering that this forum welcomes global participation.
"...this forum welcomes global participation." Exactly.
Well, if it were a British forum - or American forum - I'd have left you those guys alone, or, being their guest, just ignored illiterate posts or something. Otherwise, here we have - what did you call it? "global participation"? Exactly.
While we're global, there are people whose mother tongue is not English. Some of them have learnt it on a good level, and such guys could presumably not worry about themselves. But.
I myself worry about other people. And they are not British.
The latter could even use SMS English - among themselves. However, we have that so-called 'global participation', right?

I'll tell you about myself.
When I first came to the Net and tried to employ my "English" (which was poor enough), one of the few, and the main purpose of using English online was to improve it...
And I suppose that there are other such guys here and now.
If even they aren't very eager to learn English as such, they might still consider it a very useful tool -- for any sorts of global participation.
And while we assume such global participation here, the place is not the Globe yet.
Global participation means this place, and other places on the Web, and all other place on and beyond the Web (i.e. offline use).

I'm aware that this place is not an educational site. However, if you look at our membership, it'll become obvious to you that English natives do not outnumber other people at all. And in case you're not concerned with what these people see and what they 'learn' - I am.
I'm not correcting them. I'm trying to help. Jax, don't be selfish resting on your good-level English. Share it! I will.
DnD Central / Geography (and Radio)
The 'radio' poll is here. If they delete that thread altogether, I'll start another one.

THIS thread will be about geography in general and its applications (including radio broadcasting issues).

RJ, I'm really can't fully, consciously apprehend the tininess of your Isle - I mean in comparison with, you know, Russia, huh?
Tuning in Sunshine 855 and having looked up where Ludlow is actually, I've also come across the Wiki article's lead about the place -- and what do you think I've got to realise?
Quote from: Wikipedia
...situated ...28 miles (45 km) south of Shrewsbury and 22 miles (35 km) north of Hereford.
, the two mentioned cities being the adm.centres of however neighbouring but still different counties, let alone the Wales thing. Another (the other) station of this net is situated in Hereford! So I tended to conclude they don't even need any powerful transmitters! :eyes:  Or if they use such, "vast" parts of Herefordshire can easily receive broadcast from both stations! And I've heard a - promo? - here that this Ludlow station broadcasts to quite a signifant area - considering the administrative geography.
So, this I understand (still not consciously enough) your concerns about Britain's possible overpopulation: you say "70 million"?

O'k, some of us people have names, others - I don't know... :left:

What is the name?
Is it something somebody else gave us? somebody else call us with? Or is it something that fits our true personality (or maybe we're just pleased to think so)?

Why's the thread? To consult you, guys -- how the heck should we address each other in our replies?
I mean what? We here are a group of intergalactic survivors who escaped from a dying planet.
On that planet we had our profiles, many of us showed their names... And you know what? Myself personally am used to feeling that addressing people by their names (not "asf3er-1275"s) is polite and a good form and better that addressing them by the local service's ID abracadabras.
But you know what? Some of us (I suppose they are Americans, obsessed and deluded by their idea of "privacy") seem to not want me (or/and maybe others as well) to remember their names - which were public on their "About" pages on MyOpera. (Myself personally, considering this site our old community's continuation, am not quite getting used to some alleged idea of certain actual alienation from each other here yet.)
Myself personally am not feeling very comfortable with the idea to call some people using their "codenames", moreover not capitalising the initial letter. It'll feel like they would be animals of inanimated objects!??? So...
What's my idea? Let us agree that such people could be asked to choose a yet another name to call them in replies, huh?
I mean an alias.:) (For example, there's somebody here whom I've chosen to call according to the animal portrayed in his avatar:D) My name is the name, although I can't bet you could find me by that in official documents or something. I chose the name to appear more personalised - especially on the Web (though in the international, English-speaking part of the Internet there are more Joshes than, say, sergeys; but I'm also using the name offline, so it's my real name), but if you're experiencing difficulties calling me "Josh", you'll be allowed to call me a cactus (or "Cactus"), for I already have such an avatar on Facebook and feel comfortable with it.:)

