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Topics - Mike

When downloading a file with the size of 84 megabytes is downloaded, then more than its size, then less. This shows an incorrect percentage of downloads.
In version 183 this bug is not.
When I download files from the Yandex disk, in the save window, instead of the file name, a long set of letters and digits.
This bug is in both the new and the old version of the browser, I checked in 183 and 189.
Otter Browser Forum / [Weekly 187] bugs
1. Stop working flash player from folder "plugins", it works only installed in Windows.
2. Folder with translation is missing at all :)
3. On YouTube, trying to watch the video is a different error.
The browser crashes on many sites with the same error. For example,
When I close the tab, when the mouse button is released, the address bar shifted to the center of the window appears on the gray background.
The part of the translation into the menu and the right mouse button and in some other places disappeared.  If you replace the file from version 171, then the translation does not appear.
Otter Browser Forum / White address bar
In version 171, the address bar and buttons became white, so should it be or is it a bug?
Otter Browser Forum / Bug in flash games
In chats and any other text fields in flash games are not typed in Russian text, English is typed without problems. For example, in this game (email password 12345a).