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Topics - beastie

Hi there.

Is there any way I can disable the tab switcher dialog and have tab cycling like in Chrome where one can hold "Ctrl" (or "Ctrl"+"Shift") and press "Tab" repeatedly to cycle from one tab to the next (or previous)?

I'm talking about the same behavior as the single key shortcuts "1" and "2", but using "Tab".

And the reason I'm asking about this is that I have to cycle through tabs rapidly and the single key shortcuts are interpreted as input text when tabs contain editboxes or textareas.

EDIT: using mouse tab cycling (RMB+scroll) is kind of what I'm looking for. But I'd like to have that using the keyboard instead.
Otter Browser Forum / IgnoreSslErrors

I've been wondering what exactly is this string that Security/IgnoreSslErrors is being set to and what does it mean.
Otter Browser Forum / override.ini

Is there any way to unify domains in the override.ini file?

Let's say a domain is accessible through,,,, etc. what exactly should I have in the override.ini file?

Otter seems to create a new entry for each of these.

Can wildcards (as in "*") be used to unify all these entries?
Otter Browser Forum / MIME types
Can MIME types be set now in Preferences > Advanced > Downloads or has it not been fully implemented yet?

Every time I try magnet or x-scheme-handler/magnet it says Invalid MIME Type name.

I also added it with xdg-mime default <someapplication>.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnet and tried again in Otter to no avail.