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News from the ancient worlds.
I've been using Qwant as my default search engine.

I like it's "freshness" and a certain feel that search results are not being so biased as with google.

As to "respect your privacy" I don't know but I think that maybe an European and very specially French search engine will be less invasive than an American and more respectful of fundamental liberties.

DnD Central / The weekend post
I've noticed that, except me, most of you don't post too much at weekends.
I don't want to know the reason for.

So, this is the thread with a new concept of subject. It doesn't have a defined subject but a defined time lag.
You can post whatever subject you want but only at "leisure time", at the weekend.

Post modernism arrived at DnD. New experimentations for meta - forums.
I hope this thread to be a total failure.
Letters are altered
I drink a whisky for 2,2 euros.
A beer for 1 euro.
A coffe for 55 cents.
Hobbies & Entertainment / Our Gardens
From the forum's upgrade thread,
Well, I really liked those crocuses, which is why I photographed them. I guess you're not one for the Keukenhof.[1]  :lol:

It seems that Northern people enjoys gardening very much.... a true national disease in Great Britain.

There's nothing wrong with gardening, the problem being the model of garden. Those kind of gardens like the one in the picture are a monument to bad taste, an ecological disgrace and a demonstration of bio totalitarism.

Mediterranic gardens, in oposition, are the way for approaching man and nature while respecting sustainability and excelling in beauty and tranquility.

French gardens with that geometric cutted fences should be simply forbidden. The equivalent to flora castration.

Then you have the Japanese model with rocks, sand and... bamboos.

To me, flowers are an half dozen roses for a beautiful lady. Enough.

So, there you have another thread to discuss.... american politics for example.  :lol:
Otter Browser Forum / Fonts
Comparing the same webpage rendered by Otter (0.9.09 beta 9) and Opera (12.16) , one can notice that using the same font (DejaVu Serif) at both browser's settings as the normal font, the text at Otter appears more "bolded" than at Opera.

Do I have any way to correct this?

DnD Central / Living in a Farm...
Suggested readings:
So You Want To Be a Farmer...
Can You Make a Living on a Small Farm?
6 Things No One Tells You About Living on a Farm

So, since my nomadic plans are still waiting I decided maybe I'll try the contrary, to be a slave of the Land. :)
There's a growing number of people that are tired of city life, city jobs (or lack of it...), city repression and all that anti-natural way of living.
We aren't ants for living like ants.

Most of my Country's interior is almost abandoned. A paradise for "alternative" ways of life.
But there's a problem, a small problem. I know nothing about agricultural things.
The good part is that only a few elder people still lives there, that's good. Elder people from the country side knows how to do things. They can teach me. :)

In return, (that's what I like, a way of life based at direct exchange between people) I can help them doing those things they can't do it anymore. Or teaching them a bit about computers so they can use Skype for example and speak with their families abroad.

From my readings and talking with some people I don't believe one can "make a living" from a small farm. But one can diminish very much the dependency on money by way of an almost self independence regarding food. It also goes for energy with the modern technologies.

And then, there's everything one can get.... more time for the real important things, living and eating at the natural pace of seasons, independence, do your own wine... :)

What do you think about it? already doing it? thinking about doing it? previous experiences? what advantages do you see? difficulties?
Why not, mother land awaits for you... :)
The alternative title would be: Everything you always wanted to know about Linux but always were afraid to ask...

So, as you can see bellow my avatar, I'm posting under Linux. :)

Well, not entirely exact... I'm just experiencing Linux, I didn't installed it yet.
That's a good thing Linux has. You can see it "working" before install it.

Not only you can get a feeling about what this thing is but you can also see the kind of trouble you're in... :)
First thing I noticed is that I can connect to the Internet. Nice.
The second one is that I have no sound...

But first things first.
Linux comes in a seemingly endless variety of "distributions" (the natives calls it "distros") and "flavours".
Don't worry, they're basically the same just wrapped into different appearances to better catch us, the Windows Knights.

I've chosen a particularly attractive specimen that goes by the name of "Ubuntu Mate". She told me that she would be very light on consuming my old laptop resources so I kept her... besides "mating" was something that seemed to me interesting.

Now, for the scientific part. You have three options for the most of these distributions.
1. Install it. (no more windows)
2. Dual boot. (you'll have a screen asking you each time you open the pc what operative system you want to use)
3. What I've done so far. See how it works.

The third option will allow you to, if you want, jump to the second. Not my plan, I intend to jump directly into the enemy's territory... :)

To be continued... (depending on my mood... and survival :) )
That's like the title says. Delete it, I don't want it.
Every single post of mine is unique and needs no identifying number.
DnD Central / Ecofascism
Because shit happens, a not so much politically correct thread.

Here, wikipedia's article and here, the real thing by it's main doctrinaire Pentti Linkola.
Give it a view.

What do you think about?
I think there's a strong possibility about this new nightmare to expand.
Be prepared for the new century.
Starting with DnD posters.

Not all of them, a few ones still resists to the monotony of globalization. The rest don't.
Anarchists? Fascists?? Jaybroists??? Whatever-ists???

It doesn't mater what we are, what matters is the jobs each one gets.
That's what "they" do.

Apply to the Party.
Six posts in a row.
First place at this new category.
Use it as a relieve and keep on posting. :)

Then,go back to an healthy life.
I don't remember we had such a thread at D&D but, at these times of oppression, I thought that maybe it was important, that a group that puts friendship above our mutual differences, to be able to discuss the ultimate questions.

There is no absolute freedom, I know that, all of you know that, but one thing is certain, there is a basic need for freedom for every man, so important as breathing or eating, no matter our nationality, religion, social level or race.

Do you fell happy with the amount of freedom you have?
Simple as that... :)