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(Post Concern validated for: Win7 x64, Server 2008 R2 and just made because it really had grown to be a PITA by nowadays times)

Maybe it is only me - I am used to deactivate/activate my Network Connection on a "Whence needed"-Base, and in ancient/legacy times I, as an Opera (Presto) User, had no problems with that. Now as I am using Firefox in Conjunction with Opera (Presto) and it is more and more firefox each day (Yeah, I will head to vivaldi if they offer an M2 alternative) it is also more and more that I hate how Firefox deals with network connections:
In Opera 12 I could start the Browser, then activate the Network Connection and once Windows had the Connection established I could just "BROWSE".... With Firefox, whenever I start the Browser before Windows established the Connection, that Browser Sessions doesn't find a working connections for ages... starting Firefox after the Connection is established is no problem...
And for a first start after booting up, that may not be a problem - open Network, open Browser.... but I am also used to disable the network for times I have all Tabs that I need for the next few hours (RTFM, etc.) open in the browser, and then, whence enabling the network connection again it is Opera Presto that has no problems to just continue, but for Firefox the best solution to go on is to just shut it down and start anew... or wait a few "CBM64 Tape load"-Moments before FF recognize the new connection (Open a new Tab and fresh URL may help to fasten the process)...

I Haven't tried any other Browser yet (including IE bundled with OS), is that some Win61+ API/Network behavior that Presto isn't aware of due to its age, or is it just firefox using some weird library functions or whatsoever????

Well.... it's a long time ago since I actually downloaded some torrents with Opera (Opera Installs using the torrent)... now I am running Opera 12.17 x64 as a portable Install and all I get from a .torrent link is a saved .torrent file and the internal download manager ain't downloading the corresponding file :/ Torrent is enabled in opera:config, the preferences seem to be the same as with my old install and the only difference is, that previously (up to my XPx64 System) I only "upgraded" Opera over it's old directory and it was, so to say, a single user or one for all install - the profile where in Operas Folder, but it made use of the registry - with my switch to Win7 I installed it anew as a clean portable install and just imported (well, copied) my old profile directory to it. Be it opera:config or preferences/downloads seem to be ok to me (nothing changed, torrent enabled, open dialog as option -> but even with changing the options available I still just get a .torrent file saved)...
Anyone any ideas what I may do? Or is the torrent client disabled/cribbled within the 12.17 version?
Since my Upgrade from XP x64 to Win7 x64 Pro I had avoided to Install any Java JRE on my main machine - and now installed JRE 8u25 on it, got rid of it a few moments later as it is not working with Opera 12 (Javas Security Requester doesn't pop up) - so I switched back to 8u20 which is working with O12. As u20 also incorporates the changes in their security model (or is at least the first version AFAIK that removed the medium security setting as a possibility) I am totally unsure whatever reason may be the cause to why the security requesters are blocked for u25 - and whitelisting the url doesn't help as the "not visible" request for allowance (which happens even for whitelisted sites) still needs to be answered. Any Idea? Using an outdated Java Runtime is def. not a solution.
And maybe someone can help me with the following question:
Any way to relocate the Cache/Temp Folder (besides a SymLink)? So far I had always moved it to my temp-partition but under Win7 the change folder option is greyed out. (And some Hits I found when I searched for that topic recommended to set the compatibility mode to WinXP for Javas controlpanel, something that is not possible under x64 (Vista as the "oldest" possible OS setting) - and so far I haven't tried to run it with Microsofts Application Verifier to see if setting the os major version to 5 is indeed a workaround for the problem.

As I browsed the Heise news today I came along this headline Horror-Bug in OpenSSL (German Side) which is about this vulnerability ("Heartbleed Bug") and is in OpenSSL since December 2011.
Because that Bug affects both sides (client-server &| server-client) I am asking myself which version of OpenSSL is implemented in e.g. Opera 12.16. Anyone any ideas?
As this Subforum is called Bla & technology I think my not to describable via subject babble has to end up here:

I am currently working on some compilable script language project and by now I envisioned a filesystem where next to symbolic- and hardlinks something like a clonelink should exist. I try to avoid naming the exact script language and proprietary system I am using for my diploma now, as I do not want any discussion about that software - and the workflow problem I now have is somewhat generic as it can also be applied to similiar tasks besides scripting that includes an overall package (directory/files) structure where in testing stuff out the whole bunch of the package has to be processed, but for each trial only a few files are modified. As a prerequisite to understand my post I have to add that I always/"most of the time" work from Commandline and with Notepad2 (replace with editor of your choice) only, so I am not using any IDE or such.

And now to the"problem": I found myself now in a position where I have a stable base of the package/project folder and a work folder with a complete copy of the source. And whenever I made some changes (trial&error/revert to base) I copy files over again from the stable source to the work directory and so I am dreaming right now of a filesystem where the work directory is just made of some form of links which alike to symlinks are just pointing to the corresponding file in the stable_source folder, but once the file accessed via that "clonelink" is modified it will be written only above the "whateveryoucallitLink" (preserving the link state in an alternate stream or whatsoever) and if accessed again (by editor, compiler or whatever) it will be the workcopy that is accessed. But when the file is deleted it will become just the underlying link to the source again (of course there must be a way to delete them, with a clever system it will be automatic if the whole work directory (root of the clonelink(s)) will be deleted, or with a special delete command (alike to del and rmdir).

Whole point I am only writing this to distract me from work right now and to voice my frustration as that copy/replace stuff eats up time. Besides that I was also questioning myself If there already is some exotic (operating&|file)system which can do something like that (not that it will be of any help to me, because I am bound to win with my project. Though I am really curious about it :cheers:)