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nice of fully bugged since its born ??

because, suddently after a modification all the publicities in a web page do have reappears as a linving dead lava flow

i do ask, is that normal, it was working, really nicely... is that do comes only for me on Win10-pro...

then i do warn,
- if you try to modify you're blocking parameters may you have the same problem...  :drunk:

and i must stay on #300 because... living dead and me... well, no fun..
Otter Browser Forum / mylittleotter.png
hi all, a little difficiulty with #333
the disparition of the "usual background of Otterbro" (that i do love)
and nothing nomore in the annexe of github.

and here the solution for the nostalgics as I

Otter Browser Forum / HTML5 video test

hi, all... well, do not work at all be there
and, some new from adobe flash player... they gonna stop it soon, around end 2020... and coucil to uninstall it right now.

but, without it, many web site will shift on HTML5 tech...
and then Otter ???
hello alls,

i would like to use "ever" à specific page instead of the speed-dial ... i went to "prefernces" and i choised start with "homepage"

then it works well a first sight, when openning otter... but if i open a new tab, the speed dial do come back in place of the home page...

i went into about:config, to see if there was an option about it, but nothing

a solution... ??? an omition from the team ??

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / and linux ??
hi, all and all
my little today problem ... no Otterbro package for Linux...  :doh:
and because i'm a three day user of a distro linux mint... the way to install Otter browser is a few "fancy"

then what to install, where to find it... and if you're nice "how"  :D

thanks a lot  ;)

well, i was lloking for something unusual, but i was knowing that i did a search engine...
 but nothing happenned with the keyword in the adress bar

i went in my "Otter backup" if i could find it... and i found it... i decide to copy past it to the usuel seraengine folder

and surprise... the files was yet there... but inactive

i was having some supsicion about it... but nothing clear... now its clear

seeing that, it appears that the identity file "name" of these search engine is not "really obvious to read"
[mode santa klaus on] if it could have the same name than in Otter... could be very nice [/mode santa klaus off]

thanks a lot
hi all,

boring problem, with the update of my usual webmail (french)

i can read my mail, but i can't write or answer message
this part of the code is not loaded (an <iframe>) certainly because its an ajax upload
i've try stuff with javascript... but it can't get the document.getElementsbyTagName("iframe") its length give 0

it works with vivaldi, but no more with Otterbro...
it's not a problem with adblocker or personnal rules
if some got some ideas... as ever
thanks a lot
hello alls,

my little problem of the day... i try to override (replace) the javascript msgBox alert by something a few more nice(<div></div>)

well, i found code allover the net, that basicaly use window.alert = function(){ //your code here for the new window }

it works well... on any page... except on one page where i would need it - for sure -

i'm trying to do a little warning for personnal important even (ex:do not forget the food for the cat) that would have the nice behaviuour to use the javascript "alert" overrrided

but at the opening of the browser... at "start-page"... it do works with a simple Js.alert();

but, if i try with the overriding code... nothing happened anymore...
in the same story, no way to open the console with the otter (start-page)

why the start-page ? because it's my defaut page, the open for any new Tab... then i'm that with this i will not forget the food for the cat... (this time :)) )

then my problems comes with otter, and not with Javascript...

somes ideas ???

may the code would please you... if finaly it works
hi all, there's a couple of weeksi haven't complaint about something

well, this time it's about the adress bar...
- there a long time that it "auto-add", the last part of the last url, instead of something "pertinent"
( do there is something i can do, i've uncheck everythings in adressebar/suggestion and nothing happened (for the moment)

thanks a lot.

Otter Browser Forum / video codecs ??
i would like to know if there a way to had some video codecs to OtterBro ?
or, do there is an hope to have some of them... it's few boring to have to switch on vivaldi to view somes..

thanks a lot
hi all,
i tried something impossible to do... this shortcut "seems" to not exist

how to activate the adress bar (easy) with clearing this field... impossible, no way to produce a sequence of shortcuts with Otterbro.

then, this sequence lookalike [activate adress'bar][alt+a][backspace]

and in waiting, i did it with auto-hotkey (ahk)
here the code i use (ctrl+appskey(wich is just near the rght ctrl on on my laptop)
Code: [Select]
#IfWinActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe  ;catch otterbrowser
Send, {F8}
Send, ^{a}
Send, {Backspace}
if (WinNotActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe)    ;emulate ctrl+a (select all) in other environnement
      Send, ^{a}

then if you got the time to implement this shortcut, wich is really usefull, when you used the adress'bar as a research tool

Ps: for the few i know about auo-hotkey the code can be diffrent in function of your environnement.. (then no certitude that this one work for those interrested with)
Otter Browser Forum / Remove newToolBar
well, i tried new stuff...

view/toolbar/add sidebar/
 ... it works

but how to remove it ?? i try to see the file into appdata but nothing into about this "new toolbar" ???

