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hi all,
well i went back to coding for the web... HTML,CSS, and Javascript
as you know the last one is particuliary capricious and semicoloned problematic  :bomb:  :insane:  :cry:

the couple Otterbro and chrome-like do generaly the job
but for one test today, i reopened my old friend Opera 12.17... just to see some mistakes with the console (CRTL+MAJ+O) a popup

and suddently, i remeber me, that it was my fav-tool-ever to debug javascript..., i'm not asking a new Feature... but something like this in the left-panel bookmarks(with a new button) i would not say no... frankly, i will accept it with no difficulties

thanks a lot
hi all, i do continue with my little local problem

then, on [anywebsite/rightclick/preference/UserStyleSheet]

everything works perfectly... load a css page Ok, but the field on top [website] only accept the one given, and refuse to record specific pages
it's a few boring, but many website got many webpages with different "style" or stuff to exploded... but without a specific "adress" and a specific Css file... impossible to remove without

(for sure there is addons... but it's few more difficult to use  :faint: )

thanks a lot
hi all
my little problem of the day...
on the reverso website... just nothing but...
add a word-to-translate in the field, [enter] key (as is should, ans it works in chromium-like)

and here a blank webpage appears, with ""

but nothing in the adress bar, it do not update the adress bar

i tried with an extension targeting the website and the field, add a "onkeyup" but... nothing good happened... ever the blank page

thanks a lot
see you
well, this time its serious, really serious, absolutly not a new caprice, or a whatelsoever...

i did to much search engines, then when i try to use them, by a rightclick it gives me that:

problematic isn'it ?

but, in fullscreen it's possible to got an address bar as this:

could it be possible, to got this field, with into the selected "toSearch" ... and the possibility to had "the magic letter(g=>google)" that allow to get immadiatly a specific searchEngine

i try, because, now, with all these searchEngine i use it less ans less, because i use more "magic letters" than this kind of rollingpanel

thanks a lot  :beer:
Otter Browser Forum / ERROR 99
hi all,
then today, my question is... what the f... is that f.... stupid Error 99
more and more, it seems to come from my provider... but... it was not happening with older OtterBro version

if it comes from Otter, is there something i could do ?

it's me or its not possible to use google product nomore ? links in google do not works, google translate do not accept clicks

its the new version of their service,
a kind of privatisation of the web via chrome ??? invisible if you're on chrome (maybe, surely)

a way to solve it ???
hi, all,
this time it's a little difficulties with the <input type="text"> in one of my coded webpage, not usualy for website...
the problem is that the text is strangely as shifted on the left border of the input field ...  [yesterday  ], appears [esterday   ]
i tried many CSS solution as padding-left:4px but, if it works in chrome/iridium it works 3secondes in Otter and with any modification(clicks) in return to it's original [ifficulty   ] <= not fun here

a solution, an idea to Solved it.. ??
hi, all
since 1.0 (i suppose and yesterday in fact) i got a problem to create new WebSearchEngine...
=> usualy, i click-right in the search input panel of a website, and the context-menu allow to create a new webSearchEngine
it still the case... but OtterBro do not record it... or in fact, it record it(i went see i the appdata file), but do not display it in the usual list of my WebSearchEngine...

i do suffer a lot since yesterday, all my dream seem to all got fly away... ??

sure it still possible to do record it and display it normaly by making it with the hand in the searchEngine panelgestion but...

Otter Browser Forum / google error
do ggogle only tolerate chromium-like to acced to it's forum ??
here the login-error (in french)

is there a solution, or do i have to do a cross onto the possibility to go these forum and other google app with needs a identification ??
hi all, meery christmas, here my little fan'art thumbnail for Otter'bro startpage

not realy complex to do, but the Otter is so cute...

just copy/save and add in otter/thumbnail
hi all,
do you think that the option "Open pop-ups in a Tab"
could be add to Otter/tool/prefernces/content ???

thanks a lot
hi all,
today, the otterbro question is:

how to activate autocompletion of websearch engine...

i went have a llok in "preferences" "activate autocompletion... but i do not work
then i went into google-engine option... it's possible... but the adress of the autocompletion server is not "catch" with "create a new engine"

then i went in opera and chrome... but here too, noway to obtain these adresses

some got a solution, idea, or some magic-trick to solve this ?

thank a lot

hi, all
is there a way, to allow Otterbro to record automaticaly any couple login/password ??

because some website, do reload the page just after login/password are validated and the button record password do disapear in the same time... to quickly for me (my principal mailer in fact)

possible, not possible ??

thanks a lot
hi, all

well, i've try many way to do it,
- by moving the thumbail an other place... it work, until i re-open otterbro
- by have a look in the file "thumbail" and tring changing order... noway, just the thumbail mov not the link
- by givin a number order in the bookmark's startpage list... not better, it change the title under the thumbail, but nothing else

i put it here for memory...

but a little memory list as for the password may(would be) welcome

see ya ;o)
hi all, hope your well...

