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DnD Central / My second attempt
I put up a forum intimation that I was intending to depart from here like a trickle from others. However also said would be here until Saturday but left that out anything further as I had been unwell. However why wasn't it put up? Will remain here for a couple of days at a second attempt. ???
DnD Central / White Helmets nonsense
What a farce has went on regarding that lot who were dished out big sums. The rubbish about tem being there to help everyone no matter what is utter hogwash and routine guff. That lot also DID have links with terror groups as well. They were especially based in particular areas.  I would give them three out of three for great propaganda and yet for all the daft West praise when the leader of the White Helmets arrived a Dulles Airport in Washington DC the USA refused to allow him entry!

And Israel involved in supporting them? Head shaking stuff!
There was a brief item on the BBC text news to say that Heinz are going to drop the name 'Salad Cream' which they have used since 1904 and then call it Sandwich Cream as they claim more people put it on sandwiches that salads.......
There has been a recent British newspaper comment about a load of rubbish from this would-be "smart" NY paper.

They visited the English town of Prescot and said although the people were nice it was in practice lacking. They stated the long term library was shut and now a posh home -the Leisure centre razed - eliminating the public swimming pool - local police station gone - town museum no longer existing. It was all part of a thing about decline here. However the truth is this....
- Town has a new police station.
- Town Museum relocated to a shopping centre.
- A very large sum of money is helping to build a Shakespearean Theatre.

In trying to show that in Britain things were being reduced proves either stupidity or bad false journalism from a paper foreigners like to waffle about. Unhappy Prescot people and falseness in quality" press?? They people were right about being deliberately done in.
DnD Central / Remarkable Orthodox growth
In the last six years the Russian Orthodox Church has increased the number of churches by 5,000 plus 10,000 clergy. I did come across a news item a little while back that in the "European" end of Russia a big aim at vastly increasing churches in both Moscow and St Petersburg had been under way now this is widening and although not my corner a remarkable situation? The head, Patriach Krill  has made it clear that it is not an order by authority to build and increase it is because the people value and want it. Kind of remarkable in a way.
The protests going on at the border with Israel are head shaking. To date 55 shot dead and over 2,400 wounded in border protests. Children and innocent unarmed shot down The Israeli jackboot mob did not need to use live ammunition but the place is so damn arrogant and gets away with anything it likes. It tends to ignore the UN too but there again it's financial savers the USA is right behind it. Much of that is due to the evangelical tradition in nutjobland hence Israel arrogance.  Did feel sad they did not lose the Six day war decades ago. But we have to remember that Jewish financial position in America give it much.
A long number of years ago this event was reasonable and singers sung but now it is full of crackers getting all daftly dressed up, doing all sort of daftness added to the singing stuff. It is rubbish and mental pits. I have never seen answers as to why damn Israel is invol when not in Europe. Geography has become a farce.
A great man years ago now  I took a passing interest in the American Civil War and once mused on what things would have been like if the South had won. Recently I cam across a paperback book on that very subject and was interesting in what could have happened in such a situation. Just a pity the South lost their chance of independence. Was interesting to read.
For you unfortunate outsiders the Battle of Culloden was the final finishing  of "Bonnie Prince Charlie" man. Trying to claim the throne he did well at first catching the country off guard but they started arguing in his army getting near London and retreated north and pursued.  Both sides faced each other at Culloden but the Jacobite were still arguing and in the battle the king's army routed the Highlanders and many were killed. The army commander the Duke of Cumberland heavily done the Jacobites in and that was their game lost for ever thankfully.

On Sunday two newspapers here in Scotland did a short article by Jacobite leaning group on a "mass grave" which was about a dozen of Charles's officer who had been hiding downstairs in the basement of a castle. For goodness make a mass killing? It was all part of the battle and Cumberland had made a point of highly training the king's army to a far higher degree in rifle shooting, new  and better bayonets.  The Jacobites lost a lot of mad highlanders with their usually shouting and waving swords stuff but they did not realise the new army training was more than ready for them. What gets me about this stuff is that the Highlanders the night before had been sneaking cross the moor in the dark of night to savage the army in their sleeping tents. So they would have been just as heavy as the royal army was the next day. They had to give up the midnight planned massacre as they got stuck in bogs, etc.  What is also ludicrous is that the modern Jacobite want to have a war memorial for one group due to being killed by the "English Army." That is what they stated to the press. May I remind the idiots that the King's side was NOT an English army it was a British Army having lots of Scots soldiers in it.