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / two difficulties
well... some old problem are solved (downloader, and passwords panel )
but two new appears...

= no way to create automaticaly (as it was) a new webengine via the right context panel
____must did it "with my own two hands" (i'm suffering a lot)
= well, i can't modify my keyboard shortcuts anymore with the configuration panel
____if i try, it goback to the default version... and that, if was not having a backup with the "keyboard" file into... well :chef:

thanks a lot
hi all, my new problem ...

there's no files in appdata/otter about this "important"  daily tool ...

do there is a way to modify it... no key too in the windows regedit
hi all,
about the "view-source" page
some view-source page, are (because of some website) just humanly readable...

do there is a way, via a JS extension to catch this page, and modify (and reorganise it had colors etc... ) and replace it

thanks a lot
Otter Browser Forum / feature missing ???
hi all,
about to websurf in fullscreen... just really nice... i use a shortcut alt-gr(alt+ctrl)+[ ; ] to pass in fullscreen
and to make a search and activate the adress-bar that do not appears in fullscreen an other shortcut alt-gr+[space bar]

but, here a problem occurs... the adress'bar'shortcuts (for bookmarks, or web'search'engine) is not available...
- only the defaut web'search'engine is available...

then as ever, if there's a way

thanks a lot
hi all, there's a Ctrl+shift+a to open extension [tab]

but, daily, it's the reload extension wich is the most useful, because javascript, is like cat ever full of bugs

then, to debug, and reload extension if my little fun of the week...  :bomb: 

could it be possible to have a way to reload with a shortcut "all the extension" (may it is more easy, than to to it for only one)

thanks a lot for your readding... 
well, in the beginning i used to send the crach'report ever... now ... not any more...  :doh:

are they usefull for the team ??? it's better to them or you got yet enough work ?
Otter Browser Forum / little bug ?
hello all
a little difficulty with the #300... some .html files
the accentuation in the files adress are coded as é => é and é then it can't read/open the file

it was working correctly before

thanks a lot
Hi All,  :hat:
in my daily surfing i do use more and more the quicksearch bar...
- then it appears to me, that there's no way to have it permanently next to adress bar... which should be its "true" place (finaly)

- then, a search field dockable next to the adress, would suit OtterBro really well
- a search field with the usual option of the quick search [up][down][highlight][caseSensitive]

thanks a lot for readding

may the Great Otter be with you  :ninja:
hi all
strange title, i do admit it easily

then, i've got a nice ine-line dictionnaie wich provide plenty of dictionnaire in many many language
i'm curious and like to have à look for spell in other language

i tried to built one serarchEngine in Otterbro... but their whatever their address is just "simple" ...glosbe/fr/en/{SearchTerms}
impossible to modify the letter of second dictionnaire by this way [adress bar] glo en/inaction => ...glosbe/fr/{ en/inaction }

the slash of en/  that should glue fr/ to give fr/en/{} is ever miserabaliy tranform in a en%2f{searchTerms} in the adress bar (normal)

do there is a way to type correctly this, or i have to make a new serachengine for any language of this website ???

thanks a lot for readding ;)
hi all, youtube cluff/experience will change in two days
then, do somebody know if it gonna impact the Otterbro faculty to read youtube audio/video streaming

hi all,
is there chance, that soon OtterBro will got HTML5 audio/video support...
some website ever ask for flash player plugin, but i do not used it anymore...

then... some chance ?? or ... forget about it ???  ;)

Otter Browser Forum / captcha probleme
well, a new problem in my daily surf... web site do think that otter is a robot and not a normal browser...

then what ever i click crrectly in the "google-kind" captcha nothing to do, impossible to acced to the website...

google do have update it's browser, and gonna rules the web ??? is there à solution for Otter ?
hi all,
well i went back to coding for the web... HTML,CSS, and Javascript
as you know the last one is particuliary capricious and semicoloned problematic  :bomb:  :insane:  :cry:

the couple Otterbro and chrome-like do generaly the job
but for one test today, i reopened my old friend Opera 12.17... just to see some mistakes with the console (CRTL+MAJ+O) a popup

and suddently, i remeber me, that it was my fav-tool-ever to debug javascript..., i'm not asking a new Feature... but something like this in the left-panel bookmarks(with a new button) i would not say no... frankly, i will accept it with no difficulties

thanks a lot