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The Scottish Borders route was partly brought back several years ago and after some initial problems has become a very successful return from the 1960's. Having got just over 30 miles returned from Edinburgh it is the longest such line returned. However there are still folk in the Borders and elsewhere want the rest of line track also brought back from just beyond Galashiels right across the Borders to the border and to the Carlisle main line.
The GB government is musing on the idea of such from Portpatrick across the Irish Set to Larne. Does not mean it will automatically happen but generally looked at on national transport matters.An awful long time ago trains went beyond Stranraer to Portpatrick but eventually line closed and replaced for a long time by the town of Stranraer.

For a long time when trains went into the town getting on the ferry to N.I. was only yards from the station and very convenient. However that has ceased and if say on a train from Glasgow you now have to get a bus several miles up the coast to board a ship! Back in the time of the 2nd World War there was actually a single line up to there for military purposes but lifted after the war and maybe that should have been brought back?
During all this virus stuff we are getting stuck with encouraging going on runs or going cycling during the starting locked down months became a big promotion. However cyclists have become a damnably nuisance where they should not be and that is on pavements. They zoom about on regular pavements everywhere in my city and in the city centre just as bad including main streets that are pedestrian only. On a couple of occasions when I have been frustrated and passingly complained got sworn at. Added bother is even elsewhere in quiet neighbourhoods with quiet roads they don't bother with roads and bump up onto the pavement.

Utterly ridiculous and I am talking about "mature" people not just kinds.
DnD Central / Scottish fuehrer a groan!
Have stated don't listen to Sturgeon when on television but today it was announced her newest control re the virus.

Now on Tuesday she stated that as from Wednesday (!) people not allowed to visit family elsewhere. That was very annoying at short notice as had planned two trains to visit my niece and children. So now after shaking my head at such tight notice I will instead travel up by train and on Saturday arrange them all to be with their uncle - mother and children in a nice village restaurant.  :up:
Seems when I was quick to notice it in a newspaper that he was a councillor down in wide Dumfries area. Felt the party was getting too lefty and has moved to the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party!  :lol:
I see with some very great annoyance that Biden is sticking his nose into British politics and matters on Ireland north and south. His main thrust on our departure from the EU and what is happening regarding across the Irish Sea and especially Ulster he is interfering in. Indeed he is threatening that if he wins as President he will stop the projected idea of business matters betwixt the UK and the USA.  Now America has a long history of interfering in places but that this is being created between us is disgusting, arrogant and ridiculous.

Mind you if we are being honest there is a side issue here that some will not click on and that is America has a large part of the population who are from the Irish tradition and he is trying to use that in his arrogance. There will be those who might act surprised at my statement but the tradition is a fact of life and doesn't take much to fathom that nonsense out.
Many decades ago one could understandable. In due time widening into commercial channels all those years ago was part of widening thins in Gt Britain. Today it is a massively expensive running things widening into so much more and all paid by the damn taxpayers! So taxpayers pay for that big too expensive system in modern times. Although we have ITV news and Sky News there is some talking going on about why not a brand new news channel!

The propaganda we get is the small amount paid monthly by every taxpayer but I don't think these days we should have to all pay for a State radio and tv thing which is ridiculous. On Monday the regular newsman on the BBC News channel was reporting on that Russian man who was poisoned and he was leaning outwith what he should have been and when his reporter said the man was going back to Russia he said he wouldn't be doing that! Mention was also made of the attacked man as if he was a massive politician in Russia which is not true and never make President at all.

I will also make a passing comment again of what I once commented on over the subject of pensioners over 75 having their BBC stopped then it brought back this year! The organisation is a massive thing that should no longer be a State thing and reduced in size at least or preferably note created in a different society and overdue for going.
On a regular tv show here "Britain's Got Talent"  that corner got publicity dance troupe centring on that subject by their actions . However may watchers not taken with the content and 13,000 put in complaints to Ofcom. It apparently included a kneeking incident to emphasise their corner. Utterly ridiculous the way that corner is going on here in Britain.
Just noticed on a text news a crow hacked down another statue with a machine. Yet fot away with doing that.
The Scottish Parliament election is due next year but the SNP started getting MSPs not going to continue standing and slowly crept up over en now it is up to 15!  :happy:
Recently a late teenage lad in England was on his motorbike and a car came round the corner and ran into him and he was killed. The woman had came from an air base used by the US here  and she was driving on the wrong side of the road! Her husband is a member of US intelligence and she fled the UK as fast as could. Stupid enough her driving on the wrong side but getting off with it as the US regarded her as exempt when she i NOT in intelligence just the wife of a man who is.

How ignorant is that tragic death incident and yet America defends her!! There is some talk here of authority doing a form of law case but she will still not be here. Disgusting and rhe two saddened parents been on tv repeatedly on this terrible thing.
I have noted that Alex Neil a long time senior MSP in the Scottish Parliament and former minister  is standing down as are a group of well knows but he to my Unionist status was very different in a sense. Like me he was a Brexiteer supprter and completely different from his party. He has questioned an independent Scotland going back to the EU, Euro and border problems with England as well as 60% of Scots business linked to Gt Britain. So for a change an SNP man I liked!!  :yes:
All Under One Banner is an organisation that gets people from all over to come and march with them in support of Scottish independence. It's leader has been jailed bu a court here in Glasgow. Back in 2019 they organised a mas march from Kelvingrove Park through the city centre to finish at Glasgow Green (Park). I was in the city centre the dayof it with a group of Unionists with flags to protest with flags. What surprised us was where was the dashed thing as it did not reach the city centre in adequate time. Turned out he was seen by the police and indeed was nearly two hours later in leaving! He had also refused to accept some street rules as well and why the police did not stop the clown being an awkward man is beyond me. Anyway Mandeep Sing was in court this week and refused to accept an order from the judge that he should be at home for over 70 days between think it was 6.30am to 6.30pm. However the smart alex refused to accept that decision so got jailed for that period!