So - if you don't mind --- what'll be your alias?:)
The Lounge / Radio Geography
Do you listen to the radio? Via what?
Do you listen to the radio for only entertainment purposes, you damn' Luxor, or is it useful for your business, life issues? Education?
What broadcast do you prefer? Local? Regional? National? World service? Do you sometimes listen to a station not from your region?
If you do - why? Are you interested in how the locals live? Or just tuning into a better music? interesting programmes?
Do you listen to broadcast in other languages than yours? For one, I don't even try Russian stations any more these days. For - as to the news, for example - I get all the important from anywhere else -- will I tune in the BBC, or the Sky News inclusion, or whatever else - often local news teams work well :up:: see, if something is important - it'll appear on most channels anyway, let alone you, guys - with all those "What's going on" threads:)
Well, the starting point to create this topic was: Are you guys - if you listen to "somewhere else's" radio - are you getting interested in the local issues? Including geography, people's life style, etc.? :)
And Frans, it's still blinking!:irked:
DnD Central / Immigrants
Just recently, I was listening to a "community radio" from Gloucester. What was that community? For hours and hours it sounded as if I listened to a Jamaican radio. I have nothing against Jamaicans, even less against Reggae. But you know what?
I don't like a country with deep traditions, its own indigenous culture etc., I wouldn't like to see it boil into a sort of unintelligible vinaigrette, multicultural farrago!..
Sure, the USA is a different case, but what about those 'good ole' nations in Europe? Africa and Asia can be losing their "God given" cultural identity too, but for other reasons, I guess.
So, many people from different (and differing) cultures are allowed into and enter such a country. What then? Should they learn and adopt the host country's spirit? Because I tend to think that unless that, there's a possibilty to the people who've lived there for generations to get things the other way round. Dissolution? :rip:
Just the other day I noticed an icon in my Windows "trash can" or how is it called? The right bottom corner.
"Chrome - Notifications". It's empty. It upgrades itself smoothly and is very useful as a "workhorse" browser.
It has drawbacks, what do you think?

By the by, that icon is nearly the only English language one... Err... There's MSE, of course - also not "localised":up:...
The Lounge / What's your spring? :)
Well, for some people when Europeans enjoy the season, it's happening some otherwise there(:
And you Downunderers can as well report your "Fall" issues or - wait till September! :D
Now -- for the business: What's your spring (or whatever)? Do you enjoy it? What is it look like about now?
Here in this thread we'll cover every phone :yikes: except maybe those funny things with a wheel. Cellphones, DECT phones, satellite phones... Slightly outdated trunking radio phones...
Military radiophones. NASA/ISS "phones". Skype-like apps... 

So, what sort of a phone have you had/do you have? Brand?
DnD Central / The 'Old World''s History
Well, let me introduce you to the thread about The Past of and The Consequencies for the so-call "Old Word" (right term?) -- i.e. Europa, Asia Minor, North Africa (then - just Africa), and all the way by the Arabian Peninsula, across the Tigris & Euphrates, through the Iranian plateau - up to India where Alex the Macedonian ceased his incredible advance.
Important: Africa within its ethnic territories, the colonisation era and so such will(?) be covered separately, as well as the vast space East from Volga, and Tibet and to the East, as well as Australia with Oceania -- they experienced some prehistoric colonisation of sorts apart from the much more modern jailing enterprise. As well as Americas: they also had a much-much pre-historic course of inhabitation, developed cultures of their own long before being conquered by conquistadores & co.

For the starters,

...your map of Europe by 800 Ad is incorrect, Jax. Al-Andaluz is the part that is now located in Spain and had given origin to Andalucia. In Portugal was called Al-Gharb, therefore being today Algarve.  :)

Let's rock! :headbang:
DnD Central / Jobs
Quote from: Media UK
Freelance Digital Designer- UTV Media (GB)
UTV plc
We now have a vacancy for a Freelance Digital Designer to work 3 days a week across our local radio station websites (E.g. Signal Radio, Juice FM and The Pulse) designing and implementing our commercial inventory and turning briefs into online ads that work for our clients across MPUs, Skyscrapers, microsites, takeovers etc.

The ideal person will need to be well organised and able to manage a heavy work flow and meet deadlines and have a good working knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, CSS and Flash.
The closing date for applications is Thursday 24 April 2014.
The Lounge / Toponyms
The poll and the topic may intersect, being not exactly the same.

