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DnD Central / Stunts
I'm not a big fan of "pavement" chasing stunts, I rather am of those highway/junction ones - but only either with lots of drifting and such first-class performance or if there are additionals there - like jumping from bridges and other changing "lanes" between DISCONNECTED roads. Shooting's warmly welcome.:P
Forum Administration / "Attitude", part 2
Quote from: Jax
The consequences of extended griping about a decision is more destructive, less fun and function, than the decision itself, unless the decision is an off-the-wall bad one. This is a case in point, there's been spent more effort on a discussion on where a thread about radio should be than there have been discussion on radio. That is disruptive and destructive.

The topic was not about a particular case, but the problem in general -- people's attitudes/ways to understand things.