The majority of Scotland's population were in the Lowlands and right against the Jacobites and their ways so willing to be in the British army. For a long time raided from the north and acting like maddies from the Highlands. Presbyterian and a Lowlander you had to watch out.
That wee smart alex Nichola Sturgeon has now barred the Union Flag from being flown over government buildings here in Scotland. It will now only be allowed ONE day in a year and that on Remembrance Day. The only places she cannot dictate that are places like Edinburgh or Stirling Castles which are military bases. On her official residence the Lion Rampant will be flown. For those that don't know what it is that is the yellow flag with red borders and a standing lion in the middle. a lot of Nats carry that not realising it is techy a Royal thing. They are doing that through ignorance.

This is a damn disgrace and disrespect that the Union Flag which would be flown on particular Royal times like the Queen's birthday will no longer happen. Oh and by the way in contrast the queers rainbow flag will be flown FOUR times a year. Nationalist like to think that Scots are different from the rest of the United Kingdom and they are but only in a small way not something drastic. in addition I would also state that the majority of Scots do not want to be out of the UK and those that did are a minority and still a decline. The SNP had drastic loses in the Local elections the Scottish Election and the National UK one. They even lost that big-headed Alex Salmond as an MP and former First Minister to the Tories.  They trend also to sook in with the Green Party oddity at the Scots parliament. Another bunch of oddballs!

It is an utter disgrace with this latest flag nonsense and disrespect for the Queen.  Disgusting, big headed and stupid nonsense from  Nationalist thing that is declining as the recent elections i have mentioned show. Sturgeon happens to be wee hence always wearing high heels but she is not as brilliant as she thinks she is. The majority of Scots have more respect for her Majesty than many of her lot she has to plough along with.

The Prime Minister of Ireland has came out with a damn nerve saying that he will not tolerate Ulster being back under direct rule from London and will be fighting it.

Northern Ireland IS part of Gt Britain and NOT his country and he is being too interfering now. The situation in Belfast was brought about by that bunch of neo-Marxist Republicans  although I am not saying that Prime Minster is fan of their corner.  He has to try and use his brain and he is responsible for the 26 Counties in the South and he has a bleeding nerve with his style and attitude. There is a Border because two countries are neighbours. He wants to meet with the Democrat Party from N. Ireland on the issue and they should tell him to damn well shove off from his attempted interference in somewhere that is not his business.
I heard a reference on a passing news item about a gun less man shot by a US police officer but not done for it. Then last night seen the security video and was shocked.

You could hear the officer telling the suspect who was kneeling on the floor to raise both hands up and the man did that.  Then still screaming at him told him to lie on the floor and crawl and the man did that and the policeman shot him to death. At court he got completely off with it as he argues he felt under threat. Now how the hell could that cop be so sick to tell the man to raise his hands while sitting then to crawl on the floor towards the police then gun him down? to lie on the floor in a hectic voice repeatedly.

When I heard a news item about an American policeman gunning down an unarmed man I just sighed then last night seen the security video of the incident (forgot the State - was it Kansas? Not sure). Arriving to arrest the man he was sitting on the floor so the officer kept going ballistic screaming at him to get both hands to be raised so the man did that stretching both right above his head. Then the officer screamed to lie down and crawl towards the police so the man did that followed by being shot to death. The cop ended up in court but got off scot free! The argument was that the officer had pursued the idea he felt threatened. Where do you lot get so many of these mind-benders? How in hell's name could he get away with that?? it is so regular over there makes you wonder about the mentality of so many who get away with such things. The incident was utterly shocking.

King Michael has died at 96 and was brutally forced by the Communists two years after WW2 to abdicate and was in a sense the last monarch in the Soviet corner. He had been ill for some time.

In the 1990's he visited Romania on two occasions and each time the government moaned that he needed their okay. The odd thing is that each time he visited crowds came out in support and called his name..

There is a big fuss going on here in Gt Britain over what the US President said to Prime Minister May by tweet. This was on Islamic numbers and Islamist problems here. The media and as usual the BBC go bananas. We DO have a problem and even the BBC has intimated the numbers of Muslims being kept an eye on here by security forces and it is numerous. When one watches interviews and especially from non-whites you get the usual one-sided baloney. The BBC and others hammered at trump saying he had used information from the rightist group here Britain First. That corner is right wing and publicly anti-Islam in principle but does not advocate violence. Groups from that corner lie Britain First and others are routinely "far rightist" but for some weird reason the Communists and others in that direction are never "far leftist". When you consider that wherever Communists ruled in the world there was no freedom, torture and killing on scales it makes you wonder. The so-called liberal set are in hard fact very narrow minded themselves. They wax about democracy as long as you sit in their seat. We have over 2 million Muslims on this wee island an they have been causing semi-regular problems here and a strain on the security side.