What is the thread about? Toponyms.
Linguistically, toponyms usually root from much more ancient times than the rest of the local language's lexicon, and often even root from another language - e.g. that of the people inhabiting your area long before your tribe came to settle.
Also, we can just share interesting etymologies not so "prehistoric":)
For example, who knows if Slough in Berkshire (England) was named so because the place was actually boggy?:)
DnD Central / The Awesomesauce of Science
You are totally not paying attention. Apollo 13 is an example that science is not all-good to absolute precision the way you said. Science can go wrong. Bad science exists and it's necessary to distinguish it from the good. This is a necessary distinction. Moreover, science itself cannot make this distinction. Philosophy can.

Maybe there's no bad science, but there are bad scientists?
And please let us tell between science and application, right?

Mod edit: fixed quote.
The Lounge / Road Blog
Ahoy, Mikey! :hi:
Aha - you're engaged - :lol: :D
I think what?:) Wherever else some of us should have their offDnD blogs, here's the place to place in place your short notes - about what was that, how was that, what did you see worth noticing? Maybe you heard or smelled something?;)
Wow! you're ON a trip right now? And online? Welllll...:)
(Myself don't do trips these days - but I'm gonna read! ;))
The Lounge / Sites' TOSes
Do you read them or not?
If at all - do you do it beforehand or ~ some time later?:rolleyes:
Do you read them in full? How often? What do you usually skip?
On what does it depend if you read the TOS or not?
And please share interesting/amusing citations from some. ;)
Just now I've stitched a hole in my sock.  What Deed Of Honor did YOU do today!  :knight:  8)
The Lounge / Half an Idiot, or Sing'aLone
:sing: Close your eyes, give me your hand,
Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand!? :sing:
Do you feel the same!!? You're my only dreaming..!
Please stop screaming!.. :sing:

So, take a song you like - and change it a bit. I mean that it'll be funny. But please restrain yourself from obscenity, ok?:D
The Lounge / Calling Ersi!
A Russian "ethnic" anecdote ("joke/short story").
A farmers couple got a child, and it didn't even cry when born. (They were Estonians, of course.)
Years come and gone - the child didn't speak a word, so that the parents thought he was mute.
One day...
<to be continued...>
Well, the word "supernatural" itself leaves me to desire.  I'd use some' like "paranormal" or "quasinatural", because you know what? Define "Nature"! :right:FOR REAL!!:left:
The Lounge / Computer injuries
Just now, I've noticed my fingertip ache. I guess it's because of extensive using of a/the touchpad (sorta "mouse" for laptops).
Thing is, I rarely use the left click button - I double-tap on the pad surface instead. That's apart from that this finger is also used in typing among other lilfelluhs. :cry:

(Share your hardware injuries - I'll rest my finger for now.:faint:)
So, apart from photos, people sometimes need, or want to, or do use some "cloud services" or whatever it is to copy/store/back up something else than just pictures.
For one, I'd like to back up something, and also it'd not be bad at all to store online some stuff meant exactly for some kinds of sharing -- will it be images to embed, separately that I'd like to use some easy-picking smilies, etc.
I tried some such services recently, picked a couple - you could see me trying to test one of them. The other I've registered on immediately sent me an app to install -- later I tried to just log in there - it won't let me in without the app up and running:) I didn't try Dropbox, exactly because my intentions didn't involve having a non-encripted access to my storage straight here via my laptop:crazy: Maybe I'll consider using a Dropbox-like service later for some other purposes.

What do you have or want to? If any - are your storage places open for everyone or just you? Would you mind assessing the services you're using or have used?
(Questions about the poll? 1 vote, gradual scale. ???)
Forum Administration / Embedding Images
Luxor, you've said 1.2M is too much?? Why!?
I don't think it bothers anybody at all!:zzz:

For one, I'd even like to show much heavier pictures - providing they're NOT HOSTED here. I won't: I've already had some feedback about it etc. And again, I'm not CHOOSING heavy images to UPLOAD or whatever -- I use those random from search results - so that won't seem to overload anything being sporadic. If - or when - we have a topic dedicated to pictures entirely -- then the administration could ask us to restrict our sizes so that the page will load within a foreseeable period of time or something. But I don't think 1.2 is too much for a stray pic.

What do you think, guys? Somebody had a problem loading that page???