1 month more in happyness with dragon-fly otter

but, i try stuff, and get a look to otter's extension... no exemple, nothing to download... then

i do suppose it's kind of chrome extension... but i do find anything...

same way than chrome extension, or there's somewhere an exemple'file that i do not have found yet...

thanks a lot

open with one another browser was one of my favorite opera12 feature...

two month of utilisation, i have to admit that i need it... i surprised myself to look for it with a left click for some or other reason (essentially javascript test to get the JS debugger of iridium(chrome)...

is there a chance to see it implemented ?

another little thing about leftclic panel... the first link is "open" and under "open in another tab" ... do the "open" really necessary, on Vivaldi it was not any more... and really it's not fancy or a caprice, it's really dailly usefull...

thank a lot (for reading and for your high interrest in Otters preservation in the wild wild web)

 well, ever some problem with the inner donwloader of Otter
i've made, with my own two hands, this little of coding bravoury wich permit to test some Javascript stuff...
just need to copy/paste in a new file, and rename it in .html and clic onto
=> in Otter browser
=> in chromium-like (i use Iridium browser)

and you'll see if you try, both work with webkitURL...
but not "exactly" in the same way...
both of them can donwload the textarea result but, but, but...

Code: [Select]
<meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
//#========== JSeror =================
function JSeror(){document.getElementById('AAA').style.background = 'lightgrey'; }
function myDL(){
var data = document.getElementById('txta').value;
var blo = new Blob([data], {type:'text/plain'});

if (window.webkitURL != null)
{ document.getElementById('ank').href = window.webkitURL.createObjectURL(blo);
document.getElementById('AAA').style.border = "solid 3px red";
document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = "webkit";}

else { document.getElementById('ank').href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blo);
document.getElementById('AAA').style.border = "solid 3px blue";
document.getElementById('show').innerHTML = "all other";}
document.getElementById('ank').click(); }

function TESTJS(){ myDL(); }

<body onload="JSeror();">

<div id="AAA" style="float:left; width:400px; border:solid 1px black; background:red;">
<input type="button" onclick="TESTJS();" value="TESTJS" style="float:left; width:100px;"></input>
<a href="" id="ank" download="kinit.txt" style="display:block;">donwload me if you can !</a>
<div id="show" style="float:left; background:white; border-top:solid 1px black; min-width:400px; min-height:100px"></div>

<textarea id="txta" value="write something be there" style="display:block; background:lightgrey; margin-top:150px; width:400px; height:300px; border:solid 1px red; "></textarea>


have a nice day ;)
Otter Browser Forum / youtube ??
youtube seem to not allow my Otter to acced its website datas ???
(i've get off all Otter addblocks)
solutions ? known problem ?

Otter0.9.99 weekly233
hi all, some javascript code under...
it allow to donwload the "value" of an textarea as a file
but, the anchor.donwload = "mydata.txt" do not works on Otter, with chromium-likes no problem...
the title of the file is a zvcgdfrtebvnfhgrtuz[...]gdfezzzbrter kind of name...
it's easy to change into the downloader form, but the width of the name file(too large) make this download just uggly...

somes may got a solution, or... an idea ?
(but it work
Code: [Select]
function filedownload(){
var text = document.getElementById("mytextarea").value;
var blob = new Blob([text], { type: "text/plain"});
var anchor = document.createElement("a"); = "mydata.txt";
anchor.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob); ="_blank"; = "none"; // just to be safe!
document.body.removeChild(anchor); }
hi all !

a little difficulties, i made à little "slideshow" in javascript...
 i found the links in javascript to test the fullscreen'state of many browser (opera, mozilla, IE, chrome-like) but for Otter ??
and to open/close these browsers in fullscreenmode

but, for Otter, how to know if Otter is in fullscreen mode, and how to pass it in fullscreenmode (and out) with JS...

thanks a lot
a new issue (win10)
the difficulties is that the manager do adds the password already recorded everytime a do log on the web site... and do not ask to add it

then, i've 5 identique password for this forum and many other for some other web site...

other thing, to try to eliminate them, seems to work only one time... it would need to reboot Otter for each extra password

if you got time

thanks a lot ;)
Otter Browser Forum / User agent fonction
what the f*** this notion user agent can be usefull for ???

simply go on Google image, do a research of stuff...
try Opera12,18, reload
and after safarixxx, reload

you'll be not welcome the same way
well, after, been lock at home during 12hour  :king:  beside privoxy cause of difficulties to remove it properly and get back "defaut" data of the microsoft proxy... (just 80) in internet option... use no proxy

because i have certainly some ddificulties to configurate it... if i go in about:config and type yes to activate it, whatever i check no extra-list.. under win10, and win7... same story the pages are load by the bottom, scrollTop(false), or scrollBottom(Down), i do not remermber...

there's a way to configurate it correctly to not have this unfriendly behaviour ??

thanks a lot
hi all,
well, i'm doing some weird experimentation on my PC...

and i tried to do a large back up of Otter as i was doing in Opera and Vivaldi...

i went to AppData/local/Otter and do a wonderfull and simple copy of otter folder... and keep it presciously as an aladin treasure in a deep cave in far deep forest...

later.... later ... later

with a clean system, i undertook my beautifull back up, and by night with strong friends go back to the Otter's lair and paste it with some magic incantion under a full moon

do the magic will happend, clic on Otterbro and... and... and...

nothing... Rhaaaaaaaa all is losed... damanation grest gods where were you ?

then... there is a smart way to back up a whole Otter config ??? or do i've omit a file in my Otter safeguarding ?

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / website stylesheet ?
hi all,
i tried to modified a weppage with using the stylesheet, but reading back the forum, it seems that it needs to know Qt5 to do it ?

i've got Qt5, and pyQt5 on my own, but i just begin to use it ;) )

is there a way to change size of pics of a web site ?? because some are smart, and somes are 600x400px wich is a few ennoying...

thanks a lot if you got a solution