Oh and before I forget. The BBC has during November been advertising for learning staff in the journalist area at the London living wage  and in that area. May seem routine BUT they only wanted black, Asians and other non-whites!
DnD Central / Zimbabwe
After all the ballyhoo nonsense over the resigned nutjob of a President it will be interesting to see what transpires. After all the former Vice-President now coming in to replace Mugabe was up to his ears as much as him in corruption, violence and the mess up. Once an African State with much economic strength Mugabe and him rubbished the country and the economy. Heavens even unemployment is 90%. All those masses of Zimbabweans dancing and singing need their heads looked at.
DnD Central / Pity about 1917...
Just a tragedy what occurred a hundred years ago after the Russian Revolution in 1917. What it led to with the second one by the Reds dragged the evilness into other countries elsewhere.
Every year here in Gt Britain there are in early November great firework sales and in many places bonfires - although more so when i was a laddie rather than nowadays. It marks the attempt by a small group of Popish groaners who packed gunpowder under the Houses of parliament in London (old original ones) in an attempt to blow up the Protestant King, royals and the parliament at the State opening in 1605. Quite a stack of gunpowder had been smuggled downstairs. Never succeeded of course as what they were doing was discovered.  In places a dummy figure representing Guy Fawkes who was caught in the parliament basemen gets stuck on the top. Amusingly RC people are involved in the fireworks and fires too! Nowadays it is just the entertaining fun that is the main point.  ;)
The Irish Government is arranging a postage stamp to remember Che Guevera. Have they gone off their dam heads? The man was evil, very cruel, violent and a damn marxist.
It seems that Google does not object to sellers of Provisional  IRA sweatshirts, etc  as that lot are not listed as a terrorist organisation in the USA.. Kind of mind blowing that matter.
Recently re the Scottish Parliament there was a review on island matters and an SNP member of the parliament in Edinburgh came out querying whether Skye could still be regarded as an island as these days it had a bridge to the nearby mainland (!)? Now that balloon John Mason MSP has said stupid stuff before but this is head shaking. If we followed that stupidity then is mainland britain still an island as it has a rail tunnel across the English Channel// (groan)  :faint:
We have now had yet another US warship in a crash situation and this is the fourth this year. Sailors injured, killed/missing. It is basically extremely sad and to be reasonable a human error is one thing but 4 in 2017? Kind of worrying.
Removing statues going back to the Civil War and going bananas over the old Confederacy times is utterly ridiculous to the point of damnable fact levels. May i
I remind the people who are doing the removals and being so nonsensical what the facts wer on this and the contradictions from the USA would-be leaders.

Firstly that George Washington was a slavery owner. He inherited  10 from his father's estate and by the time he died he had123 - over ten times!
That other so-called wonderful man, Jefferson owned slaves and damn well went onto father children from 3 of them.
 Theodore Roosevelt was portrayed by Obama as a great principled hero. Oh yea? That hero said this "I don't go as far as to think the only good Indians are the dead but I believe nine out of ten are."

Even that Lincoln was a damnable hypocrite. he was at one point content to retain the Southern States and where slavery existed and may have been due to the situation that before the civil war the South contributed well to the tax income of DC.. So the poppycock that the Civil Wars was all about slavery is pathetic. Even during that war the USA kept black soldiers away from their white ones and it took a long time for them even to get basic things. So maybe if removing statues including a principled man like R. E. Lee, etc should include two faces like Washington and Lincoln.  Utter nonsense what is going on over there.  We know that groups like the KKK and other small lots are not right on the far right but neither are the far lets who went on the rampage over the Presidential Election attacking and destroying shops and such.

Slavery would have been eventually done away with but when you consider the hypocrisy of leading lights in the USA history black people did little better after that sad time in the 1860's.  Oh and a passing point on Lee and that is he was a principled man of some principle and he was not in the same light as Washington, Lincoln or Roosevelt types and others.
DnD Central / US Election enquiry a farce?
The ongoing thing about the stuff that the Russian government interfered with the American general election is getting to the very farcical state of almost frenzy.  No proof even after all this time and creating all sorts of situations with individuals that for the sensibles amongst us who live elsewhere look immature and ludicrous. If you talk to a Russian or even a passing chat right away the nutjobs who pas for politicians on the Hill go the usual childish bananas. Even recently when Presidents trump and Putin were on a break and had a friendly passing encounter the immatures on the political and press world go daft. It is so childish some of the stuff that goes on.

What makes it worse it is all coming from a country that has for generations interfered in other countries it didn't like or would kow-tow. Even find excuses for military involvement and here t is accusing someone else? That added hypocrisy has become standard practice and the media over there are not much better either. For the more sensible brain thinkers over the pond it ust create long sighs and an effort not to shake heads.