I am of course a staunch Unionist but had no objection to them marching and the respectable group I was with on the pavement had passing amusing shouts to the nationalists and them back but their leader acting like he did against the police and the City Council (ran by his lot!) utterly stupid.  He organises an event and a time set then ignores the time as claimed needed giver folk coming a distance to get there! Apart from the banter between them passing us at the Square was mostly harmless and sometimes funny with both sides. Only irritation was an idiot carrying an Irish Republic flag but seeing us quickly lowered it.

So although I did not object in their right the idiocy of their leader is a groan and deserved jail.
Personally I am not a Trump fan but equally no more impressed on the Democrat nominee Biden. It will not matter a straightforward damn which wins the election in November. The tens of millions on food stamps, over 2 million in jails, people on death row for months and years, staying in Cuba too much spent on military events just continue all the dashed time.  Even Obama was no great change and a pity that democracy is a talk over the pond and not a real fact for too many.
Years ago news was more spaced out but in modern times gradually moved into 24 hours which is a groan.  A routine utterly daft thing is when the announcer says they will now speak to their reporter outside of No 10 Downing Street or say outside a Ministry Office. More ridiculous is when they say they are going to hear from a tv person at No 10 who is just there standing in the street with the door as a background yakking away! Along with that is getting a word from a reporter late at night in the dark making a comment outside a Ministry building and nobody about. Bonkers and treating us like idiots.
DnD Central / Women dominating television
On the news programmes constantly leaning at women doing news leading and often when they are contacting some reporter to report on something also tends to be a women. Regional news up here is likewise.  Even on one report regarding the school exams argument on one BBC report even all the school pupils interviewed were female!
Every day on a platform usually in the middle of thee going on and on regarding the virus yakking. I understand wee people feel at a disadvantage to make up for but this is a groan.
Silence abounds.
Its is now over 4,000 who have sailed across the damn Channel to alight in southern England coast. The French are doing almost sod all and in one tv report they showed that parts of French coast not checked at all abd sailing seen moving off. Maybe France thinks that is okay as they want to leave and go somewhere better but it is a damnable ridiculous thing constantly letting our British population to soar up for far too long. Crept up from a once 48 million an this island is getting ridiculous with 66 million and now estimates this will get to 70 million and keep going as those getting here have bigger families and also costing heavy costs.  When one considers the size of this island and getting too many folk in the population I get angry at so-called liberal minds who taken no notice of such things. Some even think there could be a hundred million at the end of the century.
A Church of England cathedral has replaced a picture of the last supper by having a black Christ. Is this thing getting wonky or are we to get refused another direction or wonder what to really think? No-one in their sensible ,ind wants to cheer for racism but this black getting negatives is a pain. Adverts on our television here in Gt Britain regularly have coloured leaning ones as well as mixed ones showing. We get groaning comments sometimes against people in history over the last two or three centuries yet suitably ignore the hard historical truth that slavery went on for a great many centuries and there were  Asian Muslims involved in it and included white people stolen and made slaves. Even in African people there got involved in slavery so it is not something that is the sole label on one group namely white folk. Places like Africa were not very progressive and in the long run it was white people that led the eventual direction of education and getting inherent people the chance to improve. That such a continent still has problems decades after freedom shows an inherent local problem.

I will also add that this recent thing about sports events starting with people on one knee is a groan and those that stick a hand up with a clenched fist are portraying a very leftist thing. When we get the stuff about black people being less fortunate we ignore what is seen on television programmes, famous coloureds in sports and so on. However such are almost ignored because it does not suit this going over the top with BLM cries. I have been active in adult and youth organisations that were not racial but interwoven however I am getting fed up with all this nonsense we get even here in the UK and our society if you do not agree with those who limit their brain side you are automatically racist. Certain places in the world have deep problems I know but we are getting too much nonsense and if white and want to have the democratic right to say challenge something here racial guff is thrown to you. Things are being too imbalanced and created by extreme political small brain and too many people frightened to say anything different. I in passing just happen to be white but not apologising for it!
The Office for Statistics Regulations has rebuked over Nicola Sturgeon's repeated claim that coronvirus rates in England are 5 times higher than Scotland.

It says that it had been "difficult" to identify the evidence for the claim. It said the sources later cited by the Scottish government "do not allow for a meaningful comparison to be made".
I could see the point if there was a definitive and obvious situation over all the would-be Russian involvement in this country re elections, . This stuff has even been raised at high political level by parliamentarians yet for all the airing and the press there is in hard facts no proof! Politicians have gone bananas thinking that just raising it all without proof is  enough. Even that Scottish First Minister has added the last Scottish referendum wasaffected by Russia? The whole thing is getting daft to put it simply.
Racism and things kike slavery lasted for centuries and well over 2000 years. There were times and places before white people became predominate in the world where coloured people involved in slavery. In present day times the furore going on in America is a sad time however the large proportion of black people in jail is indicating something and that is crime. Would passingly conform that the shooting of the black man that in turn caused all the black lives matter thing was sad but he was no innocent. Had a record and been in jail and stole a weapon of a policeman. In itself that did not justify the executing on the man which was wrong and part of a long history of violent police there. No doubt with so many poor areass where large numbers of black folk live are not very nice and the matter has never been properly dealt with in that country. In other well know countries there are massive crime matters such as well known South Africa and Nigeria amongst others. Too many of us ignore such matters and hey are incapable of dealing with issues.